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    It was a very iffy trade and a somewhat off the board pick, people are going to question it for a long time and rightly so. I don't see how anyone that's been truly invested in this team for 20-40 years should be expected to just blindly agree with what the team does, especially when we simply just don't agree with the direction the organization is taking. Not sure if you're a new fan or not, but take a look at our draft record and you'll understand why nobody just expects our prospects to be good.
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    Been a fan since 89 including the extremely lean years. Again I am NOT saying to blindly accept everything the organization does or love every prospect possible but that article is a negative spin, seriously read it again and tell me how that in anyway is positive? As a poster says almost all articles / sports radio is exclusively negative in this market and I truly don't know why. As I pointed out when the twins struggled early in their careers (heck I'd say rookie season) everyone & their dog in the media was completely negative and look how that turned out. Drafting has been poor most definitely but I still don't think thats a valid excuse to tear down a prospect simply because he didn't have 100 pts in JR and then on top of that seemingly try to minimize what said prospect does really well. The user who noted a couple things he has noticed when watching Horvat play and wasn't a fan of when he did them that is totally cool but that article to me is just negative bull poo that is being spewed out for no real reason. Would these same articles be written if Horvat turned into a Ryan O'Reilly type player for us? I bet they would still say that isn't enough for a No. 5 overall pick etc etc For all intents and purposes it looks / seems like Horvat is going to be a solid NHLer, He might not have 1st line centre ceiling but he might end up being a great 2nd liner for us and I am totally fine with that
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    Precisely stated .. too many folks on CDC mistake 'optimism' for 'unreal expectations' .. we should all celebrate these young players' potential and try to be a positive 'force' as a fan base. We should treat every one of our prospects like we treated Cory Schneider .. with patience, and awe when appropriate .. ** falls off soap box **
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    This is exactly what I'm talking about. I note a few criticisms that I've noticed watching a few games and people like you get their panties in a bunch and cry foul. "Horvat is out best prospect" wah wah. How dare I say that he looked kinda slow and not that impressive in the games I watched. Its ok to state some possible negatives that a prospect has or needs to work on the be better. I'm not saying Horvat is a terrible prospect but like many others that watch him I think fans need to temper expectations because expectations are high considering how he was drafted and an elite talent in Nichushkin was passed over for him. Maybe he will be the next ROR or Bergeron but it's ok to critique a prospect,doesn't mean you don't want him to be great.
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