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    If there was an option for "Willie is okay. Sure, he makes some questionable calls sometimes, but firing Willie won't solve our problems. You can only work with what you got, and our roster is very thin this year in terms of skill." that'd get my vote.
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    And the relevance of comparing a third-year player with a rookie in another organization is?
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    I personally think you're right CDC IS partially at fault. Especially this poster http://forum.canucks.com/profile/85350-janisahockeynut/
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    Merry Christmas CDC! Just want to say to all that I am thankful for all of you. I have enjoyed the good times, the ugly, the laughs, and speculation. When it all comes down to it, the real fans for Canucks hockey are here. Thank you all for your loyal support to this team even in rough times. I am thankful that we have this fan base that allows us to keep an NHL hockey team in our home city. Most cities do not have this luxury. So thank you for this wonderful fan base that keeps this team here even in a rough era. You guys are awesome! Merry Christmas!
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    Its interesting to compare flamingo-boy Nylander to Bo this year and put some actual numbers to it. 5 on 5 shooting % - Bo 7.77, Nylander 8.4 Offensive zone stats - Bo 48%, Flaming Flamingo 57.8 Points - 10 goals 11 assists Bo, playing 62% with Baer and Burr, little Willie has 7 goals 15 assists playing 79% with Austin And thats with Bo killing penalties too, which we all know how Nylander blocks pucks Horvat is out-producing Nylander with a great deal more responsibility and less talented line mates. If Willie D can get it into his head to play Bo 20% more in the offensive zone we might have a chance at winning a few more of these games.
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    Yeah but if he put Markstrom in and we lost, you probably still would have made this thread saying: Why would Willie put Markstrom in back-to-back games against the same team? There's too many variables to put all the blame on Willie. Maybe Miller could have played better. Maybe we could have scored more goals. Who knows? Maybe Chaput should have scored a hattrick.
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    I'm having alot of fun this season. I'm entertained and I am enjoying watch our youth step up. I am a canucks fan through good or bad and I am more then willing to be patient as the team transitions to a new squad. I have tickets for the Colorado game and I'm looking at buying a Horvat jersey on boxing day. Is that rose coloured glasses? I just think I bleed green and blue.
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    This is the stupidest idea/thread of the week. Good job. I will vote a big NO to giving full autonomy to a guy who has proved nothing at the coaching, GM, or president level.
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    Terrible thread but I think we just got a bit unlucky. In hindsight, of the last 2 drafts we really needed a first line center, powerforward and top defenceman. We drafted McCann, Virtanen and Juolevi. That fills our needs, but we didn't take the best player available for the respective positions. At each time, think about our "future core" and what we needed. When we drafted Horvat we had a sound foundational 2C core guy in place. Fantastic. Next draft we take Virtanen with 6th overall, leaving a potential future 1st line center/Henrik-replacement in Nylander and a bunch of skilled wingers like Ehlers. To be honest I wouldn't have taken Ehlers at the time, would have much rather taken Nylander who is more NHL-ready, has proven he can play against men and brings elite-level skill and playmaking ability that we needed to replace the Sedins' talent with. Instead we take a powerforward. No problem, as long as we take a skilled playmaker later. We take McCann later that draft, another likely 2C or 3C and very unlikely that he becomes a first line center. Funnily enough the wild-card Pastrnak goes the next pick and look where the two players are now. Regardless, McCann is traded away anyway. Following draft there isn't much late in the 1st round, we take Brock Boeser who may easily be the best player of that late-round, but despite that he's almost a carbon-copy of Virtanen. Two-north-south players, Brock more a skilled goal scorer while Virtanen plays with more physicality, but neither of them are very good playmakers. So now we've got Horvat a two-way center with not much top-end elite playmaking skill, Virtanen who really just hits and scores, and Boeser who is mainly a scorer. No playmakers. Not much high end offensive vision or talent. Take it into the latest draft and we finally take someone who isn't a north-south forward. I like the Juolevi pick, we clearly needed him on defence. Thank God we didn't take Tkachuk or we'd have yet another player of the same mould. Regardless, we have 3 similar types of forwards in Horvat, Boeser and Virtanen, and one nice defenceman. Nylander to that mix would have really evened things out, as would Ehlers. This team still lacks that future top line skilled forward and it hurts to see guys like Ehlers dance around with Laine, and Nylander embarass defences with Matthews. We very easily could have had one of the best lines in the future NHL with Nylander/Ehlers - Horvat - Boeser. Instead we'll be hoping Virtanen can get his crap together in the AHL for another season.
