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    RW | 6'1" | 207 lbs Shoots | Right Born | 1996-08-17 Draft | 2014 Round 1 #6 Overall by Vancouver Canucks
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    Nice read Jazzy, well put together, I wouldn't put WD as your number one supporting reason why the Canucks will win the cup. I don't know about a cup, but I have a feeling that the winner of Van/Calgary will go at least to the Western Final. Both teams have overachieved this year, one aging declining team who proved this season that they weren't too old to compete, and one young/in experienced team who proved that they weren't to immature to succeed this year. Both teams have fed off of big games, and whoever comes out atop this series I think will, like I mentioned go at least as far as the Western Finals. Im basing that on the fact that I believe Winnipeg will oust Anaheim in that series as well. The teams I would easily predict Vancouver to beat in the west are, St. Louis(They have their number) (Nashville, I think Van could grind out a series against them if they had too) and Anaheim(yes, even if they do get by the Jets, I think Vancouver would take them in a series). The teams I can't see Vancouver getting by are, Chicago, but I don't see really anyone in the west getting by them, Kane or not, of course upsets do happen, I don't see the Canucks beating the Jets, they are to physical and their blueline is too punishing for the Canucks style. Minnesota, I see them transforming into the new LA style grinder/bruiser playoff built team, and Calgary is a toss up this season really. But depending on matchups, like I said the winner of this Calgary/Van series IMO will make the Western Finals.
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