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    Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it. Otherwise i would of continued to make stupid threads that already exist.
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    Brand new Black Keys song they just put out. Called "Lonely Boy". Sounds amazing and the music video is great too Definitely per-ordering the album.
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    I don't think your watching the same guy as the rest of us. The Alex Burrows I know fights quite often, and even gave Dan Carcillo quite the beating last year. He was also the only player in the league with 30+ points and 150+ penalty minutes. He's the best pest in the league, he works hard, he gets the other team off their game, and he can pot the odd goal. There's nothing not to like about him. Anytime one of your checkers can drive Vinny Lecalvelier so crazy he drops the gloves and takes himself out of the game, you want to keep that guy in your lineup.
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