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    Icing on the cake is he is a home grown local boy !!! We've had a decade of naslund and the Sedins....I can't wait for the next era of Virtanen Horvat Cassels Mcann. Some skill and grit good ole Canadian boys !!!!!!
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    Still doesn't change the fact no-one other than you, and people you ended up converting had an idea that there was a Cult in the game. Like I said, unless you died off the bat, this game was pretty much over. Really sucks when I come alive this game only to get thwarted by a Cult that I had not the slightest clue of.
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    Dral sucks more than cults just my opinion though.
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    Everybody was upset after the Decoded game iirc. Annnyway, I can try hosting a game if people are interested in playing over the holidays.
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    Not to be that guy, but the fact we never got told that a Cult was in the game made this extremely in favour for the Cult. Never crossed anyones minds once. This game was basically over before it started then. Saying that you were adding "some stuff" and then inserting a Cult into the game without notifying the players is a little excessive IMO.
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    There is nothing "realist" about this - just the opposite actually. You say that there is no chance for him to make it, fine, whatever, but that's not based on anything "real" at all - It's all speculation. The only thing "real" is that this kid is playing well "right now" and people are excited about it, for good reason. It's alot more reasonable than your predictions of the future based on cliches and stereotypes of European players.
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    Holy crap, 85 pages deep on the Virtanen thread and that douche is still whining about Nylander.
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    Merry Christmas and good luck to all in this pool! Predictions for promotion: Plum and Gmen
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    No they aren't. But that wasn't my point. To put a percentage chance of Gustav making the NHL is absurd, doesn't matter how you look at it. That was my point.
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    This No identification upon death, no special to investigate the cult, no warning.... not gonna lie, that's not really cool edit: really - it comes down to if the Cult leader manages to live for a couple rounds then just a crap shot on who wins if they get converted. big disappointment
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    I probably was not in those games (And if I was, I guessed I didn't care back then? IDK). I did say I was sour anyways. I'm truly just sick of the Cult. I'd rather not see it anytime soon. Worst faction in the game.
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    I'm actually fairly disappointed with how this game turned out now. Really not counting it as anything (Sorry to come off as sour, as I somewhat am).
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    There was a pretty good article on TSN a while ago about the likelihood of making the NHL. The threshold used was only 100 career games, not 500, and here are the numbers: high first round (1-10): about 85% rest of first round: about 60% second round: about 30% third round: about 15% rest of draft: about 10% And there was very little difference from the 4th round on regarding draft order. (See http://www2.tsn.ca/columnists/scott_cullen/?ID=267960) The point is that draft picks from the 3rd round on are pretty much just lottery tickets. Right now the Forsling lottery ticket looks pretty good. The test of good drafting is not that every pick works out. The test is whether it is possible to beat the overall averages and find the occasional diamond in the rough. I think Benning's past record is good on this and I like last year's draft for the Canucks. As for high picks, I am sure it is true that only Virtanen and Horvat, as individuals, have a high likelihood (more than 50%) of playing 500 or more career games (which would imply probably making the top 6 for part of their careers). But if you take Shinkaruk, Gaunce, Jensen, Corrado, Cassels, and McCann together it is likely that at least 2 or 3 of them will have good NHL careers.
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    No one cares about Nylander dude. Get outta here.
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    players get cut from national teams all the time. Not the end of the world. He ruined his own chances by not playing for 3 weeks prior. You tear everyone a new hole in the forsling thread and then you go and post this crap? Get a life man.
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    Lmfao at Nux fans, 3 pts and 2 losses in exhibition games vs Canada and USA and the hype on this guys is crazy !! Lol the next Sami vatanen ?? Forsling isn't anywhere near as good as j subban offensively or more importantly Defensively and subban has about 10% chance to make it in the NHL. We already have an undersized Swede Dman who loves offence but can't play a lick of defence and will never mAke the nhl.. Tommerenes. I wish this kid the best of luck but to say he will be the next vatanen is beyond a miracle. Did anybody even watch his defence ??? Terrible !! Decision making , awful !
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    Actually they are. You just don't understand probabilities. The only difference between saying "Fifth round picks have a 10% chance of playing 100 games in the NHL" and "Gustav Forsling, a fifth rounder, has a 10% chance of playing 100 games in the NHL" is this: A prediction about a population is bounded within a confidence interval. A prediction about a specific individual is bounded by a prediction interval (which is always larger due to data scatter). If your argument is just "But you don't know for sure!", then just leave because that's an argument an idiot could make that adds nothing to the discussion.
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    All I read from you is "blah blah blah i'm a pussy"
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    lol nhl khl ahl nice try though
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    Maybe it would have been but only one cultist died (me) and since I was killed by the mafia, it shows up unknown as by convention.
