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  2. I read this post and I had to respond, mostly cause people will actually believe your math works. However, before I wrote the OP, I had thought this scenario out as well and yes you would be right if this example actually pertained to the Canucks but it doesn't. 1) Without Boeser signed, Roussel's can not be placed on LTIR and therefore, the Canucks will have to carry his contract as he will go on IR, and will then call up a player to stay at the 23 max roster. 2) Using the current roster, Roussel on IR, Schaller in the AHL, Goldy yet not signed, Gaud on the team that would make 23 players the cap space remaining would be $5.2 mill. 3) simple math tells us you just pulled 74.5mill out of a hat and I don't believe in magic, Canuck scenario 81.5-5.2= 76.3mill that not 74.5 million a difference of 1.8 million and you knew it because your model had to have a difference of 1.75. Furthermore, your model doesn't account for further injuries and more call ups. Your model is what we call in accounting, playing with the slim margins. In logic or reasoning we call this, reductio ad absurdum, argumentum ad absurdum. 4) you model doesn't include signing bonuses and if you read the article that I posted you would know that signing bonuses don't get held back therefore count to the cap. Maybe you would suggest Boeser doesn't get a signing bonus and I would argue that most new NHL contracts included them and therefore, a reasonable assumption can be made he will receive one in his first year of the contract.
  3. My two thoughts on Sutter are: #1. If he's healthy, he has a strong chance of bouncing back and being effective. When he's been healthy for long enough, he's had stretches where he's looked pretty good. #2. If he goes down in injury again, he just goes on LTIR, which means he doesn't effect our ability to function as a team and his cap space can be used by someone else and becomes a wash. Personally, if #1 happens, he becomes easier to trade and return will be better. I'd rather be patient and see if he can turn it around and be effective and drive price a little higher for us. I agree that we're likely going to need to move him before next summer, but if he's doing well, there will always be a team that gets hit by the injury bug and will need a reasonably priced center and will be willing to flip a little better future asset our way.
  4. How many NHL games did we get from him versus Calgary with Shinkaruk? How many goals and points?
  5. Interesting in the 1981 NHL draft - #4 pick was Ron Francis and #6 Jim Benning, Time sure flies.
  6. I will be really surprised if he winds up down that low, but I've been surprised before, so not going to completely disagree with you. Weird things happen when cap is constrained like it is this year.
  7. Some realistic options that might work: To Ottawa: Eriksson 2020 4th round pick To Vancouver: Gaborik Boedker Why this might work? Eriksson is now only owed 9 million in actual dollars while eating up 18 million in cap space across 3 years. Although Gaborik is on IR, I believe that Ottawa still has to pay his salary (someone correct me if I'm wrong there), and with us, he could easily slip into an IR status for the duration of his contract, without affecting our ability to ice all the way to the cap. Both players from Ottawa are combined remaining salary of just over 9 million, so actual dollars balance out. 2020 4th round pick as a thank-you for doing it. If Boedker can't make the team out of camp we are able to ship him to Utica and absorb a cap hit of slightly under 3 million for 1 season, which is better than having Eriksson eating up just under 5 million for 3 seasons. Or To Edmonton (yes Edmonton) Eriksson 2 million cap retained Tanev 2020 5th To Vancouver Gagner (yes Gagner) Larsson Puljujarvi Not too sure of the overall numbers on this, but Edmonton gets rid of 2 problem contracts, both of which we can likely reflip or, in the case of Gagner, bury in Utica, and worst case, Gagner's is off the books next summer and Larsson's the year after that.. We pickup a solid prospect in Puljujarvi, as part of the value we are giving up in Tanev. Not a big fan of making Edmonton better, but we both have an couple of issues to resolve. To Dallas Eriksson (1.5 million retained) Jasek 2021 3rd To Vancouver Hanzal Honka Dallas unloads a problem contract in Hanzal and a D that has been rumored to being shopped. They get a B level but promising prospect, and a 3rd round pick and a reliable defensive forward who can still keep up. Now, none of these trades are in any way perfect and we're never going to find a perfect one with Loui. A lot of the suggestions that I've been seeing come through here are for other players who's contracts run at least as long, or longer than Loui's. What I'm trying to look for in attempting to get a match, is teams that have a bad contract or two, that are close in value to what we are at with Eriksson, but where the contract(s) should end either next summer or the one after, clearing space for when we need it to re-up with Hughes and Pettersson. Even if we have to eat extra salary for the next couple of years, clear it for when we need it. We can get through this season and next season with the space that we have. Its the 3rd year where we need to create space a little more urgently. Flame away, or suggest other opportunities out there, who are not named Lucic, where we could make a change that will clear cap for us sooner, not later.
