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  2. Based off some basic WAR ratings we could end up battling SJ and WPG for the last 2 spots.
  3. Lol Brock Boeser kinda looks like moustacheless John Garrett
  4. It's a matter of size and skill and will never be one or the other but whoever holds the best balanced roster of both wins the cup everytime
  5. AV is basically playing exactly like last game but I think he would try to change it up this time if he was mafia again
  6. It could be worse, been watching since 1975 and still no cup but this is the most excited i've been ever to see a season start...
  7. Edmonton also wishes in particular draft pick Frederick Allard well. A hard working great member of our AHL squad, we feel his day in the NHL is soon. Jesper Lindgren a wildcard, who could burst on the scene, very talented. Would love to see Allard traded to our real life Canucks. As the Oilers we are enthusiastic about adding Colin Miller. An excellent 5/6 D who has spent plenty of time in the Top 4, can help a power play. We were also ecstatic to be in a position of some prospect depth. To be able to make moves from strength. Still 6 to 8 defensive prospects with a more than reasonable shot at the NHL. Beats 4 years ago when our top D prospect was Jonathon Ismail Diaby. A second thanks Mike!
  8. Thanks Mike. Edmonton regretfully terminates contract of Juuso Ikonen. Signed HV71 of SHL. as per Wilkepedia;
  9. TRADE: The Edmonton Oilers have made a trade with the New Jersey Devils. To EDM: Colin Miller Jusso Ikonen To NJD: Frederic Allard Jesper Lindgren FLA 2020 4th Round Draft Selection
  10. I'm all aboard the Qwags wagon. He's not getting killed by no one, we're never gonna know his faction and I would not want him alive in the last round even if he was TP vote Qwags
  11. ^see DM actually tries to plays the game. The hate for him is way over the top and preperuated by Beluga Whales emotional battles We have so many less active and less involved and more negative to the town players
  12. Today
  13. Dont think Colorado is going to be competing for last spot. They got a helluva team. Expecting Top 5 in West IMO
  14. I'm not that impressed with this thread. No, I think the writer was off track. But, as others have mentioned, it was written for a company that owned the Leafs. Not a surprise. I wish our writers in Vancouver were better fans. Not always negative nellies. I don't believe its worth 6 pages of Leaf and Dubas bashing. I hope they make the play off's. They're a Canadian team. I'll cheer for any of them. Canucks first, foremost and above all.
  15. For me I will be satisfied by the following criteria EP, Bo and Brock increase their Goals and points from last season, (i will be ecstatic if they can run at a point per game or close to it) Sutter and Tanev play 65 games Hughes doesnt get broken Jake scores 20 goals Olli makes it onto the team There is fight in the team much like the first 2 months of last season, but it last through the entire season, I dont care if they lose games, but as long as they make the opposition work for goals and points. That will make hockey fun for me. Anything else is a bonus.
  16. have faith, he's going to take another step this season.
  17. So why would edmonton take on 2 bad contract in order to get away from 1 bad contract and throw in a sweetener on top?
  18. Horvat Pettersson Boeser Ferland Miller Virtanen Pearson Sutter Leivo Eriksson Beagle Motte
  19. SIGNING: The Minnesota Wild have signed defenseman Braydon Coburn to a two year deal.   Braydon Coburn: 2 years, $ 5.0 million dollar contract ( $ 2,500,000.00 per season ).
  20. SIGNING: The Nashville Predators have signed forward Joe Thornton to a one year deal.   Joe Thornton: 1 year, $ 6.0 million dollar contract ( $ 6,000,000.00 per season ).
  21. The Detroit Red Wings are very pleased to secure the services of Josh Teves, who we felt had a solid NHL debut against the Anaheim Ducks in 2018/19 and who has the ability to secure a permanent NHL roster spot in the very near future.
  22. Well said. This teams future is brighter than it probably ever has been before.
  23. The fact that Pouliot, and Gudrbanson aren't here should equate to 4 more wins. I would think Myers and Benn are a massive upgrade over those 2. Just like someone mentioned, the loss of Pavelski is HUGE, defintely will affect them
  24. I think Baertchi still has value if they were to trade him even with the injuries. When healthy he produces. He'd probably fetch a decent prospect/project prospect from a team that a has a surplus in a position. Personally I wouldn't trade him unless you get offered a homerun deal, if not, might as well see what he can do healthy and deal with it at TDL or next season
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