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  2. Edit: And for those who don’t know, the NHL salary cap era was implemented and began after the 04/05 lockout season.
  3. Ya both are highly skilled and have that bring fans out of their seats quality.
  4. Maybe? But maybe not. There are plenty of tourists, lots more, for example, in Rome. But locals are not excited about tourists there, they see dollar signs and overcrowding. Turkey is not as wealthy. In Istanbul we were welcomed in peoples homes, given coffee in their shops, people talked to us in the streets & on the train. At the temples, there were programs to invite visitors, share the experience. Constantinople converted to Istanbul when the Byzantine empire conquered more than 500 years ago, the Catholic church converted to a temple. Its amazing, holds 12,000 people at a time, enormous. Built 2000 years ago in the time of Caesar. Caesarean churches are architectural digs in Rome, they are alive and standing in Istanbul. Aqueducts and stadiums and other artifacts. In the temple, there were careful restorations of catholic features, such as the mosaics, which at one time had been covered in Persian tiles. But similar representations and presentations of Turkish culture proudly set up to display. All factored in times between the calls to prayer that ring throughout the day. Everyone I met was genuine, enthusiastic that people wanted to see their culture, their history. I believe the opposite to be the case. Visit people, show them respect & interest, let them show their culture. There will be lower barriers, less resentment.
  5. I think your hatred of the Bruins is clouding your judgement here. Chara is anything but a coward.
  6. He's on the Vasilevskiy path. Highly regarded goalie prospect, paid his dues in the A. Playing comfortably behind a good to very good, older starter The kid is ready to explode. I can't wait to see him come into training camp knowing his role. This city loves its backups... Thatcher will win over the fanbase soon enough. I will admit, he has done nothing to date; there is no body of work to fall back on, but it's all about moving forward with this guy. He has the skill and mental makeup, time to show us your stuff Thatcher!
  7. Apt & concise. Understandable that Botch would wanna botch that!
  8. I provide that list to my Leaf buddy every year He still don't get it one thing missing from you list is the only head to head playoff meeting And they did win that first overall draft pick that we have failed to accomplish
  9. I'm curious what they're going to do with that team this summer, should be a lot of moving pieces. I'd take Canucks because they play in the West.
  10. What age do you live in, like 15 years ago? 1st rounders are already playing their first NHL seasons at age 19. Yes, written off by Desjardin. If Sharks liked Goldobin they wouldn't have traded him away, how hard is that to understand? I didn't know Boeser and Baertschi are selke finalists? Green loves to play them. All your points are basically meh, dont know why Im spending time debugging them. What's your point by the way? If Goldobin, given the right opportunity, will flourish? Highly doubt that. So basically you have no point?
  11. Vancouver next year on the backs of Horvat, EK65 and Markstrom
  12. I would like to actually see Luke signed to be the 7th dman and at the same time drop Tanev down into the 3rd pairing role with Hughes and have both him and Tanman switch in and out periodically. Preserves Chris Tanev longer while also taking him out against heavier teams such as Anaheim, Vegas, Calgary, and allowing Schenner to play those rougher games, but in the games where more puck control and speed are more of concern, drop Tanman back in there. Considering Tanev plays between 40-55 games a year, that wouldn't be a terrible game plan and hopefully have Tanev fresh for the playoffs. Edler-Stecher Hutton- (new acquisition) Hughes-Tanev/Schenn Sautner I love Schenn and what he did to resurrect his career, but the torrid pace physically is not sustainable over 82 games, and he is at best a good spot duty player. So perhaps have a 50-30 games split for Tanev and Schenn.
  13. Ned Stark joins forces with Emperor Palpatine to make Batman a wizard and kill them all! aw $&!#......forgot spoilers
  14. More points in less games means statistically he is the better offensive player. My eye test would tell me I would far rather Karlsson on the team in a defensive situation then Subban. I'm not an advanced stat guy so I can't back this with proof, but would be willing to bet those would favour Karlsson. Also at the same age Karlsson is still at his peak, while Subban has regressed over the last few years. I would far rather have Erik.
  15. We do have a lot of left D depth though. I'd move/package him exactly for a right D. Tryamkin plays right side FWIW.
  16. Regular season performance or maybe winning a round here and there sure, but as for the odds of actually winning the Stanley cup in the next decade, I see it as: VAN MTL CGY WPG TOR OTT EDM
  17. Just going to put this out there. For all that Leafs attention always on national tv, here’s a little prediction to humble them even more now that they’re eliminated (again). Toronto already topped off this year. They thought very short term and as a result won’t be able to sustain a top team due to the financial aspect of things. Going forward they’ll be in a cap crunch. They’ll be losing a lot of quality players and won’t have enough money to replace them let alone improve on them. Their best chance was this year and they choked. Not trading Nylander when his value was high for a proper dman is one of a few places they went wrong. Now after the lacklustre shortened year he’s had (which they should have never let happen because it meant he came into the season cold) they’re stuck with him. Him and his agent have publicly stated Dubas gave his word that as long as he’s in charge he won’t be traded so even if he does, that’ll blow back in their face and the fact they won’t get the return they once could have as that ship has sailed. Here’s some history: ...and let’s not forget they are THEE ONLY Canadian team yet to win a playoff series in the salary cap era Matthews, Tavares, Nylander, Rielly, Andersen, Marner (assume $10m here at the least) - that’s $50m in cap tied up in 6 players alone aka 62% of the current upper cap limit. It’s even more absurd when you account for Kadri’s & Zaitsev’s identical $4.5m cap hits which adds up to $59m / 75% of their cap space, with the latter being a terrible contract!!! So yea, sorry not sorry. That’s what happens when you get ahead of yourselves and mismanage when it matters most. At least the Canucks are in the beginning process so it doesn’t hurt as much being able to learn and move forward in these early stages. And it’s why I’m confident in predicting this. - RIP Shanaplan (2015/16 - 2018/19)
  18. I’ll wait for anyone to provide evidence but I’ve yet to see Tavares commit any dirty play.
  19. Exactly. In the end it boils down to the Canucks getting Neal and Subban, at 15 million a year. Plus we would be giving up decent players to Calgary. Way better off for the Canucks to use that kind of money to get a UFA. Even EK would be cheaper. Deal doesn't make sense for the other teams either. Predators have been a top team in the west, trying to take that next step. Trading a top dman for a 1st round pick, doesn't address that.
  20. They can still select him even if not signed if we leave him unprotected.
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