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    Keywords being "previous regime" lol.
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    FIRING: UMB has been fired as GM of Nashville
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    Anaheim: Clayton Stoner Arizona: Chris Pronger Boston: Joe Morrow Buffalo: Jerry D'Amigo Calgary: Hunter Smith Carolina: Michal Jordan Chicago: Bryan Bickell Colorado: Patrick Bordeleau Columbus: David Clarkson Dallas: Kari Lehtonen Detroit: Danny Clearly Edmonton: Nikita Nikitin Florida: Marc Savard Los Angeles: At the Movies with Nick Ebert Minnesota: Niklas Backstrom Montreal: Zack Kassian Nashville: Steve Moses New Jersey: Ryane Clowe NYI: Eric Boulton NYR: Tanner Glass Ottawa: Colin Greening Philadelphia: Andrew MacDonald Pittsburgh: Rob Scuderi San Jose: Melker Karlsson St. Louis: Dainius Zubrus Tampa Bay: Mattias Ohlund Toronto: Nathan Horton Vancouver: Linden Vey Washington: Chandler Stephenson Winnipeg: Alexander Burmistrov https://pbs.twimg.com/tweet_video/CSM17QNUsAAreDT.mp4 Bickell - Savard - Horton Clowe - Vey - Clarkson Greening - Burmistrov - Kassian Glass - Zubrus - Karlsson Boulton Morrow - Pronger MacDonald - Stoner Ohlund - Scuderi Nikitin Lehtonen Backstrom
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    81 points in 56 games is a poor year? He was top 15 in OHL scoring despite playing 10 less games than most players ahead of him. I would say he had a pretty good year.
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    TRADES Send to Drewismyname FA / PENDING UFA / RFA OFFERS Send to Captain WoodgetWAIVERS Send waiver related inquiries to Master Mind
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    Welcome Commissioner Master Mind! Welcome and a big thanks to Master Mind for agreeing to join the CDCP Executives as Commissioner.
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    Jake Virtanen ‏@Jake_Virtanen 3h3 hours ago What a great day ! Best day of my life ! Thank you everybody for the support #Vancity
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    To the folks throwing Bieksa under the bus, it's comments like this that make me ashamed to be a Canucks fan at times. Bieksa was a damn good hockey player for a long time despite his deficiencies as a defender and wore his heart on his sleeve every single night. Your hard pressed to find guys who will do as much as Bieksa did for this franchise, on and off the ice. To compare Hutton is absurd because they play nothing alike. Good job folks it's statements like this that gives the title of greatest hockey fans in the league.
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    Florida Panthers 3 Stars of the Month 1. Brendan Gaunce - goal 2. Jon Merrill - +2 3. Ryan Kesler - 10 games played
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    Wow! How different can it get from the Chicago Wolves? How many Canuck prospects have been thrown to the wolves so to speak by a org demanding immediate results. There is a new management in place and I love the patience.
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    The Hutton - Bieksa comparison is awful. They are not similar players. Pretty much the only similarities are that they are both defensemen and both came out of college. That being said, its hilarious that people think Hutton is not only better, but are actually implying he blows Bieksa out of the water lol. The kid has 11 NHL games under his belt. Total. 11 games. LOL Classic CDC.
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    What about Vladimir Putin? Heard the guy scores about 10 goals a game. "Putin is a dynamic, smooth skating player who can shoot the puck in the net and set up his teammates"- Bob Mckenzie
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    Boeser dangling through 3 defenders to set up Schmaltz for a scoring chance https://streamable.com/o2xd This kid is really good.
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    The only rush I might have with this drat is my urge to create all of our teams in NHL 16 and do a 1 season sim.
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    Also choose between each of these people on who you think will win a wrestling match. Russell Wilson vs Ciara Future (the rapper) vs Paulo Futre Franz Ferdinand vs Franz Ferdinand The Weeknd vs The Weekenders Adriano (of Inter Milan fame) vs Dimitar Berbatov Hatedkid vs Keiran Lee Vince Russo vs Jim Cornette Nacer Chadli vs. Chad Lee Yo Yo Honey Singh vs Raftaar Dante from the Devil May Cry series vs Dante from Wolfsburg Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh vs Giant Baba
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    I will have to disagree. As sad as the assassination of the band Franz Ferdinand is, that moment is rather irrelevant. I think this Hideki Matsui home run had a more profound impact on the world than whatever you stated.
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    Thanks Drew, happy to be part of the team!
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    I don't know why all the doom and gloom? A scoreless draw on the away leg of a first match in Europe is considered golden.
