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  2. Yikes. Say what you want about Ben Hutton but he's a serviceable #6-7 at worst. He'll have an NHL contract by October.
  3. It occurs to me I do not know near enough about Peter Fonda
  4. I think the most likely outcome is that he will just sign in the KHL....
  5. Watching him do his monologue is like watching paint dry.
  6. Wow both you and @Red Light Racicot Not how unemployment is calculated.
  7. Yeah that was ridiculous. Yes it was close but I agreed with the scoring.
  8. Happy bday Jake. Hears to ferland helping you unleash the beast.
  9. I don't agree...with the depth now it frees jake up to play with Bo. Jake doesn't have to carry that third line anymore and also has a sutter winger ever put up 20+ goals?
  10. Was going to pass on him again, but he’s definitely signing with the Sharks. And assuming I’m trash again, I’ll get a good return for a player who’ll head to the Cup Finals.
  11. whats going on? crowd is dumb. come on Nate!
  12. I would have picked him awhile ago, but had too many centres
  13. How can you not love this fight?
  14. Costa is unreal...those are strong shoulders
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