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  2. 1) hmmmm ... no 2) hell no 3) Man Virtanen is going to turn into an absolute beast. Be patient
  3. It doesn't work like that. We're not lynching either of you. GUYS! Stop being silly. Don't go with your first instinct cause you all suck peepee (like me lol). We work together because we are town, that is our specialty. EVERYONE I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT 1. 2. @luckylager 3. @Intoewsables 4. @Master Radishes 5. @falcon45ca 6. @Sharpshooter 7. @SixFootFiveAndJackedAF 8. @Kurisu 9. @hoggers 10. @DarthMelvin 11. @Zfetch 12. @milk and honey 13. @Time Lord 14. @VT05 15. @Otis 16. @J-23 I am creating the Town-Alliance If you are town, you do not have to join the Alliance, but I highly suggest you do. This will be a way to have a town circle we can all look at. If you would like to join the Town-Alliance, then please do /join Town-Alliance
  4. I hope he can see just how dumb you are. If I’m wrong about NIK lynch me.
  5. Those talking heads also tell you the articles.... Number of unarmed blacks killed by police in 2019......9 Black men commit nearly half of all murders in this country, and when you take into consideration the fact that they only make up 6% per cent of the population, it does make sense that black men are disproportionately involved in shootings with the police. Black offenders committed 52 per cent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. cops may use more force against black people but do not kill them more than they kill whites no evidence of widespread racial bias, in 2018, blacks represented 53% of none homicide offenders and 60% of robberies. Sorry about the pay walls. Not that I think you are going to actually look into it. but If you really want, sign up and get your free trials then cancel before the first bill. if I cared more about what you thought, i'd even fork over the $20 in subscription fees.
  6. If you knew what you were taking about, I’d agree with you, but you’re so far up you’re own ass, you’re blinking with your brown eye. And I could call you an inbred righty, but I digress.
  7. something to do with health care as well, based on earlier posts.
  8. Comical coming from the the freeloading lefty.... haha smoke another bowl....
  9. Sorry I always assume people see the same things I do
  10. The Rubin Report makes some good points. What I think may happen is, the GOP is having a last-beat heart attack before it evaporates into thin air. But the Democratic Party is so polarized in its ideals, that it will probably split in two. There may be a mix of Right-leaning Democrats and Left-leaning Republicans forming a new party while the Left-leaning Democrats fight for health care and free education, and the Right-leaning ex-GOP members serve their life sentences. But Ben Shapiro? Sorry dude. I don’t do coke.
  11. I'm sorry but you do not just get rid of HOBEY BAKER AWARD WINNERS like they are nothing,Adam G. is young and already you can see he is a player. So no thanks to that one,however #4 getting rid of Stetcher would not be the worst thing this club has done. With his money we could get a bigger body to do the job, because I like Troys effort he just isn't capable of clearing the front of his net or hitting or scoring,well you can see where I am going with this, I hope.
  12. First of all, there is no Sharpshooter1. This has been explained before. Don’t be a dumbass. Secondly, NIK seems like maf to me. The biggest reason I have is that comparing his town game, last couple of games, he was way more carefree, jovial and having a good time. This game has been almost completely opposite. He’s way more defensive and replying in a butthurt manner that I have seen by him before. And that’s where I think he might be maf. It’s the appeal to emotion that’s sticking out about him most for me right now. And this little nugget stood out for me the most. Most of you either didn’t pick it up or didn’t mention it. When’s the last time NIK or anyone really has called LL, “Lucky”? I think it’s another appeal to emotion, specifically to LL. It’s the classic, let me address my friend by their first name to convince them that I’m not a threat, manoeuvre. I haven’t caught up to the rest of the thread but I will eventually tonight.
  13. Toivo Kuusisto @inane Boston up?
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