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    We obviously don't have the worst coach in the league, but when we lose 4 games in a row after leading going into the 3rd period there's obviously some adjusting the coach needs to do. So far when we roll all 4 lines we win and when we bench the rookies we lose. He rolled all 4 lines last year and got us into the playoffs. I understand that he has a whole bunch of rookies now and is scared of them making a mistake, but doing the same thing we're doing currently isn't working. Also there's a huge difference between saying "the coach needs to make some adjustments" (which is what most of us who are in your mind "bashing" Wille are advocating for) and saying we have an awful coach and he needs to be fired. There is a middle here and that's where the truth lies. No the coach doesn't need to be fired, but also no he's not perfect and infallible. He is a good coach that needs to make some adjustments to close out games where we lead in the 3rd and somehow manage to squander the 2 points. Anyone who argues for Wille to be fired OR that he's absolutely perfect and has done nothing wrong are equally as extreme in their views. Bottom line: He's a good coach that needs to make some adjustments.
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    lol at Kaepernick missing a wide open Torrey Smith from the line of scrimmage.
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    He's 58, but that's fine. It's closer to the truth that the rest of your post. No it didn't. Lack of a healthy lineup did. The walking wounded in that series included Hank, Ehrhoff, Kesler, Bieksa and Edler. Added to that is the fact that the team was without it's best defensive defenseman in Hamhuis and it's best defensive forward was playing with limited vision in one eye and was no longer the dominant force in the faceoff circle that he was before the injury. As far a leaving Lou in for 8 goals, what difference would it have made had AV pulled him after four? Do you remember how many goals the Canucks scored in that series? The series was lost because the Canucks were just too beat up to be the same offensive force they were all season, especially on the PP. It wouldn't have mattered if some strange amalgamation of Scotty Bowman, Al Arbour and Dick Irvine Sr, was behind the bench. As far as Willie being "out of his depth", once again the CDC Armchair experts are jumping the gun. We're only a month into the season. The fact is, it takes a while for players to earn a coach's trust, especially young ones. For that reason, they are generally brought along slowly. This happens all over the NHL, not just in Vancouver. Give it to Christmas time before you decide if the rookies are being misused or not. Right now, I'd say WD is taking a cautious approach which is completely understandable, IMO.
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    For all of our convenience, the post written by TM (*thank you) containing links to all our team pages has been copied into my first post of the season on page 1 of the thread, scroll about 2/3rds of the way down and there it is. Also, this link will take you there if you want to make it a fav or bookmark it for convenience: http://forum.canucks.com/topic/370299-cdcgml-2015-16-taking-applications-for-new-gms/?do=findComment&comment=12827480
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    What if we whisper? Can we send him back then?
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    What a month for the Habs, who ended the month of October with the best record in the CDCGML. Art imitates life sometimes, it seems. Montreal's October 3 Stars 3rd Star - Max Domi (58 points) - What a start for the rookies in Montreal, with Dylan Larkin (51 points), Colin Miller (44 points), Joe Morrow (13 points) and Anton Slephshev (7 points) all contributing. But none have done more than Tie's kid out in the desert, as his 5 goals, 6 assists for 11 points are a big part of the early success in Montreal. 2nd Star - Henrik Lundqvist (60 points) - The King is off to another solid start, but it's not like we expected any differently. 5 wins and a pair of extra-time defeats have provided a solid start, but it's not like his backup Thomas Griess (50 points) has been too shabby either. The crease has been well protected in Montreal so far. 1st Star - Jason Demers (74 points) - We'd have bet a lot of money on a different player on the roster leading the team in points through the first month, and we'd have lost. Jason has been incredible to begin the year, as his 3 goals and 4 assists feature a GWG, a SHG and a PPG, so he's playing all sorts of important minutes. And to think, he missed two games due to a suspension (though he did earn a few PIM's in the game prior)...
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    Flights over the arctic circle are just as fast... ?
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    this. bieksa was 26/27 and ppl were saying how he's 'going to be' 'real good' for us 'one day'. hutton is better, younger, period.
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    Lmao so all Russians know each other? Russia is what 150 million people?
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    He's nothing like that idiot defense man from bowling green. God, that guy sucked. Never seen a dman been protected like that throughout his career and still was crap awful when he was done.
