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    I have been incredibly surprised at the amount of support Travis Green is getting from fans as someone who would be a good coach to replace WD. I am absolutely opposed to Green becoming the next head coach of the Canucks for the following reasons: WD's resume before joining the Canucks: 9 years experience as WHL Head Coach 2 years experience as a AHL Head Coach 2 years experience as an Associate Coach with Dallas Stars WHL Championship CHl/WHL Coach of the Year 2010 World Junior Head Coach (Canada) AHL Championship Green's resume currently: 1/2 season experience as a WHL Head Coach 4 seasons as an AHL Head Coach WHL Championship I have some major red flags with Green which include: 1) Not getting hired as a coach last year when there were a number of openings. Of note, he was in the running for Colorado and lost out to whatever bozo is running that team. 2) His unwillingness to be an assistant coach. This one bothers me because it makes him seem pretty arrogant especially considering his lack of experience compared to many of his peers who made the jump to the NHL as a head coach. 3) Like Willie, he appears to also not promote players unless forced to by injuries. Of note, Demko has played significantly less games than I would've hoped this year. It wasn't until call-ups/injuries that he started getting longer strings of games and getting a much improved groove for the game. The players that seem to be getting the most minutes are fringe-NHLers or not Canuck property. 4) Green's teams have been as offensively choked as the Canucks team. In general, the Comets play quite a similar game to WD. 5) There are so many more accomplished and skilled coaches available right now with better track records including: Sutter, Maclean, Gallant, Ruff, and Crawford. There were a number of comments others have made about Green that I would like to dispel: 1. Travis Green has done a great job developing our players. I would challenge this position greatly. The players that have developed the best in the last few years spent little to no time in the AHL. This list includes Horvat, Tryamkin, Hutton, Stetcher, and to a lesser degree Boeser. Sven Baertschi spent a total of only 15 games with the Comets. Sven did not adjust very well when he joined the Canucks the next season full time and took a significant amount of games to adjust and score points at the NHL. The Canuck players Green has had the most involvement with include Subban, Cassels, Gaunce, Pedan, and Virtanen. Thus far, Subban has regularly been one of the first cuts at training camp. After coming out of the OHL scoring roughly at a 2.0 ppg rate, Cassels is currently trending to not become an NHL player IMO. Pedan has regressed from his earlier seasons. Gaunce has not produced very well in the AHL and has been only 4th line material thus far in the NHL despite already being 23 years old. Virtanen is currently one of the worst performing 1st rounders of his draft year. Although one could still point to improvements in everyone's game, they have, IMO, been only incremental. I would not credit a head coach for the development of Markstrom and Demko which has been the duty of the goalie coach, Rollie Melanson. Rollie has been the one constant with our goalies for at least the last half decade and transformed Vancouver from a goalie graveyard to a goalie factory. He has had a significant hand in developing the games of Luongo, Schneider, Lack, Markstrom, and now Demko. One could argue that the Canucks have not given much to Green to work with but it still doesn't give us much positive evidence that he has done a great job developing players. 2. Travis Green is like AV when he was our farm team coach. He deserves a promotion + similar to the situation that AV was in many years ago. Giving someone a promotion because they are next in line is silly. Our next head coach should be selected because he is the best person for the job. Period. If we went by this logic we would never bring in people outside of our system. Also, this would have been a terrible line of thought considering after Nonis was fired, Steve Tambellini was next in line. Another similarity brought up is that AV "grew up" with a number of our important prospects with the Moose and that let to an overall positive development of these players when they reached the NHL with AV. I have heard AV credited for developing on the Moose Burrows, Kesler, Bieksa, and Raymond. The only player that was a regular roster player when AV coached the Moose was Burrows. That's it. Furthermore, there isn't a single player that Green has developed better for the Canucks over 4 seasons as a Comets coach than AV did with just Burrows that one Moose season. Also, Green's situation is nothing like AV's before he was promoted. AV was already a Jack Adams runner-up and coached the Montreal Canadiens for a couple years. 3)Travis Green was a former player. I've seen this a few times and I find this reasoning silly. I genuinely have not seen any sort of correlation to how many NHL games an NHL coach has played and their ability to coach. Scotty Bowman is generally regarded as one of, if not the best coach in NHL history and he never played as a player. In current times, Mike Babcock is generally ranked as the best coach and he also was never an NHL player. On the flip side, Wayne Gretzky is considered one of the worst coaches in modern NHL history. With all that being said, I fully suspect he will become our head coach due to having a cheaper contract than other coaches and the Canuck owner rumoured to be trying to sell the team (less overhead cost).
