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  2. Its really starting to look like we did not prepare enough for this play in. For some reason we seem to be focusing on playing a heavy body, checking game. Thats what Minny wants. Our game is a speedy game; that's what makes us successful, and we are looking really slow.
  3. Thats just it Ibatch. During regular season we would have had more penalties for sure, but this is what getting into this playoffs were all about. The boys needed to try it to understand its a different kettle to regular season. Its what JB wanted. I seem to recall Wild having our number during regular season as well though. Green and Baumer have to find a way to solve the Wild defensive structure... and fast, otherwise it will be all over before it really starts. Fully expects JV in the line up and Ferland as well, unless he’ll get suspended for the spear. Very surprised Green didn’t start JV, as we needed more heavy bodies in the line up.... anyway it was game 1 and it gives Green and the boys something to mull over the next 36 hours.
  4. I’ve never believed reffing is rigged. Some games it goes our way and we don’t complain. However last night they definitely weren’t calling it fair ... both sides got away with a lot and the even up call came after BB was hauled down when we still had time for a comeback...stupid refs.
  5. Did Pitt and Montreal have identical records? why do people think we are so much better than Minny? Our coach sucks so frankly Amy team can beat us
  6. No time to check 25 pages..anyone mention?.. - Markstrom CAN'T give up that Fiala goal. Fall behind these dirtbags, & it's reff-sanctioned, WWF BS tactics, enabling a boring slog-fest. - The Myers penalty looked like horses**t to me. You set that standard early, let the F***ing Mild maul EP all night? The league is milking this protest/political angle. They'll move Heaven & Earth to see Mini advance.
  7. However our odds at first overall have got on the board ... same odds as say PIT right? Better teams lose ... and I wouldn’t make the mistake to say we have the better team. About as even as it comes. They have the edge in defense and the edge in defensive players, we are supposed to have a slight edge offensively (now that Fiala is McDavidish) and in goaltending. This game was entertaining until Pearson got called and they scored sucking all the momentum out. We fought and got it back for the rest of the second ... the third was frustrating to say the least. I really doubt a coaching change will mean much for this team other then a small boost for a short time. Just need to take a breath and wait for the next one.
  8. Minnesota know Roussel from his Dallas days. He's going to have a hard time getting them off their game. They are too familiar with his ways. He even ran Dubnyk at the time and they just shrugged it off. He went on to spear Winnik and had to turtle to protect himself. If he wants to run around Foligno will challenge him. Their media/broadcasters have pointed out that he seems to get carried away against the Wild and ends up hurting his team instead.
  9. This series is about guaranteeing us a lotto ticket. This is not a playoff round. The Canucks have not yet made the playoffs. Only 16 teams make the playoffs.
  10. Ummm math never gets better when you lose we may as well lose the next one then just turn on win 3 in a row switch don’t forget some of those will no need to be road wins against wild virtual fans and Green jerseys just gets tougher kidding aside Minny’s real coach will have last change something “roll the lines” green has no idea how to use
  11. You're hilarious. You should apply for the job since it's so easy. Y'all make me sick^. I'm going to hang out with the Blue Jackets!
  12. Green gets outcoached by intern coaches, he makes average coaches look like Jack Adams winners. Did you hear his post game interview when asked about Ferland fight? It's obvious he doesn't like players standing up for themselves or their team mates by fighting. That would explain the lack of response to dirty hits like the ones on Pettersson and Leivo. That would explain why Roussell doesn't play the way he did in Dallas and it would explain his refusal to play Virtanen. Sutter had one good rush last night but it seemed like MIN backed off because he isn't a threat to score. If Virtanen was on that line, it was probably a goal. Oh but we need 6 penalty killing forwards or minny might go 2-3 on the PP................oh wait.
  13. OMG, you don't want to live in the greatest city in the world? What an American asshole. What a waste of a coach. How can you not live in Vancouver and coach hockey? Dumb fricking Americans.
  14. Ha ha. Sure they didn’t run the goalie enough. Each period we came in flying (bad preparation indeed) and were all over them for long stretches (inferior indeed). A hot goalie performance and one of the best teams in the league at limiting chances .... hmmm (before and after their coaching change). MIN found their offense in Fiala down the stretch and it’s turned them into a deadly team. Doubt we’d have as much of a challenge against 2/3 the other teams in the playoffs. It is what it is - we are playing against a top defensive team and are not a top team ourselves (comparing our Ds it’s not even close). AG, Pearson, and TT had bad games (for different reasons). Suppose that’s on the coaching staff too. JV should slot in when he’s healthy and AG should come out. Ferland was a beast for us last night...EP would have drawn 5 penalties in the regular season. To me it was a coin toss who should have won that game, we lost - move on. How is it bad preparation when we come in hot each period and force the play anyways? The score didn’t reflect the actual play that’s for sure.
  15. Basic math best of 5 series, lose game 1 you have to win 3 out of 4 to an Essentially equal team No reason to panic at all all good
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  17. Really it could have gone either way even with MIN extra penalties ... if both teams play the same way it’s a coin toss who comes out on top. We played more physical, and had four long spells where we had them on the ropes ... didn’t appreciate the refs playing god with the Pearson call ... and not giving the even up call until 3 mins were left (EP drew maybe 10 plays like that and the real even up BB was pulled down during a scoring chance ignored) when the game was already out of reach - but sometimes the calls are in our favour sometimes not. This game it was for sure the biggest difference maker in the game. Do think we should be on Fiala to the same degree they are on EP (but would they call it?) other then that this wasn’t one of those games down the stretch where we were losing and also seriously outplayed - very even - as it should be given their lineup and ours.
  18. Geez guys, it’s 1 loss. Let’s not all turn into teenage girls here. I think we all can agree that Virtanen has initiated far more shotgunned beers than Pyatt. Also, this hat is hilarious:
  19. Oh sorry I was looking for the first prediction which I wanted to change. I think all the various game predictions threw me off. (Can I appeal?) But thanks for posting the final standings. I didn't think I was that high because I missed 3 or 4 games in Dec for work err. Thanks again appreciate your time you put into the contest. *we should all put 10$ in maybe?* Swag? Anyways thanks again.
  20. Im not gonna buy that Minnesota is the “tested veteran team” BS as an excuse. In 2015, we were the “experienced” team against the flames but look at what ended up happening. The Canucks literally got bullied and ragdolled by 18-year old Sam Bennett and a core in their early 20s who had never played playoff hockey before. Tonight wasn’t about experience. It was about a lack of preparation and having an inferior coaching strategy.
  21. You know the 3 step system Step one - Dump the puck in Step Two - Change lines Step Three - Get Puck back Restart step 1-3 upon completion
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