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    Finally picked it up. Sleep is overrated anyways.
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    Just got to Markarth. First thing I did was go to the nearby stall to ask just what was up with this city. Next thing you know, the guy I was looking at pulls a knife and starts coming towards me. I'm thinking "okaaaayy, don't try anything stupid, guy." Then he picks up his pace and starts yelling something. In a panic, I click my mouse and end up lopping the guy's head off. Second later a guard's running towards me, and I'm like crap what did I just do. But he tells me I did a good job killing this lunatic, and the woman I didn't know was standing directly behind me thanks me for saving her life. I'm like "Yes, I totally meant to do that", lol. The sheer spontaneous and sometimes random nature of how things work out in this game is amazing.
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    Hmmmm... I thought this blog was about math, but there's nothing about "addition" here at all. I assume you meant "edition" Nicely done though. It's rare that someone is able to use the same word, incorrectly, twice in the same sentence.
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