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    LEAGUE LEADERS GOALS Carolina Hurricanes (43)Anaheim Ducks (42)San Jose Sharks / Toronto Maple Leafs (36) ASSISTS Carolina Hurricanes (68)Washington Capitals (60)Anaheim Ducks (59) FIGHTS Detroit Red Wings (7)Montreal Canadiens (5)Toronto Maple Leafs (5) GAME WINNING GOALS Anaheim Ducks (11)Dallas Stars (9)Carolina Hurricanes / Edmonton Oilers / Florida Panthers / New York Rangers (7) SHORT HANDED POINTS Anaheim Ducks (6)Buffalo Sabres / Carolina Hurricanes / Columbus Blue Jackets / Vancouver Canucks (3) HITS San Jose Sharks (351)Detroit Red Wings (337)Minnesota Wild (324) BLOCKS New Jersey Devils (208)Detroit Red Wings (206)Winnipeg Jets (188) GOALIE WINS Philadelphia Flyers (9)New Jersey Devils (8)Detroit Red Wings (7)
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    He has a NMC; a No Minor leagues needed Clause
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    lots of Boeser's games are on Canadian TV this year, all times are PST Fri. Dec. 12 North Dakota at Denver TSN2 6:30 p.m.Sat. Jan. 17 Niagara at North Dakota TSN2 TBDFri. Jan. 23 Colorado College at North Dakota CBSSN 5 p.m. Fri. Jan. 30 North Dakota at Omaha CBSSN 5:30 p.m.Sat. Feb. 14 Denver at North Dakota TSN 8 p.m. Fri. Feb. 27 St. Cloud State at North Dakota CBSSN 5:30 p.m.Fri. Mar. 6 North Dakota at Miami CBSSN 3:30 p.m. http://collegehockeyinc.com/pages/canadian-ncaa-hockey-tv-schedule
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    I'm getting sick of WD talking about "trust" i feel like he has major trust issues - if he treats Beartschi like such crap imagine how he treats his daughter's prom date. Probably had fort knocks build a chastity belt with a bolted lock. but for serious, Duder is really insecure and is a slow learner. He is treating beartschi like junk when the guy has the best possession numbers and best corsi on the team. Plus he has not made any egregious errors and is arguable our most pure skil prospect. I'm ok with press boxing young guys to watch once and a while, but when they are in the lineup the NEED, NEED, NEED to be put in positions to succeed. He he taljs all about not hurting beartschi's confidence but that is exactly what he is doing Not impressed with how he coached in PHX- how did he not use a coaches challenge on their 2nd goal?? No Mcann on PP? the kid leads the team in goals and you don't try to get him on the ice with the man advantage??? what a fool Trust me WD, it'd be real good if you could use some logic when uou are trying to coach
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    It's a shame MLS restricts highlight packages to 4 minutes. They only show the last PK kicks. Doesn't really do justice to the game.
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    Clutch your nutz... Burrows brings it every night!
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    Last Updated: SUNDAY February 14, 2016 ****There have been some changes. I have now added a sheet showing stats of prospects that played games with the Canucks. So, Virtanen's Canuck stats were previously shown under the 'CHL' page. They are now shown on a separate image. I removed McCann and Virt from the CHL image because they aren't going back. In contrast, I've left Gaunce and Hutton on two images (Canucks stats on the NHL image and Comets stats on the AHL image). I have also added in Anton Rodin as he is leading the Swedish League in scoring and is still Canucks property according to Thomas Drance**** Back for another season. Although the Canucks' prospect depth has been ranked in the middle of the pack, using a looser definition of 'prospect', the players in this thread provide many reasons for Canucks fans to be excited about more than just the team at Rogers Arena. This thread is for keeping track of Canucks prospects through the 2015-16 season. Prospects are divided into five categories: Minors (AHL/ECHL), CHL (QMJHL/OHL/WHL), Other Leagues (KHL/NCAA), Goalies (Minors/NCAA), and NHL stats. FAQ:
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    That's more like it from the Broncos!
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    Went looking for forwards in trades. And mwas too slow to pull the trigger on one deal. But received other inquiries offering ECHL and rental D men for some of my best young players? Then wouldn't you know it > a good roster forward from a good team was available! The Oilers are very excited to welcome Brian Flynn!
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    Actually I don't mind where Virtanen is ranked. His lack of offensive output means he's never going to be high up on many lists. My problem is more with the players who were left out. McCann, Demko, and Boeser.
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    Anyone could have had a good season with the way he played. Protected by Mitchell and Hamhuis throughout his whole career. Even Brent Sopel put up similar up 40 points in a Canuck uniform. One of the most overrated defense man in Canuck's history because he fights and his character. If the Canucks choose Ehrhoff instead that year when they were both UFA, we probably would have been in the finals back to back. Instead, the whole thing that made the canucks successful, the transition game, was lost. You could tell Bieksa had limited potential when he was at his peak. I ask literally begging the Canucks to trade him 2-3 years in because he had high value.
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    to me it looks more like he is squeezing his security blanket and sucking his thumb.
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    http://youtu.be/ygB7P7rg8u4 ...bruh, please be relegated. Would be the most shocking and funniest story turn in any pro sport
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    I think we are gonna have rough start .. bad bounces , questionable calls .. By the trade deadline I think we will be just far enough out of it that we will trade some of our vets i.e. Hamuis , burrows , vrbata .... I dont think Miller makes it through a whole season either .. guessing part of our early collapse is because he gets injured . Next year , We pick high and often at the draft !!! orrrrrrrrr .. Im completely wrong and we dominate and win he cup . ands thats hockey folks
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    There's lots to like about Brendan Gaunce. He's big, appears to have good hockey IQ, appears to be coachable, has decent offensive stats, seems to play a sound positional/defensive game...if he had better foot speed and consistently played with a mean streak, he would probably have a long NHL career.
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    DING DING DING. Worst topic ever!!!! Burrows and Kesler are our third line. Burrows rules!!!!!
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    I disagree. In fact, I couldn't disagree more.
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    Doggin' Burrows?!? Yer' nuts, bro.
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