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    One too many shots to the head, that's what I think. This is a perfect example of how 1040 drives the negativity in this market. Good riddance.
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    Yup, it has NOTHING at all to do with a lack of depth, a lack of skill, aging players, a division that got younger and far deeper and far more skilled than us in the 14 years we were a top 5 or top 10 team in the league or our woeful drafting for an entire decade; or handcuffing NTCs, trading picks. All Linden and all management. Yup. Couldn't be the issues I brought up at all when they are compounded by each other. Linden is the issue. Yup. Thanks TMZ 1040
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    Goldy got a goal at least. Not that it matters, since he allegedly doesn't have the balls.
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    Oh man, I guess it had to happen considering the season we just had. But imo Willie did a great job with our kids and will find another NHL job soon.
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    Best game Vrbata ever played for us.
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    Not really true. Guy Boucher took Tampa Bay out of the gutter. Jack Capuano had the same effect on NYI. Gerrard Gallant got FLA out of second last place and into the playoffs. With the exception of STL, the teams you've quoted also have a more important denominating factor: McDavid, Mathews, Kane, Doughty... superstar top 5 picks. I'm not saying Green is the guy, but there isn't "one way" to rebuild.
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    They said this so not to make Willie the scapegoat. They're nice guys who accept responsibility. Why they weren't fired is probably because they don't really deserve to be. TL and JB have done a great job so far, despite what Tiger Williams (and the many negative people here) may think.
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    There. He said it. Now everyone can stop getting their underpants in a knot because he wouldn't say the word "rebuild".
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    Part I of our saga: I'm so gutted that the season is ending. Hockey fandom is my biggest hobby, and I'll truly be at a loss when I'm Canuck-less for the next six months (cheering for Minny in playoffs doesn't count). I'm hoping the Canucks can pull out a win, at least for the moral victory! Go, Canucks, go! Let's wrap this one up in style, boys!
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    I wanted to start a new thread where people give their views on the positive things they saw this season,, that gives them hope for next season and the future. Alot of trollng and negativity on this site and some positive vibes would be good given the tough season the Nucks just had (as we transition to our new core). I know it won't be followed (as there are clearly some immature people here) but I would like this thread to focus on positives and not 'trolling comments' like "well at least Willie will be fired", "No more Megna" etc that kind of crap, you can keep it to yourself and in your playground- save it for the monkey bars at recess children. Thanks My views are as follows: 1. Emergence of several key parts of the Core Bo took the next step - still has many areas to improve in his game but we are seeing our next Captain emerge Tryamkin looks to be a beast Stecher is the real deal Boeser in limited time looks very promising - clearly can score at this level just needs to improve his quickness which will come in time Baer didn't regress and took a step forward and vets had glowing reviews about his compete and desire to win Granlund, from unknown to what would have been a 20 goal scorer had they not shut him down, and even more impressive he did that with a bum wrist Goldobin looks to have elite level talent - does some very noticeable things offensively that show he's got some incredible skill with speed - if he can learn to compete hard every night we will have one hell of an offensive threat Molino looks to be a nice addition as a defensive specialist - great speed, plays physical for his size Bulldog on the wing - wow - Love his compete and hopefully Vegas doesn't take him Sbisa (if he isn't taken by Vegas) had a terrific year and showed great improvement 2. We get a very high draft pick to complement what we already have We will likely be top 5 (hopefully top) but there is no loser pick there We should end up with one of Patrick, Hirchier, Vilardi, Mittlestadt, or Glass - I am assuming we will take a C given our lack of depth and no clear 'game changing dman' plus our new found defensive depth 3. Our key young players in the system seem to have had solid years/improved Demko from all reports had a very solid first year in the AHL, some choppy points but also dominated at many points, consistency is now his next step Juolevi had a very solid year in London and it will be interesting at camp to see how much stonger he has become from one more offseason of training and how effective he will be playing with pros/better players - I suspect he will be a 'tough' decision for Mgmt next year given he's either an overager in London or in Van. Maybe send him to Europe if not ready? Virtanen seems to have turned ONE corner, many corners more to come, but from all reports, is starting to 'play the right' way in Utica, has leaned up/lost alot of the excess weight and is competing, and saying the right things. Seems to be maturing away from maybe some bad influences back home and from eating a bit of humble pie. A good thing, and his test will really be how does he behave/train this offseason - regress back to his old ways or take the next step in being a pro and come to camp ready to try and steal a spot. I hope its the latter - he oozes skills we need, size with speed and hands and intimidating physicality is something this team lacks - we NEED him to be what can can be Cassells from all reports has come out