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  2. True. Calling him a crook is my own artistic license, but it is obvious. I cant keep up to all these replys. What is this? lmao
  3. Based on what? Great input. Isn't there a haiku competition that you should be editing other people's poems in?
  4. context is everything authorization also matters having all allied countries on board is pretty significant too
  5. I don't for one second blame Eriksson for his contract. Eriksson's blame comes from the fact that he is no longer willing to do the things that earned him that contract. Eriksson, never was a flashy, or had a great shot. He once was the type of player that grind it out in front of the net and got the garage goals. He use to go into the corners and recover the puck, which lead to scoring opportunities. Benning gets blamed for not realizing that a GM shouldn't sign a type of player like that to a long term contract when he is no longer in his prime, and I would hope that he doesn't give out another contract like that to an over the hill player again. The truth is after Horvats current contract this is something that the GM of the time is going to have to really consider. I personally wouldn't give Horvat big money past 33 years of age neither. Or Toews or Bergeron, these types of players are very hard working players to be where they are and their bodies break down faster because of it. Problem with these guys are they become fan favorites and leaders on their teams. But they don't have the pure talent to sustain careers in to their mid 30s. This is why Eriksson and Lucic suck now and James Neil can rely on his shot and speed.
  6. No proof that he's a crook, but no, it isn't a crime. What it is, is a different investigation than the one currently being held by the Senate.
  7. Source: Urine man's mouth. I'm sure he's been invoicing the govt for all those golf business trips.
  8. I'd hope they'd look at whatever ticket they have and determine where they're traveling from.
  9. Considering how badly certain clubs need to improve their defence, I'd be shocked if the Canucks won a bidding war on Pietrangelo (and if they should get into a bidding war for him). He's an elite player, there's no arguing that. But after tying up $12M in two free agents who should not have been handed out that much money to begin with, I'm just not sure how he clears the necessary cap space to get him. Especially with extensions to Pettersson and Hughes coming in a few years time, which will be nothing short than $21M+ for the two of them.
  10. If he went bankrupt and is now worth multi billions it had nothing to do with any inheritance.
  11. That means nothing to anyone if you are not going to post give aways, errors, lost pucks. How much of those minutes are on Special teams? Easy to be D and get shots on net when you are on the PP. Lets not cloud the thread with minor milestones. Lets not make weak excuses for players in the pro league. This is not the movies where the main character is hiding an ailment to stay relevant in the league.
  12. Is he really though? He's a con man that's declared bankruptcy as much times as any NDPer put in charge of finances. Only reason he's had any success in business as a result of inheriting Daddy's money.
  13. you are relying on propaganda and not facts you can continue in this vein but you are displaying a lot of ignorance doing so
  14. yep I hate to say it Stecher isn't worth the 3.8 and neither is Leivo at 2.5 , its not that I don't like them, we just need the cap space and we have Rafferty Joelevi, Hoglander , Lind etc to fill those spots..
  15. What did joe biden do to get his son his position or what has he done thereafter. Quid pro quo. Just look into it, to be sure. Surely you've seen the video of joe telling the press he would not give Ukraine the billion dollars unless they fired the guy investigating his sons company.
  16. Cam Barker = Olli Juolevi I kid ... I kid
  17. Sure the right side could use a bit of an upgrade, but it’s not like it’s completely barren with Woo and Rafferty coming up. We’d have to clear a little cap for this obviously but I wonder if we’ll push hard for Pietrangelo if he gets to free agency.
  18. I think the Canucks future is better than it has been in a very, very long time. My only concern is with defence, past Hughes. Pretty light on RHD. But still very good compared to most teams’ current and future in the NHL. Only two teams I can think of, off the top of my head that are just as good (if not better), would be Colorado and Carolina. Carolina’s future, in particular, is downright scary.
  19. What crimes? In any event, HB's actions aren't on trial here. Donald Trump's are.
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