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    • Ghostsof1915

      Binge watched the Defenders on Netflix. It was good, could have been great. 
      The supporting cast was awesome. Finn Jones isn't a bad actor, just his Iron Fist character is lame. 
      I'd rather see Shang-Chi, the Master of Kung Fu. 
      · 0 replies
    • smithers joe

      fresh snow on hudson bay mountain...yuch !!!!
      · 5 replies
    • debluvscanucks

      Yard sale Barbie.  Perfect.  Love Tina Fey....
      · 1 reply
    • RetroCanuck

      When thecanuckway guys write this lol
      "If at least five of these guys can play up to their respective potentials in 2017-18, the Vancouver Canucks just might own one of the NHL’s most prolific scoring machines."
      Lets be real. Canucks are not going to be good next year as we have no star power. We have past stars and potential future stars but to say we are going to be a leading goal scoring team in the NHL is ridiculous. Sedins are most likely going to be like last year or decline a little more, maybe 30 goals between them. Many other guys like Sutter, Dorsett, Eriksson, Gagner have reached their peak and may be consistent producer at what they are producing now. 17, 8, 20, 15 goals respectively.  And then you have our young up and comers.. Bo, Baer, Gran, Boes?  are the only ones I can see potting around 20 goals. Add all those up and assume everyone performs to their potential and doesn't get injured. Add in the few other goals scored form others and you arrive at roughly 180-200 goals which is just above where we finished last year in NHL goal scoring.
      Definitely not a prolific goal scoring club but I am hoping for young guys to truly exceed expectations
      · 1 reply
    • smithers joe

      i think it will be interesting to see, what the sedin's role will be this year? do they play with ericksson, granlund or sutter, or do they take a young guy on their line, like virtanen, goldobin or dahlen. is their roles now as mentors or just finishing off their careers on a high note?
      · 7 replies
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