  8. First off Everyone should vote for Lucky make up your &^@#ing minds already sheeple Second off WHY TF HAS THE VIG NOT CONTACTED ME YET Third off Why is anyone questioning my legitimacy. No one else has claimed doctor. If I wasn't the doctor saving everyone then someone else would mention it. I literally just stopped the mafia kill last night so no I'm not mafia. And I saved MYSELF round 1 like normal doctors do
  9. Monster's Left Ball Once Upon a Time In New Mexico Smelly Taxi Driver Lady Boy in the Water Hanna Montana R.Kelly's The Shape of Water
  10. Holy $&!# I am legit having an ebola reading this thread
  11. He struggled with Desjardins as Coach as well.. WD had him on that 1st pp for the entire season, and with the twins full time. I think LE’s situation speaks highly of the reasoning with trying to sign RFA’s to better, longer term contracts,. AGE is becoming a huge factor, if you can keep a younger player longer than the typical 2-3 year version,. You get more of their prime years. A UFA that is 28, 29, 30 may soon be considered “past prime”or declining,. the game is getting so incredibly fast and skillful.. and you may have someone already in your system that is ready to fill that position. Keep it fresh, move guys on before UFA (with exceptions of course), and restock your draft pick page. The the typical 31-35 year old will move on. The talent pool is getting pretty thick.
  12. Good thing if we don't make the playoffs, we would still have a shot at one of these high quality valuable prospects.
  13. Nux never lost a conference final yet. 3-0.
  14. Hey man, show a little respect. I mean, we burnt the city down twice but a JERSEY? Come on, we have a little more respect than that... *pours gasoline on jersey*
  15. He served a purpose. Nothing more, nothing less. We still have Baertschi from CAL. That is a definite win.
  16. A healthy Sutter gets us a healthy return at trading deadline. Gaudette who I believe is NHL ready will fine tune his game in Utica and then be elevated ( Sutter traded at deadline) behind Beagle with fourth line duties heading into the playoffs.
  17. I don’t understand his complaint about not being used properly. He was tried multiple times with Pettersson. Did well the first time, but so did everyone who played with him early in the season. He played a ton with Bo as well. He didn’t deserve 1st unit pp time.
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  19. What about a deal for carter? Maybe guad and Sutter for carter and a late pick?
  20. I strongly disagree he gets anything in the 2's. Low 1's and not necessarily from Van.
  21. First, it wasn't fans who started the riot. If you have been downtown at night especially on a weekend or fireworks there are a lot of people drunk and looking for a reason to start shi_t, the loss was a typical example of that, and it didn't start in the stadium. Another thing, Lucic? Seriously? No thanks, at least LE is really good defensively.. Another one, there's a lot of people here that do nothing but parrot the media and think it's gospel which is pretty funny on one side but lame as f_ _ k on the other, thankfully there are those here that actually think for themselves and write really good thought out threads or posts which makes it worth being here. Op... seriously, why give a $&!# about what some bandwagon fans have to say? Screw them, it's finally a lot more fun to be a nux fan these days and brighter days are coming and this season is just the beginning, personally i'm the most stoked about the season starting than in a long time. GO NUX!
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