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    Lets just call a spade a spade and admit it is 100% Janisisahockeynuts fault.
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    No offsides would be cherry-picking madness. Necessary rule IMO
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    It's a no for me. It would just change the game too much. Wouldn't really be hockey anymore. Like eliminating dribbling/traveling from basketball (although those rules are pretty lax for the star players already). Kind of stops being basketball. For hockey, eliminating offsides would remove much of the speed and excitement from the game. Forwards would start camping out by the opposite net. Coaches would respond by leaving a defenseman back the whole game to compensate. And all of a sudden, it becomes a static game with players parked on the ice. Basically, you'd get this: Here's something written by a guy who's reffed games where they didn't call offsides: “This flat out doesn’t work. Hockey is one of the most dynamic contact sports in the world. Players move at 30 mph, the puck is passed at upwards of 80 mph, and is shot at around 100 mph (wrist and snap shots; slaps are around 120). You get rid of offsides, and forwards will just camp their opponent’s zones. I have personal experience with a no offsides rule. I have reffed games where we haven’t called offsides. It made the game nearly static and lost the speed and mobility.
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    He did. For Anahein (no interest), Chicago (no interest), and Dallas (got their first choice instead). Washington made an offer, Hamhuis refused to go there. So what do you do? Well, YOU continue to cry about Benning letting him walk for nothing. That's burying your head in the sand and ignoring the fact Hammer used his ntc to prevent being moved.
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    Totally. If Janisahockeynut could have made a more convincing argument a few years ago, we'd have landed McDavid and Laine. Thanks for nothing, Jan.
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    I'll give the same answer I always do: people put way too much into line numbers. It's all about roles. Who had more ice time, Granlund or Horvat? Well Horvat did, so who was actually the 4th line center? It's was 2 1/2 months ago can we please stop whining about something so stupid. Did you watch between periods? Markstrom vrs Miller was discussed. Markstrom is yet to establish himself as the number one and with the Christmas break it would have been a long stretch without a game for the guy that is our number one. Seems people are really reaching for crap to complain about when it comes to Willie.
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    Sorry, did you post something humorous? I must have missed it. I really have to wonder what it was that you said to Stealth to get him to rescind your warning to stay out of this thread, because from what I can see, you haven't changed one iota from the poster who was given the warning in the first place. Your entire posting history ITT consists of gloating, taunting and name-calling, which exactly like Neversummer pointed out, is just what you do in the NFL thread. You continually act like a 4th grader who has the most marbles and can't resist taunting his classmates about it. It's a constant case of the proverbial "My dad can beat up your dad", with the obligatory LOL emoticon thrown in, even though nobody believes that you are actually laughing out loud... All I can surmise is that you must have some sort of incriminating photos of Stealth, because you certainly don't deserve the second chance that he gave you.
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    Perspective. There's been a lot of negative talk around our young guys, and I wanted to put some numbers to it. And also to point out what I see as one of out teams biggest problems, deployment.
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    As much as I hated Boston, I've always admired their "pack mentality." When one guy is in trouble, the whole team is involved. I don't think I've ever seen the Canucks do this.
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    Because most on here are cheerleaders not fans, you don't remember the threads about how stupid the "media" was for saying the Canucks would suck this season?
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    You haven't paid attention to Jim Benning's drafts it seems. Thatcher Demko at 36th. Nikita Tryamkin at 66th, Gustav Forsling at 126th, Gaudette at 149th, and Boeser at 23rd. All of those picks look to be steals at the moment. I'd say our scouting is fine.
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    Another tank thread. Nothing new to see here.......
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    Easist fix of all, fire WD and hire Gallant. He would not tolerate and team that does not stick up for itself.
