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  2. He probably is but I don't think its cool that he's voting for me.
  3. I don’t know why you would bring up Leivo’s advance numbers as “pure” stats, when he was playing heavily sheltered minutes, on the 4th line in Toronto. The only thing Leivo got going over Lucic is his age and the structure of his contract. I think his lack of production is overemphasize. Yes, his offensive numbers has fallen off the face of the earth, but you just can’t look at goals and points as the whole story. Creating chances for your team is also important and he’s actually one of the best on his teams in doing so. He’s ranked second on the team (only behind McDavid) in scoring chance created at even strength with 50%, and leads the team with high-danger scoring chance, with 49%. His on-ice save percentage is pretty decent as well (.916), considering the team he plays on. That ranks him 2nd on the team behind Chiasson. As for, Brodziak inflated Lucic possessions numbers......I don’t know what exactly you mean by that? How can someone inflate someone’s possession numbers, when they’re playing defense; playing in the defensive zone, as a line? If you ask me, the reason why Lucic numbers are so low, is because he’s being dragged down by Brodizak’s low shooting percentage, despite being the driving force on his line. Lucic has shown, he can be an effective player, playing in a grinder role with other like his kind. If he can have good chemistry with Brodizak and Kassian. I’m almost certain he can create the same chemistry with Sutter and Virtanen. Not saying I would particularly trade for Lucic (maybe three weeks ago I would have), with our logjam of forwards, but if Benning were to acquire him (with other being shipped out). I think he has a place on our team, despite what others think. Playing in a different system and playing at home could really motivate him as a player. Also, I think you took it literally, when I said Lucic is a better defensive player than Leivo. Let’s be honest here, none of the two are defensive strong.
  4. So you don’t believe zfetch is doc then?
  5. Funny how guys play hard the last year of their contract........
  6. Nope I said what you posted was made up nonsense which it was. Snc scandal is about jt not harper sure the guy is a dbag but y r u voting for jt?
  7. Nvm, we can trust Darth Melvin. He's not voting for me so he's likely not a bad guy.
  8. @Ryan Strome of course you will not respond. You only hide from factual information because you are Clueless about politics.
  9. Edler - Myers should by all counts be a great pairing.
  10. *To Gelinas was also a favourite of mine. But you can't deny the impact Burr had here .... some of his "clutch" goals were game/series changers. Speaking of Clutch.... hmmm. The only thing that's delusional .... n/m.
  11. I’m pretty excited for some Rock‘em Sock‘em Canucks Hockey this year. I’ve been waiting a long time. Love the additions this off-season. Well done JB. Go Canucks Go!
  12. I, personally, do not have a solution. It's beyond my knowledge of border security and immigration law. I find that the RAND Corporation usually has good reading material for potential solutions on their website regarding policies such as these:
  13. It would be very valuable to have a 1st or 2 next year. Centres and Right shot defensemen seem to be the theme of the first round next draft and we could really use some more high quality valuable prospects.
  14. I found this line on the Canucks particularly hilarious. Yet that same logic doesn't apply to Marner? Who's actually eligible for an offersheet unlike Boeser.... Kool-aid is right.
  15. If I die tonight, I would trust these individuals luckylager Qwags milk and honey lewitelli falcon45ca Do not trust: Aladeen Zfetch Time Lord Darth Melvin They are the wolves and the SK.
  16. Totally ridiculous but it's going to happen if Loui is a Canuck come training camp. If burrying him in the AHL is seriously being considered, playing him in a top 6 role praying he'll regain enough value to move him is going to happen first. Whether that just means a few preseason games or a 20 game stint once the season starts, your guess is as good as mine. But if Benning can't unload him before camp, he'll have to play him to try and drum up some interest.
  17. Ya the Harper government signed like 50 free trade deals so I guess you missed that? The cpc allowed more immigrants into Canada than any other government. The cpc never changed any laws regarding womens rights. All Canadas top generals keep quitting so there should be concern. Everything you said is made up garbage because you have no idea about politics. What is this based on?
  18. TYLER MYERS | #57 D | 6' 8" | 229 lb | Age: 29 | Vancouver Canucks Tyler Myers Born: February 1, 1990 Birthplace: Houston, TX, USA Shoots: Right Draft: 2008 BUF, 1st rd, 12th pk (12th overall)
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