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    With the 16th Pick Chicago proudly select from Mississauga ON, Michael McLeod
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    Have any of you guys met the kid? I got an autograph from him after practice at training camp in PG. He's just a ridiculously thick dude. That was the one thing I noticed about him. I didn't realize how big he really was until I saw him in person. Real thick neck and his arms looked like they were gonna burst through his jacket. I think any success he has in the NHL is going to be centered around his conditioning and hopefully it won't be a problem. The kid has a chance to be one of the most beloved franchise players his hometown has ever had if he hits the gym like a mad man. I'm talkin sedin like conditioning and he'll be a feared player in this league with that magnificent frame of his. I really cant see him needing to bulk up. He's already huge. What he needs is the best personal trainer money can buy. Not because he's slamming cheeseburgers and overweight. He's probably in pretty good shape for a big boy. He needs a guy to break him and push him to his peak physical condition so he can lead the league in hits, score 30-40 goals a year and scrap Darnel Nurse on the regular. If if we want to win the cup with this next core that 6th overall can't go to waste. I don't want a pretty good Jake Virtanen, I want a dominant Jake Virtanen. If he really wants it, it's there for him. He just has to put in the work and he couldn't have better mentors than Hank and Danny. Do what they do and the sky's the limit, Jake.
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    Holy crap... I finally caught up after reading 117 pages since I saw the trade announced during the 1st intermission of TB vs PIT Game 7. NOW FINALLY I GET TO POST!!!!! My initial reaction: Screamed out loud "OH MY GAWWWDDDDDD!!!!!" woke my baby who I was holding, and caused my whole family to freak out... (YEAH I LOVE THIS DEAL!!!!!!) I didn't care about picks, didn't care about losing Jared.... WE GOT GUDBRANSON... OMG! Called my buddy - left msg: "Now NOBODY GETS TO CROSS OUR BLUE LINE FOR FREE ANYMORE, HEADS UP!" What a deal. I do this trade anytime, and everytime. So many good posts and discussions throughout this thread... man. From the physicality he will bring, and how its gonna rub off on the entire team ohhhhh baby!!!!! Maybe he can teach Tanev how to hit, or remind Edler how he used to, poor Sbisa's has had to answer the bell to guys wayyy outta his league. If we retain Sbisa, hes only gonna hit more, he won't have to lay his body against the big dudes, leave that for 44, sbisa can now focus on targeting guys on his own size... (I feel like people undervalue Sbisa's mobility...) All the cheap shot crap bulls**t that we've endured, there is now the possibility of Mutual Assured Destruction, target our soft guys... we now have a hammer to nail yours, THINK TWICE. Trymankin.... he plays more of a soft role for his size, he didn't really show a mean side to me... sure he kniocked some guys over and stuff butt theres no nastyness, from what I've observed, not like Pedan, you can tell from Pedan's game that hes got bite... hope 44 can make our 88 hate. Watched 4 mins of the start of game 1 NVI VS FLD... 3 mins in, campbell gets crosschecked from behind in front of Lui, instead of reacting to this cheap shot, 44 jumps into the rush, and was WIDE OPEN for a huge one timer... but no pass to him.... excellent footspeed to get into the play, and a great decision to not take a penalty, early on, with all the adrenalin goin on. Stopped watching after that... was worried that this post would be at pg 150.,.. i'll watch more, thanks deniro. Cmon.... gretz vs orr vs mario again... 99. TO BE CONT
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    I disagree and so does Florida's writer: http://www.litterboxcats.com/2016/5/27/11789054/erik-gudbranson-a-look-back-at-a-player-i-will-miss?utm_campaign=litterboxcats&utm_content=article%3Atop&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter From the Panthers writer; This season, Gudbranson appeared to truly turn the corner, but he has never been liked, or perhaps understood, by the advanced statistics community. Simply put, his point totals are not worth discussing, and his possession numbers have always been negative. But to those watching for the little things this season, some points did become readily apparent. Gudbranson only started 41% of his shifts in the offensive zone, and averaged 20 minutes of ice time per game. He dished out 150 hits and 73 blocked shots this season, and was only able to get off 73 shots. By contrast, Ekblad took 182 shots while averaging 21 minutes in ice time per night, but with a 55% offensive zone start rate. Its hard to put up possession numbers when every time you move a puck up in transition to offense you are swapped out. It was rare to see Gudbranson in the offensive zone. Instead, it was always him duking it out with the opponents top line and once transition began, he changed for a more offensive D-man. But the trust was there. Gallant paired Gudbranson and Campbell roughly midway through last season, and Campbell flourished with the rough defender as a partner. They covered each other's weaknesses well. In this year's playoffs, Erik led all Panthers D-men in time on ice, at almost 27 minutes per night, and he started 71% of his shifts in the D-zone. By midway through the 1st round series, Gudbranson and Kulikov were the go-to D-pair for crucial moments against the Islanders. Gudbranson's style suits the West a lot better than the East as well.
