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    This is the thing. Championship teams need players like Brendan Gaunce. A Bottom 6 dependable guy that can match up and defend against other top lines. Either at center or on the wing. You need depth. I see Gaunce, with his versatility playing a role on this team for a while. He can fit in, in multiple ways.
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    It's 11:35am, I work until 2:10pm but have nothing to do. Yup... that's less than three hours I have to kill. If I was home right now I would most likely be playing guitar or sleeping. So why did you click here? If your a moderator no doubt you came in here to make sure there's no nude pics of myself, and there isn't as long as you don't click on the spoiler box below. If you're just a CDC member, or Keyboard Simpleton as I refer to them, then why would you waste your time coming here if you weren't as bored as me? Perhaps you feel compelled to open every thread on this site. Or you just simply came here to peer into the utopia that is White Noise and bask in the never ending glow of it's newest thread. I can't answer these questions, but what I can do is give you and everyone else an avenue in which to discuss your blatant disregard of busyness and time sensitive matters. My username is Tre Mac, my real name is Trevarious MacMackin and I am bored.
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    Pat Kane's pout after Carey Price casually gloved his shot was quite classic. #PoorBaby
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    I am thinking its "Make Granlund my B***H and take his job"
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    Alf is simple, but extraordinarily cute. Gaunce has really worked hard at his game, so he can make the NHL. He has skill too. I see a big, very smart power forward. Sure if he studied MMA and took steroids he would be better ( like some other players in that role might be doing) but I see Gaunce able to get by without cheating, because of his smarts.
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