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    All three of them were damn good tonight.
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    he just walked right in and let it rip..looked easy playing with Nicolas Roy on a big ice
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    Vote Horvat I played Truth or Dare with Horvat's aunt last night. Went a little something like this: "Truth or Dare, young lad?"-Aunt "Dare"-Me "I dare you to rate my creampie outta 10"-Aunt "7.8/10, too much cream"-Me "Oookkayy! Your turn, sonny boy"-Aunt "Truth or Dare?"-Me "Truth..tehe"-Aunt "Is Horvat mafia?"-Me "Well...ye...yes he is"-Aunt "Well, look at the time. I got to go. Thanks for the pie, Ms.H!"-Me "Hehe, my treat, sonny boy"-Aunt "Bye!!!"-Me "A farewell to you too!"-Aunt TL;DR: Horvat's aunt leaked EVERYTHING.
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    Great that McCann is doing so well. I doubt he gets the nod as the safer option is to give him more time. Surprised if Vey doesn't get the long look at 4C. Even that thought is based on the likelihood of injury moving him up the lines. Sedin-Horvat-Sutter-Vey. As yet I do not have a handle on Sutter. McCann definitely has top 6 written all over him. Benning said he dropped to them in the draft as they had him much higher.
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    The SUmmit at Save-On is officially over, and with three GM's in attendance, and lots of game talk, not one trade was finalized this night, but the Victoria Royals are 2 and Oh to start the season. Woohoooo! TM and Oldie are great folks, so happy to have had the honour to chat face to face with them for a few hours. Bombastic Der Teuton, we felt you were there in spirit as everytime something "ooooooo, Ahhhhhhh, OOooooooo" happened there was a german named player on the ice. lol
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    This kid will be a great once he fills out his frame. - Mobile - Smart with the puck - Great Outlets - Deceptive Skating He was nominated for the Hobey Baker one year for a reason. We might have a REAL steal in our hands. I want to see more of his offensive game as he has shown he can move the puck quite nicely in the offensive zone.
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    He deserves a spot on this team if he continues to play the way he is. He's made some solid defensive plays, and his offensive game speaks for itself. He's been trusted on the PK and on the 2nd unit PP. McCann makes this team better. It's time for Benning to stick to his rhetoric, and 'make room' for a young roster player.
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    if you put mcann in between prust and dorsett he'll be fine. use him on the 2nd PP unit as well.
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    I heard he was gonna auction off game worn panties this year for charity
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    You watched the 6 games a year that bc tv actually had games on.
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    Jared McCann North American Skater - Sault Ste. Marie, OHL FINAL RANK: 10 MIDTERM RANK: 11 POSITION: Center SHOOTS: Left HEIGHT: 6' 0" WEIGHT: 175 BORN: May 31, 1996 HOMETOWN: Stratford, Ont. BORN IN: Stratford, ON, CAN DRAFTED: 2014: VAN (1st Round / 24th Overall) • McCann finished second on Sault Ste. Marie in goals (27) and points (62) during the 2013-14 season. In 2012-13, he received Ontario Hockey League All-Rookie Second Team honors after recording 44 points (21-23—44) in 64 games. • He won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2013 Under-18 Ivan Hlinka Memorial and bronze at the 2014 Under-18 World Championship. McCann also represented Ontario at the 2013 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge. • He scored the game-winning goal for Team Orr in a 4-3 win over Team Cherry at the 2014 CHL Top Prospects Game. • McCann is a superstitious player who hops into a cold tub before every game, a tradition he started while in a slump after hearing NHLers Rick Nash and John Mitchell do the same. McCann finished with a hat trick the first time he tried it, and has done so every game since. • He wears No. 19 and models his game after the two-way style of Jonathan Toews. FAVORITES NHL team: Los Angeles Kings NHL player: Jonathan Toews Shootout move: “Backhand, forehand, low blocker” Goal celebration: “Point to crowd” Video game: Call of Duty Movie: Avatar TV show: Blue Mountain State Actor: Rachel McAdams Music group: Blink 182 Website: YouTube Sport (other than hockey): Golf Athlete (non-hockey): Ray Lewis Twitter follow: @Logancouture SEASON TEAM LEAGUE GP G A P PIM 2012-2013 ONTARIO U17-NATOUR 5 1 2 3 2 2012-2013 SAULT STE. MARIE OHL 64 21 23 44 35 2013-2014 CAN U18 ITLTOUR 5 1 0 1 0 2013-2014 SAULT STE. MARIE OHL 64 27 35 62 51 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cEOl38gHOE
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    Good god... Zhuk has not passed ehlers lol
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    this would be interesting to know um..has anyone heard anything from curt yet? i placed 2 players on 23rd on the waivers for a buyout and also the request for stephen weiss curt hasnt been here since this and not even read my pm´s now it turns into the 28th soon further unconditional waivers says 48 hours so my understanding is 48 hours ?!