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    The NHL video game has ruined people's perception of what it truly takes to make the NHL.
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    I'd have to agree with GFY and Dral, something as potentially powerful as a cult should've been given some sort of forewarning/indication, whether investigation or at least as a kill result. Flying so under the radar like that is a power in itself imo. I was wondering how SS was so accurate as rounds passed, (BDM gave all their identities I'm assuming) but the thought of a cult cooperation didn't pop into my head. Just my 2c, and with that said, thanks for hosting Zfetch. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays everyone!
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    Great job, Stamkos - the real MVP But I never would've converted Stamkos if WW didn't suggest it... So maybe WW is the real MVP But he never would have suggested it if he had never been in my cult to begin, so maybe I'm the real MVP My conversions: WW - doctor/Rudolph SS - Sheriff/Santa BDM - mafia ghost Toews - conversion failed Apples - Frosty
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    Lol I'll tell you why it's not common sense. Because being drafted in the 4th round doesn't give you a %10 chance of making the NHL. It just means that %10 of players drafted in the 4th round played 100 games in the NHL. Common sense is knowing a 4th round pick doesnt have as good of a shot to make the NHL as a first rounder. WELL DUH. Thats why they were drafted in the 4th round. Why do you think the NHL has 7 rounds of draft if they didn't think each year was deep enough to bear NHLers that deep. The article James found is just more redundant blabber coming out of TSN's word hole. Every player outside the first round has an equal shot of making the NHL. Also carlweezer, you can't say if a player is going to make the NHL until 2-3 years after they drafted. To be a "realist" and dismiss a prospect so early is why you will never be a scout.
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    Gentleman, Hell of a job ! Just in time for Dec 26th games. The pool is now 100% complete and standings will be tracked every night right here. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jCG8vAOOzemRg_Pbgw8hlFTJNdgQVQg_GfuT_-fhXRE/edit#gid=0 Edit: Still waiting for Lax re-pick. Damn
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    I've seen multiple plays on the McD line break down simply because Ritchie is out-skated to the puck. Considering the whole reason McD was put with big wingers was to keep the puck in the opposing zone, this is a problem to consider. So far we've gotten away with it, but as the tournament progresses, we might want to change things up. But we will see. Oh, and if people want to talk about Nylander, there is the WJC thread. That's the best place for it at the moment. He will collect points on the power play, a lot against weak competition.
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    Can Ehlers and Nylander run over players and score goals? Thanks I'll take Virtanen any day for more exciting hockey. I enjoy the big hits being thrown add some highlight reel goals and you've got yourself interesting hockey to watch!
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    Sorry for digressing a bit, but Deb's point about taking in a game is imo a really important one and is something I've been thinking about lately when reading some of the posts on here. When watching in person, most people will have a tendency to follow the puck. Things like who that is standing in front of the net, who is staying in his defensive lane (zone) or marking his man (man to man-to use basketball-like terms) and such are noticeable but noticing on a consistent basis takes wanting to watch out for those things and some effort. For most people it is far more enjoyable and easier to spend most of the time watching what his happening in the immediate area of the puck. On tv it is much worse. Players are tougher to recognize, the camera almost always follows the puck and the announcers give the names of those that touch the puck. Accordingly, it gets really hard for most of us to watch a game and really know at the end of it who has consistently done the right things defensively and who has made what contributions offensively away from the puck. Gifted offensive players can look great in such circumstances, as they'll be around the puck in the offensive zone and usually look good when they have it. Good, consistent defensive players with average or mediocre offensive skills can look pretty poor. They only get the puck a relatively few times and sometimes aren't slick with it when they get it. To get back to the point of this thread, I agree that if what the Canucks need to add on the pp is a net presence, Burrows is a good candidate. He doesn't have ideal size for that role, but he's shown himself willing to take the punishment in front of the net.
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    This is the first time people have been able to see this prospect in action since being drafted and he is playing well. Excitement is to be expected, as are the wet-blankets/realists attempting to temper expectations, for the mental health and the good of all.
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    Shinkurak Gaunce Subban. And that's just the Canadians.
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    Yeah Ive been a nucks fan for ages, and we have never had this many quality prospects all together in the same age range.
