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  2. I feel dumb asking, has the draft date / time been confirmed?
  3. If countries can't be environmentally friendly, then you can't buy from them. Otherwise it'll be another race to the bottom environmentally speaking and we'll ALL be worse off. Capitalism works great for a lot of things, but a fatal flaw of it that simply must be addressed is its lack of taking the environment into account. (and before this turns into a socialism/communism/etc debate, no, those ideologies don't do enough for the environment either)
  4. Dude throws a wall of text study at us and thinks we either dont know what we are talking about, or just wont even skim the “pretty colours and read the headlines”. Lazy uninformed and opinionated. Good mix.
  5. Agreed. generally today youth have no fear of adults. Not advocating punching out kids by any means but as an adult you can wade in there and go Byfuglien.
  6. I dare you to smother your eggs with this...
  7. I like the thinking on the Columbus deal, but I don't think it works out. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that their big 3 UFAs won't be back, so paying to create more cap space is pretty pointless at this point. Texier also showed really well in the Playoffs, he's worth more than a cap dump now. The second trade relates back to the first because Florida is rumoured to be Bobrosvky's UFA destination. I don't think the Panthers would deal a valuable asset in 13th OA knowing they have a chance to sign him. If they don't manage to sign him, then something can be worked out involving their prospects instead as they have a glut of young forwards. The third trade is as even as it get's really, but I'd still be wary of trading a hometown player. Calgary is also set on RW with E. Lindholm, Tkachuk and Neal (even if they don't want him). Fourth trade is even value, but I wouldn't do it. I like Ehlers, he's been proving himself the wrong way in recent Playoffs. I like you're line of thinking and your valuations are pretty good, I don't think any of these specific trades work out. They're all pretty close though I'd say with the most questionable one being the first. Good job overall.
  8. He doesn't have danglers hands, but he doesn't have hands of stone, he can snipe. Agree with the rest. All he has to learn to do is play like Tom Wilson. He has more raw talent and all the tools (and more) than Wilson. He does that, we have a gem
  9. Did you even glance at the study? Understand the data? I did. You looked at plastic waste by country and found a big red X across the US. I looked at mismanaged plastic waste and noticed the whole of asia and africa were disgustingly high.
  10. Lol Paul Fenton, offers Zucker for Boeser.





  11. It’s almost as if he’s amassed experience in the NHL over the last few decades and might know a bit more than the woefully moronic clowns in the Vancouver sports media who constantly trying to undercut him.
  12. Gaudette is 'capable' of playing in the NHL, but it doesn't mean he's 'ready'. Much like McCann and Jake who were rushed, Gaudette has the raw skills, its obvious. The issue is, if the Canucks want that 'Hobey Baker" talent coming out, he needs to get top 6 ice and develop the confidence in his offensive game to be a difference maker / force his game on opponents. This is why most young players need time in the AHL, its hard to come up as a rookie and have that confidence when you're trying to impress, not to make mistakes, and usually chasing the game a bit. Only the exceptions like Petey, Kane, Mckinnon etc, are able to do it. I think a year in Utica would do him wonders. Spot duty here for injuries and when Sutter is moved.
  13. Wrong: Yangze and Ganges are #1 and #2 by a long shot.
  14. The league is proud to announce the following signing: Erik Karlsson - 5 years, $10m
  15. This is extremely unfortunate and negates the production of alternative energy sources that they have been proliferating. Those saying that China is becoming technologically superior are kidding themselves if they choose to manufacture chemicals that destroy a portion of the Earth’s atmosphere. Much like China supposedly cracked down on the hunting of tigers in the wild by supporting privatized tiger farms in Laos.
  16. Since Pettersson gets back to Vancouver tomorrow, is there a chance I can bump into him by chance at YVR? And usually where’s the best place to wait?
  17. I’m disappointed anyone who saw this didn’t step in and help the victim. Our willingness to help each other isn’t what it was. The best lesson those little bastards could have learned is someone stepping and dropping a few of them and that we as a society won’t put up with that type of crap.
  18. EXTENSION: The Edmonton Oilers have re-signed forward Brendan Perlini to a three year deal.  Brendan Perlini: 3 years, $ 6.75 million dollar contract ( $ 2,250,000.00 per season ).
  19. No they're not, don't spread lies when you don't know the real truth. Enlighten yourself, the US alone contributes most of the plastic waste from commercial to industrial use.
  20. Benning just trying to buy himself time and hoping that drafting EP will be enough to keep him employed
  21. I agree. I should clarify: late 80’s and nineties growing up in Vancouver there many one on one fights and once done, that was the end of it. But for some reason during most of the nineties when I was in high school, although one on one still happened, there were far more swarmings, suckerings, and retribution fights/swarmings. the main problem was that every act that wasn’t one on one was for no legit reason - just violence. one on ones were over a matter of some sort and some times the two involved ended up as friends or at least shared a common respect.
  22. Exactly. I want a top 6 winger at 10, especially Boldy, then a D in round 2 (unless JB can snag a later round 1 pick). We need a 1st line LW and Boldy could fill that need.
  23. There is for San Diego, at this rate they have a chance a breaking TO's homerun record.
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