of the woodwork and really improved his speed, surprisingly like "bo" did some have said - this could be a nice surprise for us long term as he has always been a very gritty, smart center ice man, good in the circle, tough to play against, and has strong offensive instincts - prototypical 3c who can slot up into 2c in a pinch. Subban continues to improve but now must really push to be a call up and actually play next year else he risks being overtaken Brisboise - last cut on team Canada - enough said there, terrific year in junior Carl Niel - huge points in the Q - wants to sign here, good size, offensive player on the back end - Letang light? Never know folks this kid looks to be the real deal and it will be interesting to see how he plays in the AHL next year. 6'1 205 lbs -NHL size, can skate and has offensive talent( put up a point per game on the back end this year, nothing to scoff at). Gaudette and Lockwood - terrific years in the NCAA - beyond any expectations we had 4. Other reasons to be optimistic Learning what we have in Dahlen - Ottawa fans were losing their minds at the deadline, then calmed down when Burr showed them why we loved him so much (at least most of us!). It will still will be interesting to learn what this kid is about and how good he may be - I know very little and I am sure most here are the same other than youtube clips and scouting reports Maybe some surprises come from somewhat forgotten players like Zhukenov, Jasek, Olsen, or even a re-signing of Rodin (will be an interesting call on that one) Erickson should have a better year Hopefully fewer injuries next year and we won't have to play 40 different players! Just one more year of experience and maturity for our young group Lots to be excited about Nucks fans - they sky is not as dark and gloomy as some here like to think!
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    You're a little late, April 1st was two days ago.....
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    Did you really have to phrase the title like clickbait though? "If you make this one weird move, you won't believe what it will do for your team!"
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    he was a top 100 nhl point getter when he retired. I would care to say he knows more then the majority of us. he's a good dude and lives on Vancouver.
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    1. Colorado Avalanche 2. Vancouver Canucks T-3. Vegas Golden Knights T-3. Arizona Coyotes 4. New Jersey Devils
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    After an entire season of disappointing losses they'll undoubtedly disappoint us with a win. Life as a Canucks fan.
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    The same guy that puts Chaput with the Sedins? His opinion on who should be playing should be taken with a big grain of salt. It's pretty obvious coaches and management aren't on the same page. When Benning has to micromanage his coach, it's not a good formula.
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    Been reading this forum for years now and as I am from Finland I decided to share my opinion of Juolevi since I follow our players closely. Ive read here that Finland was supposed to "defend the championship" at u20 and were big flop. Thats really not the case. The team had lost all the core players of gold team and was among the youngest on the tournament and consisted mainly of 17 year olds. Nobody here expected them to do much more than qualify from the group stage and that they didnt even achieve because of horrible coaching and how they built the team and how unexperienced it was. People bash Juolevi of his play in WJC but the team was built in stupid way that there were too many pure offensive d-men and not stay at home guys. So the coach decided to play those od in offensive roles and Juolevi earned more of a shutdown role as he was the only guy to be trusted heavy defensive duties in every situation. And thats why he was the captain not because of his character he was just million years more experienced and better than other guys. Their forwards were thrash. Altough former 1st rounder Borgström and this years prospect Tolvanen are making some noise in NCAA and USHL they werent really game changers. At least not at the time. Now to the point. Every game Juolevi was steadiest d-man of the team and his passing and decision making were just one level above everybody else on the team and thats where the problem was. His passing was top class but their forwards usually just simply didnt have the skill level to catch them on center ice or make the right plays which made the whole team look bad. He didnt seem to have problems coping with other teams top players on the d-zone either. His shot selections made clear he was playing hockey in NA and rest of the team in Europe. He was looking to get rebounds and directions in front of the goal but there never really was anybody so even the Finnish announcers thought it was just a bad shot. And afterall that was just a short tournament where unexperienced and nameless team didnt do much. I think Juolevi has much similarities with Sami Salo. After Salos playing days I havent really seen Finnish d-man who is so poised with the puck on the own end and always seems to make that easy and obvious play which is the hardest thing to do. Not physical but makes up to it with good hockey IQ and positioning. His shot is underrated and I think he has bit more offensive creativity than Salo. That makes him in my opinion potential #2 d-man on a good team. Absolutely not a game changer in offensive zone like Karlsson but really reliable all around d-man. I see prime-Edler(not the current one) with more agility and way better decision making. I was in the Tkachuck train at the draft and thought he was the obvious choise after Dubois wasnt there but I understanded the decision shortly after since Benning thought Juolevi were best d-man available and thats where our needs were. And we already picked grit with high pick in Virtanen.