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    Great he shut down Mcdavid on 2 shifts. And a broken clock is right twice a day. So what. ?? Forsling is years and yesrs away from even having a sniff of the AHL not NHL. AHL. Listen I'm not trying to be a Debbie downer but I'm more a of a realist and using actually knowledge here rather than blindly setting expectations for gustav because of a few powerplays points. This is the problem with prospects developing overseas. Imo it stunts their growth and puts them behind 2 years. 2 Years because that's how long it will take them to adjust to north American hockey where the rink is smaller and you have less time and space and people actually try and hit you. It's like in baseball, Imagine playing in a league where they are only allowed to throw fastballs. Great. Then now all of a sudden you play in league where they are allowed to throw curve balls,stinkers, changeup etc. NHL AHL SHL In that order those are the best hockey leagues in the world.
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    We get it your names Hedman you like the swedes now would you just stop, and go blow Nylander (smoke) somewhere else. Virtanen had a good game, scored a great goal and is playing a specific role in an international tournament that's very important to Canadians. Can we stop with the Nylander will be a top line center, and Virtanen will be a top 6 winger at best crap. YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!!!! we have 4 good center prospects in Horvat, Mcann, Gaunce and Cassels. I have no concerns about having a "center to replace Henrik" when we have that much depth at the position already. And why would you expect a center not to be good defensively when he's younger just because he's good offensively, So you wanna teach the kid its okay to back check like Kessel or Ovechkin. As long as you score a point a game?
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    I liked ur idea of putting Paul down with Virtanen and Crouse. That's a big line that can shoot, skate and be physical. Gauthier is honestly just deadweight out there, he has no offensive instincts and he even seems to lack defensive quickness; his reach is the only thing that gives him any defensive prowess. I'm actually so surprised/happy that the Leafs picked this guy in the 1st round... just makes it even sweeter.
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    Happy Holidays to all the GMs in CDCGML, hoping you guys are having a great time with your families. I haven't been able to log on in a few weeks, so I apologize to those who might have been waiting on replies to PMs, didn't have the chance to get around to them. Just finished going through my inbox and hopefully all discussions can continue as normal going forward. With the World Juniors starting in a few days, the Red Wings are excited to see D Darnell Nurse and F Jakub Vrana at the tournament. We felt that G Tristan Jarry deserved at least an invite to the Team Canada Camp, however, it was not meant to be. Nonetheless, we are very excited for both Darnell and Jakub and wish them the best at the tournament. Lastly, pending LTIR placement, Detroit calls up D Derrick Pouliot Coburn - Pouliot Benn - Rozsival Benn - Pardy Borowiecki
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    At least he's on the team and playing well. We should all be happy. If they win gold even better. He's looking like a stud but I always thought he was going to be a good player since I saw him in the u18 tourney.
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    Gauthier stinks so bad. Wow
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    Virtanen's play indicates that he's too quick and skilled for the 4th line. Maybe he'll move up as the tourney progresses.
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    His speed? His ineffectiveness offensively? I don't mean to hate on the guy, he's a great defensive player who has good pro size (6'4") and will be a good player in the pros. It's just... he doesn't compliment Virtanen's playing style which has a big emphasis on speed and the rush. As for Ritchie, I want to see them together as well. They both skate well, are big, love to run guys over, and can score. The only issue is that Ritchie isn't going to drop down and Crouse isn't going to move up. So it would be up to Virtanen to play a lot better than a RW in front of him.
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    Virtanen with his best game so far. Too bad he's stuck with Gauthier. I still think he and Ritchie should be on the same line.
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    Bob Mackenzie had some good things to say about Virtanen in the intermission. Always like it when I hear Bob praise our players. He's one the few opinions I actually pay attention to.
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    Wowza.. Nice trade for both sides, although I would prefer Fowler and Couture but well done.
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    Horvat vs. Arizona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjzNlt6d2ek A little later than usual. Horvat had a terrific game. Sure, it was against the worst team in the league (well, one of them) but they're still a team of veteran players in the best league in the world.. The only negative was that he didn't do well in the faceoff dot. I think he finished sub-40% as he took most of his draws against Hanzal.
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    It's Chrissy eve here down under , I hope all my friends here in the CDCGML have a great break with their families and friends , enjoying lots of good times with the people you love I hope you all have a fantastic 2015 , I wish for you all good health and lots of happiness.
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    dont you mean 3rd assistito?
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    ^You can fill this thread with Warhippy posts.
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    "Seriously....for a guy who is simply billed as a faceoff specialist with 4th line production? Pffft rather dredge up Zenon Konopka if that's their asking price. Not happening not interested and so not going to even entertain paying that for an aging guy who is a UFA at years end that would end up taking valuable time away from Horvat by coming here Let someone else overpay" Guy is talking about Antoinne Vermette
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    I'm starting a coalition of the willing called "Fans for the Ethical Treatment of Players Abroad and in College" or the F.f.t.E.T.o.P.A.a.i.C. It's a working title. Perhaps cut out a few letters and just make it "FETPAC".
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