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  2. Here are some suggestions for Barrie to Vancouver from hfcolorado posters: Kerfoot + Barrie for Horvat +... I am sticking to my vancouver boiz barrie + kerfoot + 16 for Horvat and 10.... Barrie + 4 for Horvat + 10 is getting well received even by Nucks fans Apparently we are all ok with trading Horvat for least Avs fans say so lmao. thanks.
  3. Trump has promised to bring up detained Canadians when he meets with Xi next week: I don't really expect anything to come of this, but if he's able to help a couple of Canadians being held on trumped up charges (pun intended) then I'll definitely give him credit.
  4. Again, I don't recall saying that either. How about we play this game the other way, do you deny that this is actually a relatively cold period since the last glaciation per the science (graph above)? Do you deny that Canada's overall contribution to any perceived CO2 increase globally is actually less 2% of all global sources? Do you deny that Canada has a massive boreal forest that is the size to take on far more CO2 than it presently is using? I don't deny climate change. Climate has always and will always change. Anthropogenic contribution to CO2 levels is well established but the precise link between CO2 and climate is still a work in progress but I would prefer we are conservative and assume the link is strong. How any of that makes me a denier is of interest to me. Curious to see your responses to the questions. I have answered yours.
  5. BKFC Paulie vs the Goat this weekend... Who ya got? Will anyone even watch the UFC event on at the same time? Think I'm going with Paulie....but Lobov could do it.....I dunno. brawl a a brawler...classic really. I've seen boxers light up entire crews in my 15 years I spent working night clubs, yet I've seen guys with slick hands get walked down and over whelmed. I'm looking forward to Sat night.
  6. I'm of the exact same mind. Who do you think would check those boxes? I'm a fan of trading for Brendan Dillon.
  7. This is rather disturbing.... ...a woman in Arkansas gets pulled over, the cop finds a plastic bag that used to have cotton candy in it, but melted a formed crystals. For some reason, the roadside test identified the substance as crystal meth....the woman ends up spending three months in jail, before being exonerated, thanks to a backlog at the Arkansas Crime Lab: A couple of things: 1 - WTF kind of "roadside test" are they conducting, that identifies sugar as crystal meth? 2 - How many times have innocent people copped a plea, just to get out of jail?
  8. No concerts for me last night or tonight. I'm just messing. I'm just gonna be out and enjoying life for a bit.
  9. Are you referring to past games as tho they hold true to this game?
  10. And guys. Zfetch was a NERFED sheriff. He only had investigations on odd nights. There is no &^@#ing way the mafia have peek immune players. Especially after what AV just said last game. Think about it
  11. It's 50/50 and too risky for BW to be a lynch candidate at the present moment. So based off the evidence, I think we should put him off to the side and let him provide thought or more clarity on this matter. His information that he posts between now and nightfall could be vital to helping the TP, whether it helps or implicates him for further rounds based off tonight's lynch. As for the possibility of their being a lackey, I am in agreement with Aladeen on that there is a strong possibility that a lackey could be in place. - As you know, there are different special TP roles that the TP have such as sheriff, doctor, vig, etc. The mafia also have special roles - KP, lackey, nurse, etc. Thanks to a brilliant play by your favorite bird, AV was so distraught that BJ made him curse himself for putting a KP in one of his games as BJ brilliantly outsmarted sheriff WW into clearing teammate Zfetch for him and leading the mafia to victory. So in a "non-vanilla" game where AV has recently expressed displeasure with the KP role, I could certainly see the mafia having a special role, and the lackey being called into action. However, at best, the evidence is circumstancial right now. We do not know if MR was telling the truth that he was role-blocked, and we do not even know if a lackey exists out there right now. However, I think an MR lynch that flips him mafia could strengthen the lackey theory. But it is just a theory right now, and we should not proceed with a lynch just on a theory.
  12. Except we do this all the time as town. Literally all the time. Trickery has its value in these setups. The reaction from Aladeen all but confirms him.
  13. I don't have time until after work to full discuss everything so hold tight. But please stop with the lackey stuff. That was a random joke like 20 minutes into the game. I can't get into why I trust 112 without outing roles but she should absolutely not be in lynch contention when we have an outer wolf in Aladeen. Unless you guys think there are two town doctors, this guy is Mafia.
  14. Cheapskate. Goldy + 6th round pick. We got 3 picks that round. Lol.
  15. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Oh Alabama conservatives, please show us how intelligent and open minded you are and pick Moore as your 2020 Alabama US Senate candidate. /s (on the open minded and intelligent part) Roy Moore, Accused Child Molester, Announces Second Senate Run The most flawed candidate for the U.S. Senate in modern history thinks he can do it this time.
  16. So you deny that human behaviours are impacting current global climate change ? really ?
  17. But according to your +/- Pouliot is better than Barrie. I'm just saying don't use +/- as a way to prove something when there are too many factors that play into that state beyond a single player. It's single-handedly the worst stat you could use to prove something in hockey with.
  18. That's fair, I agree Would you say this is a solid lineup as a playoff team? Assuming we get a solid top4 RHD and a decent bottom paring guy or Schenn Edler - D from Trade Hughes - Tanev Free Agent D - Stecher  Juoelevi - Schenn
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