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    That Canada team also only won a bronze though. Nobody should be a lock from last year IMO.
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    The wait for Walking Dead and Game of Thrones would be so much easier if we had some ???? Canucks hockey to watch.
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    why don't you try one more time with that christmas lights pic, vancanfan?
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    proof that the lockout has gone on for too long lol
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    a ban hammer should set him straight.
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    Getting hectic in here
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    I'm going to come out and say that it was exactly the right time for Costas to say something. The problem people have in this country is that there is a sense of cognitive dissonance between the idea of people being murdered and the idea that guns are part of the problem. So it's perfectly ok for Bob to go on and say that the death of these people was a tragedy, but then when he rightly points out that by extension, it was preventable and that the easy availability of a murder weapon was partly responsible, he gets in trouble? Only the extreme lunacy of the gun nut movement would lead to this even being a source of conflict. The time to talk about fixing problems, like gun violence, is in the wake of that violence, especially with a problem so urgent. Handguns exist for one purpose, and one purpose alone. To murder people. They're not for hunting, they're not for war (where killing isn't usually referred to as murder, largely a semantic difference), they are designed with only one function. Is it possible that Belcher would have murdered his girlfriend without a gun had one not been available? Of course it is: while we will never know exactly what was going through his head at the time, there are many ways for a person to kill another. However, none have the swiftness, the finality, or the potential for complete spontaneity as a handgun pointed to someone's head. However, because of the hard and tireless work of the NRA, people have learned to divorce the concept of the tool from the handyman that wields it, when the evidence that more guns means more homicides is effectively indisputable. Bob was pointing out what in any sane country or setting should have been self-evident, and that's that the most tragic thing about these senseless tragedies is that they ARE preventable, and that we are not doing enough to prevent them. They also had no business playing that game IMO. These people need to learn a little perspective.
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    Harrington made the team last year, and has improved his defensive game a lot in the past year. To me, he's a lock to make it.
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    An accomplishment just getting the invite. I didn't check but he's probably the lowest draft seclection among all the drafted invitees. Whoever pushed for him on the Nuck's scouting staff should get promoted.
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    Madeas Zombie Reunion. Hallehlujer
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    from what I can gather, you don't you just whine about them lol
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    They already lost to Gree...nvm Did not like Costas during halftime using the tragedy to spin his own agenda though. On the other hand I liked Brady Quinn's comments on the situation after the game
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    How is that ???? funny?
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    ok that was a f---ing epic mid-season finale
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    ^ Seems like there's been a lot of harsh message-sending for our prospects lately.
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    My parents decided to suprise me with a car for my birthday. They missed.
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    125 million copies of Grand Theft Auto games have been shipped to date http://go.ign.com/V3O0HN
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    Glued sandals prank
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