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  1. the cookies lookewd amazing :P

  2. Just lucky I guess - either that or I am a sucker for punishment!

  3. How do you have 2936 posts in one thread?

  4. Whatdoyouwantforthefirstoverall?Iwillpayalotjusttogetthatcovetedpickthatyoudon'tneedcauseIcangiveyoumore.Listentomeandgoodthingswillcometoyou.Trustme.Good,goodthings.Youfirstthoughgivemethefirstoverall.NowIhaveaquestion.Howmany"t"'shaveIpostedinthisverylongpost?

  5. What do you want for Ovechkin?

  6. did you get my pm for ovy?

  7. Has Stastny been signed?

    Also did you get my PM on signing players?

  8. Don't steal other ppl's sigs.
  9. My controls

    Board Settings


  10. how did you get your comments to show army time??

  11. Neither do I, but I still don't post as much as you.
  12. You are because Post Count-average per day You=9.49 Me=2.37
  13. Me too Edit: Didn't see the second part.