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  2. LOL it's not me Unreadable, as per.
  3. I Reddit somewhere you can sometimes find streams online.
  4. For Shaw customers it looks like the game will be on ch 624. I'm watching the Pittsburgh game for free right now so looks like Shaw has a free preview going for NHL CI too.
  5. Shaw is also carrying it for free on center-ice PPV TV channels
  6. Reluctantly crouched at the centre lineHearts pumping and thumping in timeThe red light flashes, the goals go upChurning and burning, they yearn for the cupThey deftly maneuver and muscle for rankFuel burning fast on an empty tankReckless and wild, they carve through their turnsTheir prowess is potent and secretly stern Borrowed from Cake - The Distance. with a few changes!
  7. If he's scum he has no pressure to switch. It doesn't clear him at all. Hopefully it is just AV and we're done, because this is all becoming a bit torturous.
  8. Damn, I’m with Shaw. Had to miss games all week cause of work and now it’s not televised tonight.
  9. If you're with Telus, apparently they're providing a free preview for NHL center ice. Not sure about shaw.
  10. Trading Jake would be one of the dumbest things ever, unless we got an overpayment. He’ll be at least an elite third liner in his prime. He’s not going to be immature forever. Once he matures and gains his confidence he’ll be one of the most valuable players on the team imo.
  11. Lol so scummy. even if it’s DM this round it’s gonna be you next, if it’s not DM, you are the final mafia. And by my count it was 9:59. Falc not swapping his vote instantly pretty much lock clears him at this point imo. But falc should swap his vote now.
  12. The numbers aren't showing that expenditure though. I posted some numbers someone had crunched regarding where the spending happened and to be honest it's not nearly as bad as people think. Keeping in mind it takes no les than 1 full year before spending starts affecting things under a new government and about 18 months on average. Trudeau committed to continuing a lot of stuff started under the old government and even expanding on some of it. 1/3 of the accrued debt added was instituting or reopening social programs, such as the veterans affairs offices. $20 ish billion was procurement and infrastructure projects started before Trudeau took office $5 billion pipeline Great Northern highway completion Increased shipbuilding project and coast guard upgrades as well. Doubling funding for Alberta in barely 4 years Close to half of the entire debt accrued under Trudeau has been on projects and procurements started before he took office but continued and expanded by him. As for dismal presence on the world stage, has it really been that bad? India stopped caring about 5 days later, Modi and trudeau have been buddy buddy since. be honest I think Trudeau has acquitted himself quite well around that bi-polar turd, far better than Scheer would have IMO. Bolsonarro? The guy said he'd murder his own son if he was gay. China? Well...let's be honest, Harper was and is 3 times the leader Scheer ever would be and Harper capitulated on China as forcefully as trudeau has. Unsure exactly what dismal showing people keep repeating This is now a race between the least disgusting turds in the pile because of the other 3 May seems like the only viable leader but stands zero chance of winning. If we're currently between Turd Trudeau and turd Scheer, honestly I am holding my nose and hoping Trudeau wins (not voting liberal or con in my riding) because currently, I have to say economically he has acquitted himself, again quite well. Near the top in the G20 for debt to gdp, middle of the G8 for growth, solidly placed in the OECD rankings for taxation and while people point to the summer jobs report as "only being part time" they ignore the fact that every year the summer and winter reports show mass "PT hires" and the September/January posting almost always show retractions To be totally honest, I love this brown face nonsense. It forces the Libs to try to accept their idiocy because even they know how blatantly stupid they sound. it forces the Cons to pretend they actually care about brown people (call the barabaric practices hotline and office of religious freedoms this one's a doozy) and that pathetic Scheer presser after the photos were released. It is shining a light on the big two party's blatant and stupid hypocrisy and I love it. But again, we HAVE to pick a turd to lead and if it's between the two. the numbers solidly support Trudeau currently. Numbers don't care about political bias. Lately, neither do I
  13. For sure. Other than Pete and JT, Baer is the best playmaker/passer on the team. If he stays healthy this year, the team will be in great shape 5 on 5 and PP.
  14. Baertschi and Gaudette did not have chemistry last year. When Burrows was still on the team Baertschi was asked about the difference having him on the wing with Horvat vs Virtanen and talked about how with Burrows you can create more off the cycle while with Virtanen it's straight lines. For me they don't fit together. Baertschi is trickery and deception and that's really not in Virtanen's game.
  15. So the only way to watch this game is to subscribe to
  16. id give virtanen half season ..if things dont pan out look to trade for the better for him and the canucks....same goes for goldy ...time to give others a chance
  17. Given our PP went from 9th to 22nd last year (yes the Sedins gone certainly had something to do with that - same with Boeser not playing a full season although the Sedins PP was predictable for years until they added Horvat and Boeser - you’d think Bear would get at least second PP minutes. Leivo was used last year and despite some early returns did exactly light it up. Bears stats are not sustainable but I’d definitely rather he got a shot. Play Bear until he either gets injured or his stock is high enough to get an acceptable return. Either way the team wins. If Leivo gets the job he’s got to have a short leash - the for same Goldobin.
  18. all are nice just natural at picking talent and can see down the road...jt miller will be very good for the canucks...brocks going to score lots early this season...motte will score his share and i think who ever they keep erickson goody will all do better than past..gaudette will have a very good season too...going to be scoring much more...
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