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  2. I get excited about my team after summer. Thats what being a fan is. Doesn't mean we have to think our GM is strong at all the elements of his position though.
  3. No one will offer Brock a huge offer sheet. But then I said Luongo will never retire without going on LTIR. &^@#
  4. Pretty sure, one way or another, Tanev's out. Whether that's this summer or later this season...
  5. I was being playful with my nerd and dork talk. I like nerdy stuff. I'm pretty dorky too.
  6. Those of you who say ridiculous things like "Fire Benning" certainly do seem like complete morons. And the belief that a 39 year old player is comparable in value to a 26 year old player is confirmation of that moron status.
  7. Well, clearly you found a different page than I did. No matter, it's a verb then too obviously.
  8. So you think the Oilers are the most well managed club in the NHL. Thats too funny.
  9. With the recapture penalty we should be trying to dump Loui somewhere especially if we want to sign Myers.
  10. Weird, was there a 2nd page on because it only showed me a noun and an adjective.
  11. I personally don't think Miller and Horvat's game are similar at all. But that's likely to do with how both players have been utilized of their respective teams. Horvat's entry into the NHL has been more of a trial by fire. Until Pettersson came along, Horvat and the Canucks have been in the trenches. Miller has been on a contending team for his entire career. Yet Horvat has better numbers. He's a player that's been tested and seasoned in adverse circumstances. I know that's more of an intangible, but I think it shows that if the circumstances were reversed Horvat would have posted better numbers with the Rangers and Lightening. But to answer your question. I guess it would depend on who our dance partner was and where that first overall was at. If New Jersey offered us the first overall, a third and Eddie Lack. I would absolutely pull the trigger. The Canucks would have a 1A and 1B at centre. Imagine a powerplay with Pettersson, Boeser, Podkolzin, Q Hughes and J Hughes. If Colorado offered Ottawa's first, a third and their AHL goalie at the trade deadline, I'd ask for more because of the risk attached on our end. Since who know's if Ottawa's pick would have won the lottery or if they'd have managed to claw their way into a playoff spot.
  12. So spending more overall salary on a player who’s worse than what they currently have makes sense to you. It’s ok you put out your opinion without thinking it through completely.
  13. Too bad Nigel Dawes isnt playing, Hog and Dawes has all sorts of sponsorship potential.
  14. I'll miss tracking his climb up the wins chart. Thanks for everything, Luuuuuuuuuu
  15. Now that's a true warrior, not like Luongo with his potty break in OT
  16. I will be surprised if any of those 3 names hit free agency. They will all be re-signed before that. Too bad because I would love Seth Jones
  17. I'm thinking Schenn knows he's not getting more than 1.5 million. He's likely trying to get 2 or even 3 years, instead of just 1 year on the term. If we could sign him to 2 years at 1.5 per years, I'd be okay with that.
  18. There's no bad blood. He would like to work for the Panthers organization one day and they wanted him to straight up retire rather than LTIR.
  19. I see it as pretty simple. You're either FOR him being our GM or AGAINST him being our GM. I certainly didn't read it as being for or against him succeeding. Although there are likely some who hated his being hired in the first place that didn't want him to succeed. lol
  20. We're going to run out of numbers! I'd say putting him in the ROH would be more appropriate.
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