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  2. There isn’t a woman on the planet who doesn’t want her own bathroom, especially separate from the men of her house.
  3. Once waived a NMC is no longer in effect and must be added back to the new agreement. Teams acquiring the player have the right to eliminate it unless they specifically agree to add it back in. There are likely cases where language is put in the original contract to have it carry over but that would be an exception, not the rule. For standard NMC it is solely up to the team whether to reinstate it after its been waived for a trade. Its a bit of splitting hairs because players typically would refuse to waive it for the trade without an agreement in place to add it back after.
  4. Oh, I know. But still. I was also looking at Banished. Rimworld seems to offer a lot more.
  5. What is a No-Move Clause (NMC)? A No-Move Clause (NMC) can be added to a player's contract in the years after they are eligible for Group 3 Unrestricted Free Agency (7 Accrued seasons or 27 years of age), and has the following properties: Player cannot be traded without his consent (however, the clause can specify a modified no-trade clause that limits the NTC to a certain number of teams) Player cannot be placed on waivers without his consent Player cannot be assigned to the minors without his consent Player is not exempt from a buyout or contract termination The clause can travel with the player even if he consents to being traded or is claimed on waivers This requires that the acquiring team sign an addendum to the contract ensuring that the clause does in fact travel with the player (written by the player's agent) If the acquiring team refuses to sign the addendum, and the player waives his clause anyway, at that point the clause may be nullified If the player is traded before the clause takes effect, the acquiring team can opt to void the clause
  6. He is a non impact player. The space is better utilized by another. It’s time for you to realize that. He cemented his divorce from the team once he and his agent started to bad mouth the coach (who was ironically protecting him). LE will not be back. If he doesn’t get traded, he will be buried in Utica.
  7. Seems like you have an obvious hatred for people who are overweight. Please explain. A quick Google search reveals the median Canadian:
  8. He waited and waited and picked THE optimal time to claim and seal the win. He narrowed down the PoE intelligently with his kills and did the same with his votes. Letting us tie the lynch on him R1 really threw the mafia off his tail for the remainder. He set himself up early, helped the town evaluate their reads better, COMPLETELY outed Lewt, and drove the dagger in while TL and Zfetch were floudering. Brilliant game.
  9. Yet every time I go to a Canuck game Orca jerseys outnumber johnny canuck jerseys 100-1 minimum. So what does that tell you?
  10. And you need to learn that eating meat doesn't automatically make someone a bad person. Moral obligation? This is your personal choice and not everyone is going to make the same choices as you. Getting in people's faces and ranting about how they're just horrible and stupid rednecks isn't winning anyone over, bud. Take your hypocrisy elsewhere. As far as the abuse cases go in mass farming (which I'm not personally a fan of so we can at least agree on that) it doesn't happen as often as you think. The reason it seems that it because the media will blow up any story that throws a negative light on the meat industry. While there are still cases of it, you should know that the places that mistreat animals are shut down almost immediately. The industry has VERY strict regulations about humanely handling and slaughtering the animals. Stop researching from a biased stand point. Go talk to farmers, ranchers, feedlot workers. Learn first hand how these animals are actually treated. I've told you time and time again, ignorantly preaching at people about this when you've never actually handled or been around livestock isn't going to get you anywhere. Get off the computer and educate yourself in real life. If you take the time to actually learn about this subject people might stop laughing at you on the internet. I'm tired of arguing with you when you clearly have no interest in learning about how it is on the other side of the coin. Don't bother replying.
  11. Agent is convinced Ristolainen's days in Buffalo are numbered. They currently have a top 3 right side in the NHL? Ristolainen, Bogosian, Montour, Colin Miller & rookie Jokiharju are all NHL calibre D. Bogosian to an extent & Jokiharju known for some defence inclusive? It does look like a team we could make a trade with.
  12. We have 2 sweet spots. 2020-21, the last year of EP40/Hughes on ELC,s and the above stated window. I'm pretty confident we'll be losing one of Demko/Markstrom in the expansion draft, and I've made my peace with it. Losing a good player means we have a solid group.
  13. If anything, they should have paid Schenn $1M to stay...he was playing steady "D" and defending well...this is what the Canucks need with their defensemen.
  15. but unions are about more than just wages. And lots of guys would prefer working for private companies, not to mention more flexibility in bringing in skilled workers. This problem isn't going to be solved by the same old union vs non-union shop stuff, its politically motivated and unnecessary to solving the problem. If you can show me how forcing union-only shops will speed up the development of housing projects I'm all ears.
  16. I don't know what is more demented.....


    A youtube video named:  Sexy Twilight Sparkle


    .....or Newbie actually looking up such a topic in the search field of youtube?????





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