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  2. They have to qualify Hutton. Hutton made a serious bid to be a 2nd pairing d-man at the NHL level last year. Whether he is or not on a CUP contender is a legit question. As a UFA I suspect there would be lots of interest. If Hutton continues his development this coming season at the very worse he becomes a solid trade option in the event that Joulevi can displace him in a few years or if Edler walks. Benning has to have Hutton.
  3. They have JT Miller, Alex Killorn, Tyler Johnson, Ondrei Palat that have value and can be move 1- without hurting their team, 2- acquiring good asset in return (pick or cheaper players), 3- without losing their 1st. I think the type of deal your proposing is not farfetched....I just think they if they are going to trade their 1st, they'll bring back a higher profile player than Tanev, and on that is not injury prone, but he will likely be a pending UFA or close.
  4. Canucks do not have the depth to trade assets for Karlsson. For the cost and considering the development timeline that should be focussed on 3 years out he does not make a lot of sense. Sign Edler for 3 years max, trade Tanev and give the TOI to the younger core which is developing. I like adding Schenn but another serviceable UFA d-man will suffice. I do not want Subban either. The thing about EK is how many minutes he needs. Spend those minutes on QH and Stecher. Use Edler, Hutton and Schenn to settle the backend down. Brisbois, Biega, Sautner, Rafferty, Teves and least we forget Joulevi all should get ice this year.
  5. Sorry for the delay. Pleased to select Mike Koster.
  6. Benning is good, but he can't pick Boeser's every year with a 20th+ overall. I think the data is pretty solid that % of drafting quality players starts to drop significantly after top 10-15. I'd rather keep my safe pick at 10. Benning is guaranteed to get #10 player on his list (most likely he'll get his 7-8th)....if he drops to 22, most likely he won't get the first 15 on his list. Plus another reason it won't happen....since 2005 there have been only 8 trades involving top 10 picks in June and only 4 of them to move up in the draft. If you look at the trades, teams are trading 2nd and 3rd rounder to move 2,3,4 spots top. If LA wants to jump from 22 to 10....they have to pay a hell of a lot more than the 33rd overall. Nevermind the Kovy, Clifford and Sutter movement, that has literally no value to this trade IMO.
  7. Good catch. Maybe Natham is Nathan's evil twin, and it's a valid pick after all?
  8. Spelling his 1st name right would also help.
  9. Poor Fin, must be worried whenever fans push to get rid of the orca.
  10. Yup. EK is definitely high risk and high reward. can we afford trading away assets at this point of our rebuild? We gave up a lot to get Guddy, and look how that worked out for us.
  11. What about dmen that we may get thru trade? I don't know why but EK right now makes me nervous
  12. The only D man in this UFA group worth dollars is EK. He’s a difference maker.
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  14. Everybody is looking for big, skilled wingers. Everyone that has them wants to hold onto them. When they get to UFA, you have to overpay to get them and you end up after 1-2 years into a 6-7 years contract with a Lucic situation. It might have worked in the 80s and 90s, but I don't believe in pairing a small guy with a big guy automatically free up the smaller. Might work to some extend, but I believe that every player has to play bigger than they actually are to be successful in the playoff. This is why I believe that Horvat will be a monster in the playoffs, despite being only 6'0. I wouldn't be surprise if he matches or surpass EP's playoffs PPG once we get there.
  15. On Twitter, someone posted a pic of Panarin wearing a white version of the retro jersey. Green stripes and blue shoulders. Looks pretty sweet. I took that and did a version with blue/green stripes and white shoulders, and another with green shoulders. I think all 3 look better than the blue version, but maybe that's just me
  16. If we are not able to get one of the two, what other defenceman can we get?
  17. You make a great point about size, but couldn’t acquiring/signing big wingers at some point be enough to negate the difference?
  18. Horvat is a very good line 2nd line Center, but having Hughes and Pettersson could very well be like having Crosby and Malkin 12-13 years ago. The Horvat equivalent of RD, when paired with Hughes, could have a legit shot of being the upcoming generation’s version of Keith/Seabrook, Muzzin/Doughty, Sutter/Weber, etc. The key in analyzing this is to not to do a 1-1 comparison for today, but to rather, compare which scenario would give you the most potential in the most promising positions. And like I said - UFA players often make their decisions based on which team has a chance of being the *next* great team. In this hypothetical where we’d trade Boese and Horvat for those key prospects in key positions, I’d be willing to bet that a number of these UFA’s on July 1st would be enticed to sign here at slightly below market value with the future expectation that they’d be playing for the next Chicago/Detroit.
  19. I agree that we need a true #1 to even think about a cup. I love QH but I'm not exactly sure he'll ever be a true #1 two-way defenseman like Doughty, Pietrangelo, Keith and he has a lot still to prove to even be a Karlsson. However, for your good as they are, i'm not sure that a 1-2 punch combo of Pettersson and J.Hughes is the way to win in the playoffs. I know the game is inching towards speed, skills....but looking at what Washington did to Vegas and this year Bruins vs St-Louis, I don't think that 176 and 170lbs is going to cut it in the playoffs. Malkin has as much skills as anyone on a 6'3 frame, while Crosby is a bull/tank...similar to Horvat. I know he's not as skill as Toews or Crosby, but if you want to compare to Pittsburgh and Chicago, I think you need to keep Horvat. I mean, it would have to be perfect match, but if you want to acquire a top pair RHD, the more realistic way to do it would be to trade Boeser straight up for one. (i.e. Johansen/Jones). But that's creates another hole on the wings upfront, although top 6 wingers are easier found than top pair defenseman.
  20. He was taken 43rd overall. The accents might have prevented him from showing in a search.
  21. Natham Légaré! 45 goal scorer from the Q. @apollo
  22. I would definitely do the first trade. I’d take JH and play him on the wing with Bo. Then I’d sign Panarin to play with Petey. Then I’d get in my time Machine and bring back Orr to anchor our D. CDC scenarios are closer to reality than some video game.
  23. EP and Horvat and Boeser Seider/Broberg/Boldy/Zegras > then Hughes and EP and ?RHD...would have to be one heck of a RHD.
  24. The problem with trading down is it is almost certain that Philly will take one of the RHDs at 12. It's by far their organization's weakest position (perhaps their only one. However, this is assuming Philly doesn't trade the pick.) So depending on how many picks you trade down, you'd be at the mercy of the other teams not to take the other. And there really is only 2 - after Seider/Soder the next RHDs are a tier down, and probably not worth more than a late 1st. If the Canucks believe they need a RHD, and talent-wise no F stands out above them, they're better off taking one at #10. But if they also feel it's a mixed bag, and don't like Seider/Soder enough to jump at one, maybe they will trade down to see if they fall. If they don't, maybe they'll go for a RHD with their 2nd, or even the extra pick they got for trading down.
  25. Preseason Schedule so far Tue Sep 17 vs Edmonton Thu Sep 19 @ Edmonton Sat Sep 21 @ LA (Salt Lake, UT) Thu Sep 26 vs Arizona I would assume a home and away game vs Calgary as well
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