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    Not sure if it's been posted, but I found this: http://www.litterboxcats.com/2016/5/27/11789054/erik-gudbranson-a-look-back-at-a-player-i-will-miss It's from a site comparable to Florida's Canucks Army. Here are a few important parts...
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    Trading the #9 and the#39 Habs picks for the 5th overall would get the whole Canuck management squad fired on the spot..IMO.
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    Huh? Are we watching the same thing? The playoffs have been physically brutal this year, everyone has been hitting everything that moves, Guys like Kane disappeared in a hurry, I would say meanness rules the playoffs more than ever
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    You obviously have more to say. Don't hold back
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    You need to get out man. Take a break. Everything will be okay.
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    Lucic puts up 50+ every single year while also being a huge intimidation factor. Who cares if he gets suspended from time to time. After the Sedins, the next best forward for the Canucks was Horvat. With 40 points. Hate him all you want. He'd make the Canucks better.
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    Just visited HFB. I need to unstupid now.
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    He is right. Who cares about 2011. 5 years ago man. Grow up and get over it. If, Lucic can bring a cup to Vancouver, why wouldn't you want hi on your team? Because he played like a beast against us in the playoffs? Good. That's what we need. Nobody had a problem with us signing Willie Mitchell, and he was the #1 reason we lost to Minnesota years back. Im sick of all this emotional attachments people have to players. I like who is gonna make us win. Personally, when is comes to a sport you are trying to win a championship. Not make friends. I don't care about class off the ice, I don't care if they play dirty. As long as they win
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    probably the best fit for the oil as their team stands is tkachuk to play with mckid meaning they will probably take dubios meaning benning won't take tkachuk and juolevi will be a canuck and tkachuk will be a flame and we will watch nylander score goals for another team as we keep our eye on the sleeper(s) of the draft and rue the day jb got it wrong with our 5th pick in the 2016 draft meaning we will muddle along in mediocrity meaning we will have cemented our trade mark and the orca whale society, out of pity will force us to take the whale off our jersey as our level of play would be deemed demeaning but trevor will be as cunningling as a fish and get a logger on our crest by which time we will know if gudbranson has panned out
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    @Tigs @Lil B From The Pack @MikeyBoy44 @Flume Guys pls
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    Pretty positive Tanev has a better shot than you, no need to pump your tires there farm boy.
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    I'm really jelly that you support ManU and Real Madrid yes Yeah let's compare one of the biggest clubs in the world to Spurs, seems reasonable
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    He's a prick in all aspects of the word.
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    People, that 2nd round pick would be extremely likely to be a prospect D-man if we had kept it. A Dman that probably would stay another year of Junior and then play a few years in Utica, before becoming a #7 Dman on the Canucks for a few seasons. Guddy is a starting RH, #4 Dman 25 minute munching giant, 24 years old, RFA, and has a huge list of positive intangibles including over 300 games in the NHL Benning hit a home run on this trade, A homerun with a bat flick! Now I hope that Benning can somehow get us another couple of picks in the draft
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    I personally like this move. Most established young D of Gubrandson's pedigree cost more (Johnson, Goligoski...heck, we paid more for Ballard). However, those saying "I hate losing 33rd overall more than McCann" are showing their ignorance. McCann is BY FAR a superior prospect to whoever will be at #33. Just because you like to prepare for the draft and read scouting reports doesn't make these players more special than past players drafted in the 30s, and quite simply, most of them don't pan out. IMO, the trade was perfectly fair for both sides. That said, with Hank, Horvat, and Granlund, McCann was redundant. Couldn't win faceoffs, and had trouble playing wing - needs time to develop. But a big, punishing, shutdown RHD is exactly what we've needed for years.
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    Would you feel better if JB hyped the crap outta him? Lol he'll be here come September. People got no chill on these boards...
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