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  2. For teams close to the cap having a LTIR contract is a nuisance to deal with as it limits the cap space that can be banked. Vegas is already over the cap and the Clarkson contract is a 5.25M cap hit. The contract is insured and after the bonus payment is only 200K in real dollars. It's a more interesting option than adding Eriksson to reach the floor - the cost is significantly less, it doesn't use a roster spot and they'll probably get an asset out of it. Last off-season Chicago gave up Hinostroza to move Hossa's contract.
  3. Yep, Virt is what he is. If he can get a bit more consistent he can be a valuable depth winger. That's it, though.
  4. Much rather watch St Louis play than watch the Sharks whine and fluke their way to a Cup. It's a shame Boston is there again, but St. Louis was probably my favourite West team heading into the playoffs.
  5. and its loserslike you why the world drags its ass when it comes to change.
  6. youre wrong. Also, if you tried to punch me Id break your jaw in half (10+ years amateur boxing, provincial tournaments etc.) Yes, there are annoying vegans. Also, you should care. Our treatment of animals is horrifying- no person that believes in justice should ignore that simple fact.
  7. So here I am stealing other peoples ideas from this thread: VGK Virtanen Stecher 2nd2019 VAN Tuch Miller Clarkson TBL 3rd2019 2nd2020 Gadjovich VAN Jt Miller Pearson Horvat Tuch Miller Petterson Boeser Roussel Sutter Eriksson Schaller Beagle Leivo Edler Miller Hutton Tanev Hughes Schenn Markstrom Demko Thoughts?
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  9. Erickson was a healthy scratch once last season. Once. I doubt they go from dressing him all but one game to burying him in the minors. Anything is possible, but to talk about it like it will definitely happen seems unlikely.
  10. Yeah this is literally crazy. Sorry man, but I have never seen one miss the mark so badly. Most Kessel proposals are based around what significant assets you can pay to get an 85 point scorer. Phaneuf proposals are based around what THEY would have to pay YOU to take him off their hands. The Eriksson/Malkin comment is... actually a decent comparison.
  11. Wait, what? Is this article really claiming that the definition of creed was expanded in 2015 to include “non-secular” beliefs? Then what exactly was the HRTO’s pre-2015 definition of creed? Secular beliefs only?
  12. Do people think Severson is chopped liver or something? He had 39 points (11 goals) on one of the lowest scoring team in the league with the lowest offensive start time, on his team. He has already proven he’s top 4 defensemen in the league, whereas Hughes is all hype at the moment. Ty Smith is no slouch of a prospect as well, and could possibly be a better player than Hughes.
  13. Either way, would he not get a ring if the blues win?
  14. Maybe it's a reincarnation of Robert Irsay and he'll pull another sneaky exit.
  15. He might have no choice. If he doesn’t waive his NTC, then we waive him to Utica. Period. Something tells me that Loui would much rather play in the NHL rather than riding buses and biting boners on the farm.
  16. I’ll comment more on this later, but I really like the Sutter proposal. It’s realistic and Anaheim just might bite on that. Kesler’s career might be over. I’m not sure if I like the Tryamkin for Miller deal. Miller had a good year last year but he’s a defensive mess. There’s a reason why Claude Julien didn’t like the guy down there in Boston. I like the Ottawa deal a lot. Given Eriksson’s performance at the World’s, now might be the time to try and move him without having to retain. Pass on the Quinn Hughes deal. Quinn Hughes is a one of a kind. Let’s keep him and build our defense around him. The presence of Hughes will also take pressure off of Juolevi.....and will allow Juolevi to grow more comfortably and gradually. Tanev’s value is next to nill for other teams. He means far more to us than to other teams. The presence of Tanev allows for guys like Stecher and Schenn to play in roles that they are comfortable in. As far as Baertschi goes, I’d try and move him to Edmonton for Sekera. Both players have questionable futures, but would also be able to fill a need for their new teams. The Canucks need more D while Edmonton needs more F’s.
  17. Again. Chicago beat them in 2013. Absolutely despise the Bruins, but they know how to win. I dont think the blues have the experience.
  18. I have read your posts. You spout off about eastern culture being far superior than the west. You proclaim to be in north america because “its easy”. Now you are trying to tell me you arent deeply predjudiced, all while using big words in an attempt to confuse? Yeah get off your high horse there -stani. I know what Jingoism is.
  19. What the eff is that Jimbo? Did you bring your crayons to big boy class? You expect me to believe some unexplained numbers on a website because its in pretty colors? How the hell can you take a websites neutrality seriously when its named after the guy they are propping up as the next messiah? Barf. Gimme a break. Really showing what you know Jim. Big friggen numbers, written in crayon.
  20. What a dissapointing stanley cup final matchup. I'd rather watch just about any other 2 team combination than watch Boston play St. Louis. Literally the only thing about this that interests me is my desire for Boston to not win. Snooze. Fest. Edit. Yes, Toronto vs anyone other than Vancouver would be the exception.
  21. 34 year old -21 Dion Phaneuf is not that.
  22. As someone with severe food allergies that I've lived with my entire life, I understand this point of view. Some people will discriminate because of a dietary choice he made, but if you imagine someone in that situation to whom it was not a choice it would become a human rights issue rather than a laughing matter. If I was being paid to do a job in a remote location, and I had specified my dietary restrictions that were promised to be accommodated... I would have starved relying on Tim Hortons for sustenance. And to clarify, my food restrictions are entirely different than the ones mentioned in the article. But if I saw my food being contaminated, it wouldn't be a personal issue of "this chef doesn't care", it would be more along the lines of "I guess I'm skipping dinner tonight because I don't want to make a scene". Allergy rant over,
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