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  2. Logically, you aint wrong. Logic has very little to do with how things are run down south.
  3. Speaking which ...l where do the 2nd Amendment people stand in this? Are they protesting with the BLM movement? I ask because after Trump decided to use violence on the protesters doesn't this seem to be tyrannical? isn't this the reason why the 2nd Amendment was in place? I would imagine this would mean the 2nd Amendment gun obsessed Americans would join in the protest.
  4. He's a good skater, heads up player. I see a lot of potential in him.
  5. And this is what we really need to hope for.....that in the end, this horrible and unnecessary situation brings forth changes for the better. Unfortunately we can't bring George Floyd back, but we can learn from his death and hopefully use it to promote progress in a positive way moving forward.
  6. Disappointed in you being a stoner too. Smoking makes you stupid Qwags, dont expect to win any mafia games if you continue down this road.
  7. Get over yourself. Youre not even involved. As for the game, falcon and NIK seem to be the most common lynches like every game day 1. Seems no matter wtf they do they are always getting voted day 1.
  8. think I am experiencing mafia burnout. the darkest of times!
  9. It was a silly read, but I'll forgive him for not knowing about me and brotis. I don't think he was around circa 2014.
  10. He's certainly got a heart of gold, that's for sure.
  11. No no no, Hertl was supposed to be doing this against the Rangers, not for them.
  12. To Minnesota: Mikael Backlund To Tampa Bay: Ryane Clowe
  13. Best in the biz since Gary Thorne stopped calling hockey games.
  14. Tomás 'Ninja' Hertl @winterhawks
  15. Detroit Selects: Andre vasilevsky. Rangers up? @Jaku
  16. Wassup...? Since I want to be the only Sith Lord in Mafia...I will help you rebel scum with our common goal... As you can see here... another example of a bad apprentice. If I were the emperor I would have told this Darth jar jar to read the thread. Hood comes off for this one.
  17. Toronto Update: Draft not finished, but that doesn’t matter. Welcome Dinos Brenk! Was looking at a center the entire time, and this is a good snag. Dirk Thomas is already a playmaking center, so having a finesse one in Brenk will be a terrific 1-2 punch. In the next several years: Siren - Brenk - McLean Lucic - Thomas - Thibodeau Melin - Little - Perron Moisio - Escuber - Tuomainen Cinibulk - Voinov Leddy - Loow White - Crawford David Pickard This is a future roster I can work with.
  18. That's the spirit! Still though, when the buds start getting fat, do your best to keep em dry; even a white tarp over the garden helps a lot. For next year - I'd definitely recommend Apricot Kush or Blue Papaya Kush for the beginner, or any outdoor grower. They both finish early, have heavy yields, potent enough and are easy going plants.
  19. Toronto Maple Leafs are proud to select, Dinos Brenk @Bombastik der Teutone
  20. The route 65 and took may look bad on the surface, but he knows what he was doing and I played into it. I think it was productive. I now have a solid townlean on him and your reaction to our conflict isn't at all what I'd expect from town NIK. Not even close actually.
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