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  2. Yup and Arlington, my best friend lives in Dallas. I’ve got a lot of friends in Texas.
  3. No. He is not. he is the leader of America. The free world of the G20 nations have turned their backs on him aside from Boris Johnson. Your trolling is barely at a Clam level. You should try to step it up a bit. It's almost sad really. Spice it up with a "pizza gate" statement or something
  4. Believe me, all my fantasies around Trump focus more on the end result of a 73 year old man who hates exercise and loves junk food.
  5. I’m saying Trump is a winner, and we’re lucky he did. Everyone should be thankful that he did and grateful when he wins his second term.
  6. I dunno.... I'd say they had a duty to the constitution to keep Trump from doing as much damage as he did.....but most of them just stood by and let it happen....
  7. Also, there’s no point if your wife or husband, or mum and dad is wearing a mask and you aren’t. It’s useless you morans!
  8. So to sum up your entirety of North America is exactly the following Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Iowa, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, northern B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon? I strongly suggest you pick up a book and learn what North America is really comprised of As well, to claim that every voting age person in those areas LOVE Trump is an absolute laugh as nothing could be further from the truth. Although I find it adorable to make your point you cut BC in half
  9. He is though, you sound just like him. And without America, Canada wouldn’t know any freedom.
  10. When it comes to Bure I just don't see 428 games sufficient and combined with lack of team representation the others have, it really doesn't add up to enough for me. What really did him in for me was the season he put getting Gino a better contract above the team winning games.
  11. Closest DT comes to Churchill is when he goes to Church’s chicken or if he started smoking Winston’s.
  12. There you go. So you don't think Trump should have become POTUS, though you are thankful for it. You are also admitting that he is not very popular, even when he 'won'. Going against what you have been saying.
  13. It’s not a second wave...yet. However, while wearing my mask and shopping today at several stores(Home Depot, Save On Foods, Hair cut business), I anecdotally share with you that about 1 in 20 people had a mask on. The others think the pandemic is over and everything is back to the old normal. The only business that placed an importance on social distance, masks, and sanitization was the place where I went for a haircut. Our gains, predicted on our now behaviour, will be our future loss. &^@# all of you who don’t where a mask while shopping or just out and about in close proximity to others, or who don’t continue to social distance and who think everything’s back to normal. And most likely I’m talk to ‘You’. Buy some masks at Canadian Tire if you don’t know where to get them.
  14. I live in the world. I am arguably more free than any American. Don't ever claim Trump is my leader again.
  15. Well this sucks. Good job looters once again.. or maybe I just can't put myself in their shoes... let them keep running wild. Probably old news by now though... Retired St. Louis Police captain killed after responding to a pawnshop alarm during looting We are raising money for the family of Captain David Dorn, who was killed in St Louis while defending his community. 77 year-old Dorn was reportedly murdered by a looter. All funds from this will go to his family.
  16. Agreed. The longer Juolevi can be kept out of action, the better. He may be “recovered” to the point where he’s able to play, but he’s a long way from being 100% when it comes to overall function and performance. You don’t have to be a medical expert to understand the biomechanical connections between back, hip, and knee injuries, nor do you need to be a hockey expert to see how Juolevi struggles with his mobility, especially when it comes to his pivots and the explosiveness in his first strides. There’s a big mobility issue right now, and IMO (and I’m not a doctor) it’s not one that’s really going to be fixed by just playing through these issues, and putting even more strain on the parts of his body that need to recover. He needs time (and expert supervision) to properly train, rehab, and strengthen those parts of his body, and he probably needs some form of bodywork and movement analysis (and from the best people money can buy), so that he can finally get his body where it needs to be. Juolevi has an NHL brain (in that he sees and understands the game at a very high level). He does not, at this point (mostly due to the injuries), have anything close to an NHL body.
  17. i don't think that's entirely accurate..... ......I'm sure some of them said they'd like to take a dump on his grave.....
  18. I think you’re full of spit. I’ve yet to meet a Texan who doesn’t love Trump.
  19. I would say because of duty to the Constitution itself. The belief that it will hold up. But now, he’s burning page after page.
  20. Kind of like Scheer our last election, both systems are broken when the candidate with the most votes doesn’t win. But I’m kind of thankful though that the free world has Trump as its leader.
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