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    Hey Bp, Nom here. I owe an apology to you. It is apparent you are dealing with many issues and I was truly inconsiderate in my posts. Please know that none of my posts were intentionally set to hurt you and I had no idea until your recent topic, "A few things on my mind", how many health concerns you are trying to manage. The last thing you need is some goof trying to be funny and baiting you. As someone who prides himself in helping those who are battling with addiction and mental illnesses I have recognized that I may have crossed a line and been inappropriate. Please accept my sincere apology to you my friend. I will lay off moving forward.
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    Drinking game: Take a shot whenever TSN thinks a superstar born in/around Toronto will sign/come to the Leafs...
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    It sucks caring about someone more than they care about you
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    Does anyone find it odd that a pro like Hughson, has comments on coaching and he doesn't know he's being recorded? I've never heard such a thing when Torts was coaching and the Leafs were a disaster. Was that accidentally on purpose?
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