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  2. Difference between dogs and cattle...a dog has many different purposes and beef cattle have one with what your saying if we didn't eat beef it would become over populated and the wildlife would suffer and if you take cattle right out the picture the crops would suffer cause a lot of farmers use fertilizer from cattle or other animals raised for slaughter... The water no cause I always had a natural source and with rotating grazing you only need I would say 1/2 an acre pure cow calf pair... I see your side but people will always eat meat farm raised or wild and you know how much land you need for a crop to feed 100 people? Why you think farmers markets charge more for their veggies?
  3. 112 Zfetch Alain Vigneault Aladeen falcon45ca Lewitelli Milk and Honey Kryten luckylager Time Lord DarthMelvin Qwags I could see a mafia team of lucky, AV, Qwags/milk
  4. If he was 26 playing the way he did last year, I'm sure he'd get offers of around 7x7.
  5. First off-season where this many big names have gone on waivers.
  6. Funny... I see 'good team, bad team, bad team and becoming a better team again'. So strange how the most key guy in our entire lineup for facing top opposition would struggle with bad teams and no depth around him... Must be a coincidence
  7. Sorry, but if you think Stecher is better than Edler you might want to start following a new sport. Hockey might not be the sport for you.
  8. Lmao doesn't sound like lefties at all. See the issue when you generalize?
  9. Not anything that I did. I have been anon for years now. So no I did not.
  10. Freakin offseason. One of the hottest threads might as well be renamed to 'How we get rid of Loui". How does a career sour like that? It just boggles the mind.
  11. That's fair. So send him to Utica and then just healthy scratch him for the full year? Then if he won't terminate and causes any kind of issue with attitude, suspend him. Wouldn't welcome him back here, even as the 13th forward. Would have been ok if he'd had the brain cells necessary to keep his trap shut, but I don't want a lazy floater who's also a cancer in the locker room with his attitude towards a coach who's been more than generous. He has played his last game in the NHL in all likelihood.
  12. When you call people who differ in lifestyle “low IQ rednecks”, “scum bags”, and then “overweight and bald”, then yeah, you’ll get a warning and posts hidden. Name calling is childish, inappropriate, and people won’t take your arguments seriously.
  13. The 'timing' is that Horvat's 24, going on 25 and we have the vast majority of our new core, seemingly in place (if not in their primes). If you have a plumbing leak in your house, do you fix it with some random parts from your garage and some tree sap from a tree in your yard? Or do you go get the proper parts and supplies and fix it properly? Miller is EXACTLY what this team needed. I'm THRILLED Benning didn't cheap out, bargain shopping for 'ok' pieces. We only lose one 1st round pick with two years to ensure its not a great one and there's also no rule Benning can't add one back. As you pointed out, we're beginning to have a glut of assets that we could start moving some of soon... That last bit screams: 'projecting your own biases and narrative'. IMO, selling Juolevi a bit short. He's certainly not as 'dynamic' as Hughes but he consistently drives play forward. That's basically what he does. But again, we're not a finished product. How many people could have envisioned what Benning would accomplished this summer (and it's not even over yet!)? The team will continue to evolve, that includes the D. Let the man work
  14. Not a chance, the only reason to waive him is to try to get him to terminate his contract rather than riding busses hundreds of miles away from his young family for three years. If he won’t do that, then keeping him on the Canucks roster is the next best thing. As a 13th forward, he can still provide something for his contract.
  15. I understand, but it seems like I'm being censored, when others are on the other side of the argument have free will to say anything and post misinformation.
  16. Aladeen, Did you switch from visible to Anonymous?
  17. So while we're at it, should we raise dogs to feed people? should we mass produce dogs in farms and kill them in mass so we can feed people? I want to understand your logic. If we're talking about feeding people, did you know world hunger would be solved in 20 days if everyone was plant based? why? because we wouldn't be dedicating resources to feed animals, do you know how much water/food a cow needs and then it's sent to slaughter to feed maybe 100 people? it's extremely inefficient, in fact it's borderline idiotic.
  18. Thanks , I think so too It's like you could ride that wave all the way to maui and back !
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