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    The wait for Walking Dead and Game of Thrones would be so much easier if we had some ???? Canucks hockey to watch.
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    That Canada team also only won a bronze though. Nobody should be a lock from last year IMO.
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    from what I can gather, you don't you just whine about them lol
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    Replaying Kingdom Hearts 1+2. I'd forgotten how truly fantastic these game are. They can appeal to every age group, that's what makes them great. My girlfriend makes fun of me for playing them though...
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    They already lost to Gree...nvm Did not like Costas during halftime using the tragedy to spin his own agenda though. On the other hand I liked Brady Quinn's comments on the situation after the game
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    ^ Seems like there's been a lot of harsh message-sending for our prospects lately.
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    Harrington made the team last year, and has improved his defensive game a lot in the past year. To me, he's a lock to make it.
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    Madeas Zombie Reunion. Hallehlujer
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    gun control rant by bob costas here is the video http://victorygirlsblog.com/?p=8845 in short he basically says if jovan belcher had no gun him and his gf would still be alive
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    How is that ???? funny?
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    ok that was a f---ing epic mid-season finale
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    It wasn't intended to be a shot at the Chiefs or their organization, nor was it anything to take away from the sensitivity and the seriousness of yesterday's events. I was just taking my frustration towards the media out at the team because the media was correlating the events with the teams mindset heading into the game today.
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    His promoting of Clearly Contacts is 24/7 responsibility. No time to sleep.
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    Notice how the dog shakes his head at the camera
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    Landon Ferraro is better? No chance. He couldn't even put up a point a game in the WHL, and had a grand total of 20 points last season in the AHL. He has 1 more point than Schroeder in the same amount of games this season, and Schroeder has more goals. Ferraro will be a Mason Raymond type player at best. Johansson was most likely on their list, but they decided they couldn't pass on Schroeder because many scouts had him ranked much higher than 22nd. He doesn't look like a homerun pick yet, but time will tell if he becomes a decent NHLer.
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    I don't know why you'd be surprised, it's the truth. He's a murderer. Just because he was an athlete doesn't mean people should take it lightly. Had he not taken a cowards way out and taken his own life as well, he'd be behind bars. Would his team still be extra motivated to win "for" him? What kind of monster can shoot his girlfriend 9 times in front of his mother? In the same house as his daughter? Don't get me wrong, it's terrible that anybody had to die and I'm not saying people shouldn't mourn the loss of someone they once considered a teammate. It's just disgusting, in my opinion, to play "for" someone who murdered an innocent woman. Glad NFL.com had the balls to take down the through the years tribute to him. Could you imagine being a family member of Kassandra and going on NFL.com and seeing a tribute to the man who murdered your sister/daughter/cousin/niece/co worker/friend. Don't know what kind of clowns they have running that site.
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    125 million copies of Grand Theft Auto games have been shipped to date http://go.ign.com/V3O0HN
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    Do you know if they also offer last year's stuff from their clearance section in store as well? Just bought a pair of 2012 Burton Rider boots from them online for a huge discount. I'd love to be able to try on stuff in store in the future too though.
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