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  2. Lol. Toronto with an AHL defense. Good luck making the playoffs.
  3. Agreed, so send the kid for counseling, or something like that. Handcuffing and arresting is going to make things worse. This is a six year old. Like you point out, she needs help.
  4. Sounds so good until you think of who it is going to...….then I cry
  5. For sure it’s crazy. im just trying to make the point that there is a difference between a toddler meltdown at the rice table and a 6 year old hitting three adult employees. That is an indicator of underlying issues/problems with upbringing and or the emotional behaviour/coping skills of the child. good chance that this isn’t the first incident and not the last.
  6. I have seen kids who are extremely calm at that age and others that are little tyrants. Even a 6 year old can do some damage with a weapon though, not that I am implying that has been the case in this instance. But in some scenarios where I can see a 6 year old getting charged, if it maybe as means to intervene if a kid has serious issues that aren't being dealt with at all at home for one reason or another.
  7. To be fair, Canucks have a history of making d-men punch above their weight due to the number of injuries they've dealt with. This year-just spitballing, haven't run the numbers- he's probably playing at the appropriate amount of ice time. Reduced minutes likely account for less shots/points. He might not be having his best year but probably not bad for third pair?
  8. Took a elbow to the head. Not sure if he’s ok.
  9. Sorry if I thought you were including Nylander based on the rest of your post: I honestly agree that the entire Leafs culture needs to change, but allowing Nylander to play on the perimeter is a big part of the problem. Shipping him out would send a message to the rest of the team that you need to be accountable in your own end and put in an honest effort, no matter who you are.
  10. The biggest loser of the trade deadline was Joe Thornton.
  11. I'm sure JB has a plan but who moves will depend on the opportunity. In other words, he knows what he's going to try to do but when you get down to it, you need a willing trade partner so what gets done will depend on finding partners for potential moves
  12. Now you are being disingenuous. You just made up things and attributed them to me. Only thing I said is about going into dirty areas. No one who follows the NHL thinks he does that. He plays on JT's wing vs oppositions top line every night. He's got 28 goals 56Pts. You seem to be taking this discussion as a debate and want to be right. I'm more into getting to know facts. If interested, Google Nylander and read what his coach and captain say about him. Don't worry about what I say. I have zero desire to discuss this topic with you anymore after you made up things i never said and attributed them to me. Good day. See you around.
  13. Maybe the Sabres would be better if Dahlin was as good at controlling the game as Quinn?
  14. Quinn has better offensive numbers. We are , however, a MUCH better team in every single category, so tough to compare these two right now . Dahlin on our team....... All bets are off on who is the better player overall.
  15. Why can’t JB just say Marky had his knee scoped?
  16. Quinn Hughes controls the game. Dahlin doesn’t. Maybe that’s due to Quinn’s incredible skating, puck skills, hockey sense, and calmness; all traits that Dahlin has, but not at the elite level like Quinn?
  17. Anyone still arguing this trade has to give their head a shake. A 150lbs minor leaguer and a salary dump for a top flight first liner.
  18. Ironically the playoffs start 6 weeks from tonight...pray that Demko stays healthy because I don't see a tandem of Louis D. and Mikey D. going on a magical run.
  19. A mega snowfall could delay this game.
  20. We may have to wait till next year for that, maybe not. But doesn’t look like those lines are changing and if they do it probably means we’ve lost a couple games.
  21. I expect Demko will be in net to-morrow. He will gain more NHL experience for his future career, either for Canucks or any other teams. I love the current forwarder lines, every line has skill, speed, physical and grits. The deference still has some holes, but our forwarders help to fill it. I think we will get these two points, and keep the payoff race. GCG
  22. Yup. I have to laugh at the armchair GMs who are determined to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. It's not nearly as easy to find a player as good as Brock as they would like to believe.
  23. That’s too bad if that’s the case. Hopefully he’s back for a couple games before the playoffs. Yeah I have full faith in Demmer, he’s risen to the occasion in every stop to the NHL. Good thing we have 2 good goalies
  24. I really liked the chemistry between Horvat and Toffoli in overtime last night — was hoping we would see them together 5-on-5 with Pearson. Based on the practice lines today, seems like the Canucks will be going with the same lines as last game unless something changes between now and tomorrow afternoon.
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