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  2. Also never seen a team goon it up in game 7, especially in todays NHL.
  3. You’re okay that the NHL refs have this mindset? The game is out of reach and player got injured, so let’s just call a penalty lol.
  4. Even if they had replay, would they really have the guts to overturn it? And who wants to wait 30mins for the call, when there wasn't even a call on the ice in this case.
  5. So u just hate Sven from the get go. But those facts are certainly just yours. Sorry!
  6. Oh come on. Who could have known they'd score 4 straight in 4 minutes. That has literally NEVER happened in the history of the NHL. What the refs were thinking after the Pavelski injury probably was "the games out of reach, we don't want this to get ugly. Give him a major and a game to make SJ focus on playing rather than gooning it up".
  7. Lol Hrudy seriously thinks those are penalties on the Caps? If anything, the dive, and only the dive should have been called there. Mrazek is embarrassing himself, his teammates, and the sport with his disgraceful flopping tonight. Run him for real Wilson!
  8. You know, people talk like team toughness is important, and yet we have a league where we see less tough teams like Pittsburgh win back to back cups and tougher teams like Washington win cups. Then you have the current playoffs where Vegas and Winnipeg are supposed to be tough and they are out. Nashville's supposed to have unbeatable defense and a goalie and they are out. Tampa and Pittsburgh have skill skill skill and they are out. So my point here is it's not going to matter in the end if we go for toughness or not. Momentum: that's the key element, and there's not a whole lot we can do about that other than just having a good overall team, facing the right competitor in the playoffs at the right time, and feeding off of that.
  10. We are in no position to trade him. He has elite potential, you don't trade that
  11. Lmao that was what game 6, ducks series? I forget the year but when that happened I was like daaaamn you SUCK
  12. Maybe it's some sort of Ref protest over the criticisms they have been getting in the last day or so? Are they pouting? 'Fine! we'll call nuffin then!'
  13. Yup, but they had no chance vs that dux team. The only reason they weren't swept was because of Lui.
  14. I don't care what anyone says...Malkin should be on the table. No question. Pittsburgh needs more depth. Case in point, this season's playoff disappointment.
  15. I don’t watch liiga games so I’ve only seen him in this u18 tourney and it’s hard when the Finnish team isn’t that great. but I think the big differences between Heiskanen and Heinola are 1. skating - Heiskanen skating is fantastic and better then Heinolas was/is 2. Goal scoring - Heiskanen scores goals he scored 5 goals to Heinolas 2 in their Liiga Seasons 3. u18s - Heiskanen was like 2pts per game last year and really stole scouts attention at the international tourney last year. No one was even talking about him much until then. 4. Defensively - Think he was more solid in his own end, but maybe that was because his team Was better overall hard to judge i don’t think we will be taking Heinola with the high end forwards that will be available and with our positional depth on left side right now as a small added factor. i could see Heinola or Lavoie going to Montreal at 15.
  16. Yep. Playing goal requires incredible focus; anything that takes away from that, however slightly. is something that should be avoided.
  17. I need Caps and Bruins to lose, after that I don’t care who wins the cup.
  18. Because If you throw it off and Ovie shoots again, at your face, you die. Leave that $&!# on.
  19. this city loves their backups so much they run their starters out of town. Turns out Luongo was better than Lack and Schnides, Cloutier was better than Auld too. Who knew??
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