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    Matthews is the right pick at 1st overall, if need be trade down to take a d man, but passing on Matthews would be a mistake in my opinion.
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    When a lot of the trees you planted in the names of the Canuck's greats (when they were early in their careers) blew over in our last wind storm. Even Henrik and Daniel are now leaning:(
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    Pillar stole one from Navarro last walk off I saw.
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    First row seats at the Pacific Coliseum to watch the Canucks take on the New England Whalers in Gordie Howe's last season at age 50 or 51 along with son Mark. The goaltender for the Whalers that night? John Garrett. Curt Fraser and Gordie collided on the boards almost in front of me in the 2nd period. Their sticks met and the puck flipped over the glass. I snagged it with my elbow pressing against the right armrest. Still have the puck somewhere.
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    Being able to state your opinion doesn't mean whatever you say that is defying logic or completely without base is gonna be right.... I mean Dmitry Zhukenov might become a NHL player.. but stating he is a sure fire elite NHL player is waaaaay overboard.
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    The seahawks game commentator is really annoying
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    Seahawks mascot gives it to Cowboys fan. Funny. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC1gFUgCLYw
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    The curious case of Benjamin Hutton has me convinced he should stay on and get a 9 game looksie. He's already better than Sbisa, Weber and Bartkowski
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    field goal of the century
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    The Eagles obviously made a mistake trading him. Also gratz to Mathews on 100 yards rushing this game
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    Be scared of Philly much
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    turning into a 1 team league pretty quickly. Mike could sell ice to an eskimo.
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    I wouldn't worry about it. If he is anything like his brother (Cameron) he will drop the gloves WHEN IT MATTERS. There is no point risking anything in pre season. Here is Cameron sticking up for a team mate, against a Komisarek who is 40lbs !!!! and 3 inches bigger than him.
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    Claude Giroux only weighs like 171. McCann could play this year you wuld think. Adding too much muscle wouldnt be wise. Slow gradual gain prob best imo.
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    He's got a good eye, that's for sure. Does look a bit shaky, but could be this year's Klingberg.
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    a couple guys....Blake Heinrich, but also Paul BIttner, Nick Heid and Ralph Jarratt all sounded a bit Germanic to me.
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    He's still the only guy with 1C ability in our prospect pool for me. Speed, passing, shot, I think he could end up like a Claude Giroux if he reaches his ceiling. Maybe better defensively though. He is really good through the neutral zone, probably our best prospect at pushing d back when he's coming up to the blue line.
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    Trade To Dallas Stars : Jason Spezza, Morgan Klimchuk, Philadelphia 2016 1st Round Pick To Philadelphia Flyers : Phil Kessel, Mirco Mueller Waivers Ron "Motherfracking" Hainsey Clears Waivers Reminder All Waiver eligible players currently on your minors team (Check spreadsheet if minors have not yet been transposed to your fantrax team page. This will be finished in a few days to a week) must clear waivers before the start of the season. Please waive all waiver eligible players who you plan to start in the minors before October 1st.
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    Bullcrap. Absolute bullcrap. No other words to describe that other than pure absolute bullcrap bs piece of bullcrap I don't even care about the Canucks game anymore that's just atrocious refereeing. Guy thinks everyone is there to watch him play ref
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    And a big league screen by mr consistency as well
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    The expectation for Cole Cassels was that he would spend a couple of seasons in Utica where he could develop his pro game. And it seems to me those who are wringing their hands with disappointment are forgetting that Cassels spent the better part of summer rehabbing from an abdominal muscle tear injury, which most likely put him behind his training schedule. I say let the kid find his NHL conditioning and be fully re-habbed from his abdominal injury (if he isn't already) and let him get his feet wet as a pro hockey player before being disappointed with him. Kid's got the heart of a lion. I'm no scout, but IMO, in 12 to 18 months time, Cassels is going to assert himself as a bona-fide NHLer. Not bad for a kid who was drafted in the third round.
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        Why am I disappointed in you right now?
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