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    Was listening to 1040 today [why?] while running errands and even though they were praising Sbisa's play of late, the topic of his "serving pizza's" came up. Actual words. Our local media doesn't just feed the trolls, it panders to them. Sbisa was a fine part of the Kesler package. Even doubters could see that last season when every Canuck defenceman but him was injured and he was playing just fine. Good even. When he went down our d corps struggled mightily, but instead of giving Sbisa credit for holding them together, the blame game picked up about who was at fault for our lack of depth. If we lose a forward for nothing in the expansion draft,. so be it. If we lose a defenceman who we could have traded between now and the draft (and possibly expose a less desirable option while still protecting the main 3) that would be awful.
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    Point out the advantage of throwing away a valuable asset... and yes, Edler is a valuable asset. Really. No fooling. Getting rid of a player like Edler in this fashion is indeed saying to the rest of the league, "Hey, we're tanking!" Personally, I find such a strategy to be despicable and I'd give up on the team at that point. The Canucks do gain cap space, and then do what with it? Acquire a UFA or two? Why do that when it takes away from potential playing time for the team's prospects? Not the optimal plan in my books, chum. And for those who want a tank, if Edler is so bad then why do you want him to leave? He plays a lot of hard minutes, often with strangers for a partner, and having him do that allows the younger talents to play a more sheltered game. Either way you get your losses, and this way the prospects get to develop and gain some confidence. regards, G.
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    Coaches aren't the sole reason players develop. But they can be the reason why players don't develop.
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    Not even Scotty Bowman could make chicken salad out of chicken $&!#e.
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    Enjoy the holidays guys! Then we'll be back to the incredible 1 season every 3 weeks pace by @Nail
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    Down under, IMO you are pretty far off on some of your evaluations. First, let's call it what it is, this is a 'we shoud've drafted Nylanders' thread. Ehlers is the best player of the three to date, he also was has proved that he was ready to play against NHLers faster than Nylander and has produced more. Secondly, Nylander isn't a NHL quality center and has seen most of his points as a winger, so he is not and was never a Henrik replacement. Jake has struggled and so far and everyone who hated the pick looks correct. For the record I wanted Ehlers, but am pro Jake because he is our prospect and I can understand why he was chosen. Hell of a package if he puts it together. Horvat is already producing at a second line center rate, getting mostly d zone starts. He can be a first line center. Boeser and Virtannen do not play a similar game. Jake is a PF who needs to play recklessly and aggressively to be successful, he does have a nice shot, but he is nowhere near the sniper Boeser is. Boeser doesn't need to crash the net, generates offense and has great hands and doesn't depend on physical play, he also can't skate nearly as well as Jake, but finds the seams and spots to release his excellent shot. Boeser is not a 'North South' player like Jake. McCann is a poor pick when compared to Pasternak, so is Nylander and many others. Larkin also makes a lot of other teams look dumb... Including TO and the Jets... So far... Really early to declare winners and losers in the 2014 draft in 2016. Wait a few more years. Finally, Horvat Boeser and Virtannen all play different roles and styles. Not sure why you don't see that. Horvat is a two way center with the ability to elevate his game, create offense and drive play. Jake is a PF that will thrive when he gains confidence to throw hits, scare the bejesus out of everyone create space for his linemates. He really should be a LW. Hopefully he can find that shot he has and use it. Boeser is a top 3 RW, no reason to doubt this will happen. He has the IQ, shoot and passing skills to be a very effective winger in the NHL. We are 18 months into a rebuild. Skill can and will still come. Be patient. EW
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    No. We don't need more toughness. What the Vancouver Canucks need is more TALENT and SKILL I'm sick and &^@#ing tired of reading these tinfoil hat posts around here that think the whole god damn league is out to get our team; The fact is - the league has done pretty much everything in its power since the Canucks got literally beaten up by Boston during the 2011 finals to get this $&!# OUT of the game - and as inconsistent as the Department of Player Safety Has been, I'd rather see a bad/suspension that is too short/too long than see hits like THIS ever again; The day of the John Scott/Gino Odjick are long gone and the era of the small, talented forward has begun. Gaudreau. Atkinson. Zuccarello Desharnais. Sheary. Johnson. Gallagher. Marchessault. Petan. Ennis. Krug Spurgeon. What do all of these guys have in common? They are all under 6 feet tall and most would have likely gotten &^@#ing murdered playing in the NHL 6-7+ years ago The Canucks simply aren't skilled, or talented enough to win anything big with the roster we have. That Grit you want needs to accentuate your top guys and allow them to do their job - the problem for now is, we don't have those top guys.