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    I honestly doubt Boeser starts in the AHL next year.
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    It's the same guy who blamed Tryamkin for not playing hard against Marchand when he didn't play Tryamkin against Marchand.
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    terrible post. Benning built this team? No. He is In the process of rebuilding, a train wreck of a team he inherited.
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    Could be a good thing, if true. We've got plenty of time left on his rights (2019), and maybe he develops better over there? KHL would be a better measuring stick than a CHL overage year. And he's not at the point (yet) where we need to be in any rush inking an ELC (and contract slot) on him. If he matures, adds strength, and puts up points in what's ostensibly the world's #2 professional league, then we can look at signing him and bringing him back into the fold (before his rights expire). If he doesn't, then probably he wasn't meant for the NHL, and we save the bother of a contract slot and ELC on a player that didn't pan out. And "bolting" to the KHL doesn't seem to mean as much anymore. Lots of these guys are willing to come back. Especially the ones who have legitimate shots at becoming good NHL players (and that's pretty uncertain re: Zhukenov). But a couple KHL seasons would provide a fairly decent indicator on what kind of pro potential this kid has. So if the rumour's true, I'd just roll with it and see what happens. Keep in touch with the player and follow his progress. And be ready to offer him an NHL deal if and when he shows he deserves one.
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    http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/linden-it-s-hard-when-you-re-29th-encouraged-by-where-canucks-are-1.720814 COACHING In what ways did Willie fall short as a coach? He's a great person, great character. - Linden Decision based on the need to make change. - Linden There's some areas that can be improved on. - Linden Why retain Doug Jarvis? (Powerplay/Penalty Kill guy) Love what he does in the assistant capacity. - Benning What are you looking for in new coach? Not sure experience plays that big a role. - Linden How important is it for new coach to develop players, do you have support of ownership to miss playoffs for maybe next 3 years? I've never felt better about the alignment of our organization. - Linden Ownership has always been great, understand what it takes. - Linden If the player earns opportunity the coaches will play him. Can't fault Willie. - Benning How much is this management's fault, was Willie given enough tools? This falls on everyone but feel things can be done better. - Linden Was there a philosophical divide between you and Willie going down the stretch? No. As a manager you always evaluate people, had good communication. - Benning At end of day you don't always agree but that's normal for President/GM/Coach. - Linden If you look at teams with young players that have succeeded Edmonton, Toronto, Columbus.. Would it be fair to bring in young coach or are you looking for a veteran? Young coaches are more ready than they used to be, they're good at communicating with young players. - Benning Will the next coach understand importance of development and will be given green light to live with mistakes of young players? In part you have to recognize what players have earned their spot even though they make mistakes. The other part is every coach wants to win so coach will do what he thinks will help that. There's a fine line. - Linden FUTURE How do you sell this team going forward? Last two years you sold it as playoff bound. Are you honestly going to rebuild as opposed to retool? Want to develop young players. When they're ready they will play. - Benning We have a lot of players coming in the next 1 or 2 years, names all the young players on team now. - Benning -Linden interrupts next question to also answer the rebuild question. I'm a lot more optimistic now than any time since I got here. - Linden Call it what you want, we know where we are and where we want to get to. Added young players and we need to continue down that path. - Linden Impressed by players added and by improvement of young players but a lot of work to do - Linden Seems this year marked change in priorities of organization, is development priority over winning? Our actions have supported a longer term view. - Linden Tried to support lineup with free agency (Eriksson). - Linden We have to bring in players that are NHL ready (Stetcher, Tryamkin). When Brock comes in next year he has to come in ready to knock door down. But if player isn't ready then has to start at right place. - Linden How long until this team is in contention? Hard to put time table, you never know how long a player takes to develop. - Linden Have good players but they're not ready right now. - Linden Encouraged but a lot of work to do, need to be patient. - Linden We have no choice, this is the path we're on. - Linden OTHER TOPICS Did injuries have a big impact on the season? Coming into the season we knew we'd have depth issues. Can't use injuries as an excuse but need to have more depth in the future. Can't compete without