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    Granlund's have the most goals of any brother tandem in the NHL this season. Neat trivia. I thought it would have been the Staal's or Foligno's. Granlund 31 Foligno 29 Staal (E+J) 27 Sedins 24 Stone 22 Van Riemsdyk 22 Benn 21 Ritchie 21 Staal (E+M) 18 Hayes 17 ... (as of Feb 18)
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    Signing Aston - Reese would allow us to draft high risk style players on the wing. Shooting for the stands as it was. His immediate chemistry with Gaudette forms 2/3s of an effective line. We've done very well with NCAA free agent signings. Let's hope Stechers success and having Gaudette are enough to rope him in
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    Just a reminder that I'm hosting a game of Cards Against Humanity for CDC. http://pretendyoure.xyz/zy/ We'll push the game to 6 pm PST, on the "falcon with a box on its head" server. The game will be labelled with my CDC username so it's easy to find, and the password will be Canucks.
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    Imagine Benning being able to sign Aston-Reese as well as talking Gaudette and Boeser into signing and being sent to Utica for the rest of the year I'm sure Green would be thankful for finally getting some talent to work with.
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    We've always room for a right shooting forward. Damn, imagine picking up Aston-Reese for free....
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    With that, he extends his point streak to 10 games. He has 18 points (12 goals and 6 assists) in those 10 games. Also, 9 goals in his last 6 games.
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    1 goal, 2 assists, +3 and 7 shots tonight.
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