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    I start this thread because Im confused with trucker..narration songs as it doesnt basically cover country...so I submit this...lol... I loved this man..I worked for 3 country music stations in my life and even travelled to Muskogee Oklahoma( I remember having a drink in the bar Merle drank at...they had a lingerie night..girls went around to each table showing their night wear..haha..it was cool).....he was huge and a bigger loss... Story of my life....
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    He'd start in the minors, not junior, if that was the case. He's only in his second year of college now, not his third, so he'd have to stay two more years not just one to go to free agency. He's not going to be upset by some time in the minors anyway.
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    Well...its good I got over the Flu and drank a bottle of Shiraz...Ill still feel the sh&ts tomorrow.
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    Thank you Vancouver Canucks for the best season ever! Our whole family looked forward to every game and took the good and bad as all part of this great game. You guys made us proud, see you next season!
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    Sign him up for the playoff run...we could use a few goals...here and there...or 2 or 3 more per game would be nice....
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    I woke up with one sock on and for the life of me I have no clue where the other one is!.....and it's def not on my penis.
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    Both goals on the PP, 3SOG, 7 of 14 in the dot. Live box score here: http://stats.statbroadcast.com/broadcast/?id=135196
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    According to the northeastern men's hockey Twitter account Gaudette already has a goal tonight. 1-0
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    For sure, he's now tied for the team league in points in February.
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