good players too hard of a league. - Benning We thought we would have a more competitive year. - Benning How do you handle the Sedins going forward since scoring and power play is so bad? They're still some of our top scorers. - Benning They're excellent people, have really set example for players (names Tryamkin). - Benning If you look at Henrik he had 50 points, if you put him on a playoff team he'd be a good supportive player on that group. It's not their fault we haven't been able to find players to help them contribute. - Linden What philosophy do you have going into the draft? No generational player like last couple of years but will be able to get a good player that scores 20-25 goals for many years. - Benning Where we're at we're going to take the best available player, we need a playmaking centre or a true power play defenseman and chance to get one in top 5. - Benning Couple of players in draft can make jump right away but won't have big impact like some players this year. - Benning Goal scoring will be an issue, will you look to free agency to help with that? If we were healthier we would have scored more, will look for more of a role player in free agency. - Benning Going in healthy we knew scoring would be an issue and injuries didn't help. - Linden What's the message you want your fan base to take forward today? I understand skepticism, but more encouraged than have been in last 3 years because he knows they have a future with kids that haven't played yet and some on team now. - Linden It's fun for a young team to grow, it's up to himself and Benning to make that happen. - Linden OTHER NOTES Will resign Horvat before preseason Nobody needs surgery Nobody indicated if they are going to World Cup Want Ryan Miller back Sedins will probably decide their own future year to year
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    Hey look, everyone! @TheGuardian_ is upset at management again.
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    Boeser continues to impress 2 straight games with PP goals and in the right spot for both of them. We know Bo can score, we know he can make plays, but who knew he would drop the gloves, and look so good doing so, Bo's doing it all this year.
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    Will always be the best entrance this team has ever had.
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    Exactly how many relatives does WD have on here? He is really a hard guy to hate on a personal level and particularly the great job he did with the Boeser family. A lot of us fans seem to hate on him for player deployment issues but I sometimes wonder if we (CDC) are actually as right as we think we are and, perhaps, the coach knows a little more about what he is doing than we give him credit for.
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    Saw this on twitter: Coaches to lead rebuilds in past 15 years: McClellan - EDM, Babcock - TOR, Quenville - CHI, Sutter - LA, Hitchcock - STL ...none are Rookies Anyone want to convince me that hiring Green is a good idea when there are plenty of experienced cup winning coaches available?
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    Nice drafting and development, Canucks! You have the next Zdeno Chara...
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    Here it is straight from Hank n Dank! They will finish their contracts in Vancouver and they will either re sign here or retire. I think after next season we will be requiring their roster spots for..... Virtanen, 2017 1st, Dahlen, Gaudette, and the "Foundational" Sutter and Loui will take over the mentorship role. They have no desire to play for another team they will be "forever Canucks". True "Class" until the end.
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    Arizona and New Jersey fans are really pissed off at us for out-tanking them by losing our 8 final games in a row. Here's what I think about that...
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    LOL @ CBC giving props to Lucic for having the strength to stay on his feet when he was in a battle with Stecher on Edmonton's last goal. Should be props to Stecher for doing his best to battle Lucic, then after getting hit in the face with a stick and thriving in pain he's out there a few minutes later looking to contribute to a possible late-game comeback.
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    Oilers are in the playoffs and we are in 29th place.... The end of an era. They were an absolute joke of a franchise for the last 10 years, four 1st overall picks in 6 years and now they have McDavid, it's just not right. I love witnessing greatness and I always cheer for the legends but I will never be able to cheer for McDavid as long as he wears an Oilers uniform and it pisses me off. Same goes for Matthews and the Leafs, screw them all.
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    A game where we see Boeser Horvat and Baertschi confidentiality put three pucks past Quick, along with 3 Quick tantrums. After Horvat scoring goal number 1, Quick is just starting to get worked up. Then after Boeser scoring goal number 2, Quick really starts to lose it. Then after Baertschi scoring goal number 3, well as you can see, he just couldn’t handle it anymore