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    How is it comical or ridiculous? They are ranked 2 and 3 and anyone would gladly take either of those top 4, they are to close to even compare. The only predictable thing here is someone telling Craig Button that he isn't good at his job, someone who acts like an expert on CDC.
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    Good post...I can remember on these boards ,it was like 60% Ehlers/Nylander and 40% Virtanen...I was voting for Nylander (especially with our history of picking Swedish players),but was not upset at all about picking Virtanen....A lot of fans forget that the two previous smaller,skilled forwards that we selected were disappointing (Hodgson,Schroeder),so picking Virtanen signalled a change in the usual Canuck philosophy of picking players. All players develop at different rates,but usually it's the smaller skilled players which yield the quickest early returns (Fabbri and Ehlers from the 2014 draft)..The bigger guys usually take a few years to round into form.and you do have to be patient..Just off the top of my head,I'm sure that the teams that drafted Neely,Thornton,Bertuzzi regret giving up on those players so soon.
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    Really dude, Soma guy &^@#s up his shoulder and has surgery but is supposed to perform better on your statistical data or he is a bust? He doesn't meet the average markers and any plausible reason is an excuse. So Boeser will also be a bust if he doesn't produce more on a college team because he is injured and required surgery. Now because of that he will score less points. So he is, by your analysis a bust potentially too. So no other information needed, no improvement from year one to two, bust no matter what, bust. 20 y/o that doesn't produce right away, bust, failure and poor drafting. I mean why bother sending Jake to the AHL for development, Terrible Dee has a data sheet looking at his Juinor numbers from his draft year to the following one and it clearly shows Jake has no ability and was a wasted pick. Okay, Dee we should waive Jake as clearly your abilities to look at the stats and not factor context is vastly superior to any other method. You have all the answers and I bow to your superior knowledge.
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    ah, a day when life is more important than hockey. a day when the welfare of others, washes across our hearts, replacing the love or hate of our team. my prayer is that the players and their families enjoy a wonderful day of togetherness.
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    Boesers expectations are so high, there is basically no way he can surpass them. People thought eriksson would come in and score 30 goals, people thought larsen would be our pp saviour, people thought rodin would spark canucks offense, people thought virtanen could make the jump to a second line winger. People keep complaining about disappointment, caused by their own unrealistic expectations
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    Year 1 Virtanen went back to Junior. Year 2 he wasn't old enough for the AHL. Btw, there is no magic formula. Different players simply develop at different rates. Neither of them have been "ruined". Ruined at 20 by limited sheltered minutes for one whole season? Are they just too old to learn anything now? That's just complete hyperbole.
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    Garbage. Tanev is worth a lot more than a bag of magic beans.
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    You didn't see Linden play, otherwise, you wouldn't be saying that. You didn't see things like Linden in his rookie year taking a D zone faceoff with one minute left to play, protecting a one goal lead, and directing veteran players on where to position themselves. Trust me, Linden was well above average right from the start.
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    Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. Most of you drive me absolutely bonkers, but I love this message board way more than I care to admit. Thank you for being my internet home away from home since there are zero fans of this team in my area. Sometimes y'all are the only ones keeping me sane (when you aren't driving me insane, I mean). Cheers, eh?
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    I finally start school in Jan. Have been wanting to do this for a while and now have decent enough stability to make it happen.
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    I'm not the OP, but no that isn't an example of rose coloured glasses... There were LITERALLY people who thought this team was a playoff contender and expected us to win a round at least... It's hilarious how stupid some people on these boards are.
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    I would like to acknowledge that there were a handful of relentless CDCers, that started or echo'd my call for the last few years, and I would like to say thanks for not loosing sight of reality..........you know who you are!
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    Can you imagine what the threads and posts would have been like if CDC existed during the Sedins' first few years in the NHL?
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    In my opinion we could do better then both these deals if we decide to trade Tanev.