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  2. If you call other people’s personal views on a non empiric, personal field as sad, be prepared for judgement. It’s pretty simple.
  3. It hasn't been proven but there is a theory that they crossed over the land bridge from Asia when it was connected. If this is true then it would make them the very first immigrants.
  4. Absolutely true, but has your response ever been to try to prevent it from happening again? Or do you choose to ignore it and take your chances whether it happens again? If you don't ignore it, and you take steps to prevent it, then you are reacting to fear, to some (likely) small degree. I fully agree living in fear is terrible, especially when those fears are not rational. Sometimes, it takes a lot of work to overcome the fears. When those fears are real, you might be able to avoid the situation and escape the fear. Other times, you accept that those real fears will always be there, and you protect yourself appropriately. Personally, I see no need to belittle those that feel they have to protect themselves. They've already got enough on their plate.
  5. Yeah I wonder about their thought process, what were they thinking, which came first etc. Funny thing is if they make the play-offs and manage to get to the next round, Hogelander would be the equivalent of what they would get at that stage ie a 16-25 range selection. makes you wonder what their plan was. Ah the old conspiracy theories …. make the summer pass quicker LOL
  6. Calling how bulk majority of humans live- including probably yourself- fearing a terrible outcome of scenario x, for a given individual, is demeaning and symptomatic of recklessness. You have no reason to judge if their scenario x is valid for them or not, since emotions do not have empiric benchmarks.
  7. So ? Does not make it any less valid than love. Overcoming fears is largely irrelevant and not required. Effectively addressing situations to pacify fear, does. I am not biased against fear or any emotion. They exist for a reason. Just like I don’t try to talk myself out of feeling compassion or happiness, I don’t try to banish fear either. They are equally valid. They all need being addressed, that’s all.
  8. "And we have the Boston chimpanzees scratching their behinds and squealing while the Torontonian chimps are shoving grapes up their noses as they jump up and down (according to TSN all day reporting on the event) - we still don't have answers".
  9. I think we can do both at the same time, if the political will is there. Bringing this back around to the federal election (I won't argue Clarks record with you ) look at Ford's refusal to accept federal infrastructure money because he doesn't want the city of Toronto involved. Pure stupid politics and real jobs and real benefits go by the wayside.
  10. Or he may have already agreed to waive his clause for expansion draft purposes. Debatable whether or not Seattle would choose to take him, unless offered a significant package to do so, but he might have at least agreed to being exposed. Apparently there were extensive negotiations between the parties involved in putting this deal together. Calgary has reportedly chosen to honour Lucic’s clause, but that doesn’t mean they don’t also have some sort of side agreement in place, specifically as pertains to the expansion draft. I’d actually be very surprised if they didn’t secure Lucic’s agreement to waive the clause for the expansion draft, as a condition to the trade. Lucic wanted out of Edmonton, and I doubt he’d hold firm and let this stand in the way of getting a trade done. Plus it would just be ridiculously bad management for Calgary to agree to this trade, without securing expansion draft considerations, since they’d be stuck using a protection slot on Lucic. I can’t see the values working unless they have some agreement from Lucic regarding the expansion draft. I expect they’ve made some arrangement and just haven’t released the details publicly. It’s probably all spelled out in an addendum, but we aren’t privy to that information.
  11. Green has bent over backwards keeping Eriksson on the third or forth line most nights because he likes a good defensive line which Eriksson has been typecast as a good defensive player. How much offense can you generate when 62 percent of your shifts start from the defensive zone?
  12. Ferland Petey. Boeser Baer. Bo. Miller Pearson Sutter Virtanen leivo beagle motte edler. Myers hughes tanev benn stecher marky
  13. Of course I haven't avoided those things. No one can. But it's your response to them that matters. I refuse to live in fear that something might happen. What a terrible way to live.
  14. Your thoughts on institutionalized fear or taught fear you could say....from childhood. And do you see this as negligible going forward or more of a problem.?
  15. Washington is looking to move some salary out and to tweak our roster. We are interested in discussing trade ideas with any willing GM's. As a starting point, we would like to move Dan Hamhuis quickly and would like to see what that would take to accomplish. We are also willing to consider other roster players with bigger salaries but obviously some would take a very big return to make us pull the trigger. Its tge dog days of summer though, so lets see if anything shakes out. PM me with thoughts or ideas. SG
  16. ??? Of course managing fears is a path to success. Whether it’s managed with absurd amounts of paranoia, acceptable level of prudence or reckless abandon, is up to the individual experiencing said fear.....
  17. Interesting points of which you can’t disagree with as they do support a “path to success”
  18. Because Eriksson has done NOTHING to earn a job in the top six. Green has bent over backwards trying to accommodate his floating. If anything Green should have scratched him more.
  19. One of the main gripes about the former government. Real estate agents. large developers and construction companies donated and in return; benefitted heavily It's also one of the reason we see such large housing/construction and real estate firms speaking out against the current bc government. There's no magic answer, but if we have a choice between a government helping business with our tax dollars, and a government helping people with our tax dollars. I choose people every time.
  20. Almost all of us manage our greatest fears one way or another, objectively speaking, including the paranoid obsessive ones- what they are doing is their individualized strategy to fear management. You perhaps mean banishing fears, aka not being afraid, which empirically, is not a substantiated basis for greater success. Most people are successful in life by providing solutions to their fears, not overcoming them. And I see no objective reason for it to change.
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