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  2. While I'm not the biggest Wham fan either, Wake me Up is not their worst, and can sure appreciate it as a wake up song... hey, it's in the title! Highlights for me, Spencer Davis Group and, as I told you in PM, Vulfpeck was sweet. The Kinga song was decent, too.
  3. I like Marky as much as the next guy but we have to be realistic with his contract situation and future with the franchise with Demko already on the team. Markstrom + Leivo + Stecher for Hall (with an extension) Hall - Pettersson - Boeser Miller - Horvat - Pearson Roussel - Sutter - Ferland Gaudette - Beagle - Virtanen it allows us to have two legit scoring line or one monster top line. that's a deep playoff lineup IMO.
  4. Exactly. To have a player of his size, who can move, and also use that size, is immeasurable. Adding him to a team that has Beagle, Roussel, Ferland, Virtanen, Horvat, and the like makes the Canucks much harder to play against. From what I've seen of Nikita in the KHL, his game has matured somewhat, which is potentially good news for the Canucks, and bad news for the rest of the league.
  5. What do you suggest JB does then? Sign JM to a long term deal or whatever is market value? Holtby is also going to market or getting a new contract ...Markstrom would make a good consolation prize for a team looking to solidly their goaltending for five years or so. Is Demko supposed to wait that long? Or is he the trade chip. Love it if we can get a three year deal at 4.5 - but is that even possible at this point?
  6. I don't think they would want to make a goaltending trade with Vancouver though...
  7. Both teams have brought this upon themselves,Toronto spending WAY TOO MUCH,for so called superstars(they haven't won a damn thing) and sure can't play a 200 foot game.then Montreal has been so cheap and not spend near enough to compete in todays league. Of course this is just my 2 cents,and alot of teams are trying to be good, that just aren't as good as they think (Calgary Etc.).
  8. Yeah, hindsight is great, however, I was calling for it here. The core was badly fractured at that point. The point where it completely crumbled, however, was when the team let in 7 vs the Islanders in the 3rd period at home in the '13/'14 season.
  9. I'm still neck deep in exams and projects but I'll be around for hax soon
  10. Nope. Just things that are both dangerous and unnecessary. Knives are dangerous, so are chainsaws, but they have uses other than shooting things at a faster rate and for a longer duration.
  11. OJ is the JV of the current prospects board. Struggling to make the physical transition to NA pro hockey. Hope he can just get healthy for his sake. Not the first skinny lanky kid to struggle but it is concerning.
  12. No one enjoys restrictions on freedoms but we live in a society and living in a society comes with restrictions. If everyone acted perfectly we wouldn't need all manner of restrictions, bans, prohibitions etc. But they don't. So we have to ban and restrict things for the common collective good.
  13. I did not receive a PM from the host that indicated I was a part of the mafia team. As for Darth Melvin, what can I say? I just don't think neither Blue Jay 22 or hoggers avoid him completely like they did.
  14. A great many things can be deemed unnecessary, should they all be banned too? Inherently dangerous? Many things can be deemed dangerous. Do we really want to go down the path of banning everything? Eventually, we will come to something that you like and then it will be a problem for you. If the evidence supported banning AR15s in this country and that problem could be addressed by this ban, then yeah it might make sense. But that is not the case here, this is just a case of ignorant, short sighted people trying to impose their will on others for political gains. It is sad, and something that all Canadians should be against. Again, why do so many people enjoy the reductions of their freedoms?
  15. Well(just woke up here, Asia AM) to me their analysis is real. I've found their discussions/angle/criticisms on matters like western media/Big Govt as pretty darn consistent with other's(that I respect) opinions on similar matters. Did you dig up that info on the Duran from Wiki? Can THOSE opinions within that text be trusted? As stated, I've heard others online denounce Wikipedia(as well), as a place where info can be manipulated. So again, I see it as an interesting news/analysis online(almost daily) show that I enjoy. I can only recommend something. Folks can categorize these things as they wish. To each, their own. Our time is precious, for each & every individual.
  16. Having a 6'8" 260 mobile d man on our third pairing that can play either side is nothing to pooh pooh either. If he does return and signs a fair deal, it is a free asset almost. Gives the club the latitude to deal another d man. Where he would have his biggest impact... pun intended would be in a playoff series. He is so physically strong that even Ovechkin would keep his head up going into a corner for a puck. Savior, that's silly, we already have 2. Hughes and Pettersson. We need role players and depth. Trymakin would add to both.
  17. And the protesters have been discussing about this online extensively, but I think in a political situation like this, it's difficult for the non-violence crowd to police the pro-violence crowd from within, because the prevailing theory is that everyone wants to ensure that they're all pulling towards the same goal (power through unity). This was part of the "lessons learned" aspect of the '14 "umbrella" protests, where they split the protest along pro-violence/non-violence lines, and ended up both being beaten down. All they can do is spread the word about trying to let the Dec 8th protest march be non-violent (or at least convince the pro-violence crew to hold off for a few hours until after the protest march wraps up), so as to capture the international spotlight for the right reasons.
  18. My god I would love to see Gaudette on Horvat's wing. Imagine if we can get Ferland going as well. Ferland - Horvat - Gaudette If Virtanen continues to play well consistently you could through Virtanen in there as well Virtanen - Horvat - Gaudette Hell, even our French Bulldog would fit nicely Roussel - Horvat - Gaudette
  19. I remember a dude stealing one, there wan't much anyone could do...
  20. Losing Eriksson's cap hit is more valuable than Toffoli who is a rental. It would still be incredibly risky to trade Demko.
  21. I've watched it a couple of times and paused the video. I don't see Zadorov do anything questionable. That's just a case of a 6'5" 235 lb player hitting a 6'2" 185 lb player. Sometimes 50 pounds and 3 inches makes a difference. Now consider that Tryamkin is 6'8" 260 lb.
  22. I'm not as optimistic about OJ as I once was. I'm not calling him a bust or think it was the wrong pick or anything either. Certainly don't want that puke drafted after him on this character team either. With that said, if the injuries didn't happen, I would agree with your assessment, unfortunately these injuries will and may already have altered his future with this team. Most players don't bounce back to their original form and fall behind in development. I think there is still a future for OJ with Vancouver, but I'm cautiously optimistic as to what he may become or not. I think his saving grace is that he seems more like a cerebral player and can play the game smart and adjust to his skill-set not being as superior as it may have been had things gone more smoothly for him. Just one quick example that comes to mind is someone like Nolan Patrick who skill-wise was surely a top end pick, but injuries have really set him back. The difference though was Patrick had a known history of his injuries prior to his draft, so whoever took him knew it was a gamble. With OJ, no one could've predicted the future.
  23. December 6: Micheal Ferland to return to lineup, thoughts on Cale Makar and Quinn Hughes
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