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  2. Honoring the legacy of the great Jack Skille.
  3. Seems like he's chosen #9:
  4. Maybe. Most parents tend to wear their kids jersey though. Im sure it was just a random Canucks fan.
  5. Maybe Podz dad was a Bure fan? Maybe the Canucks gave Podz dad that jersey at the draft?
  6. Lol. I would hope his dad would have a Podkolzin jersey and not a Bure jersey. Im sure Bure launched more than a couple Canucks fans over there during his time.
  7. I would get one but I live in Cgy so I'd be worried my car would get keyed
  8. This looked like it was all in good fun before, but maybe it was used to deflect attention in a joking manner? Up to then Maple was posting a bit, but wasn’t really playing, per say. This would keep people off of her, even though she was obviously joking.
  9. Because they can slide his ELC and buy a year of arbitration rights by doing so. It's a very good sign they believe in this kid.
  10. Laughable at best. So he has issues with 2 other franchises giving up on him but nope it's 100% Utica’s fault even though Utica came in the picture AFTER one team already gave up on him. Good one.
  11. So, would this be a point where DM tries to save a scummate’s skin in Maple?
  12. I watched an interview with Benning where Benning himself said that Delorme had mentioned to look at this kid when Elias was 14.
  13. Saw them both play, and they each had fabulous puck skills. Nilsson was kind of lazy though. Datsyuk was BY FAR the better player.
  14. Are you asking if Scheer is a pitcher or catcher?
  15. Canucks jersey in Perm, Russia
  16. This was before Datsyuk. No one in the history of the game has better hands than Datsyuk. (Maybe Patrick Kane) He’s in a class of his own. He rightfully inherited that title from Nilsson.
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