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    Stecher, just got a puppy and now has mumps. Did we sign a 12 year old? You just have to laugh now, its really getting ridiculous. The hockey gods are trying to tell Jim something...
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    Listen to the full interview here..
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    The Canucks need the CDC, just not this CDC
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    benning has been on the phones every day for long hours trying to make trades. that has already been reported. can he find a suitable trade? only time will tell. those who have never ran a team will say making trades are easy and benning is a fool if he can't make any. no one says, thanks jim for the hours you spent on the phone trying to make deals. so i'll be the lone wolf and say thanks jim.
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    This is smallpox. Smallpox has been eradicated because of vaccines that apparently don't work. This is Polio. Also gone thanks to vaccinations that "don't work" Just don't. Keep it about hockey not your hippy dippy anti vaccination nonsense. Unless you can prove 100% they don't work, just don't. Because of vaccinations we don't see images like these as commonplace anymore and that is a damned good thing. So unless you can provide PROOF that isn't derived from Jenny mcarthy just don't. Because NOBODY ever deserves to see their child suffer from these issues and you should be damned frigging glad about that and shaking the hand of a gd scientist every time you meet one and saying thank you. Now keep it to hockey, not hokey new age crap that every scientist biologist and doctor worth the title has laughed at resoundingly k.
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    For the first time since 2012 - The sharks are probably scared to play them tomorrow.
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    Not sure what you expect him to say? They try...and it isn't as easy as our armchair GM's think. You have 30 teams all vying for the same pieces of the puzzle....nothing comes easy (or cheap). I feel like many in this town have become spoiled and entitled...I've slugged it out for years with this team and see reasons to be optimistic and hopeful. I feel like it's become "cool" to complain. About everything.
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    "So we've been scouting some guys, they look real good, we like what we see, Virtanen is becoming a better player and learning, We haven't asked anybody to waive yet, We've got some calls from some teams, and Miller is really solid this year" Thanks for your time Jim Benning.
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    Not sure why Benning is subjecting himself to this right now. I see that he's chosen the best possible time slot though. Avoided those immense douchebags Sekeres and Price, and complete morons Blow Jake and Scat.
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    Tryamkin doesn't have mumps, mumps have Tryamkin.
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    Benning: Yaa, we're talking to teams. I'm on the phone a lot right now, and like, if something makes sense we'll do it. I don't want to get into details about which of our players we've talked to, but we're working towards making the team better now and in the future. With the expansion draft this year it's gonna be tough to make trades, like lots of teams are still trying to figure out if they want to work on that now or wait till the offseason. We've got a plan in place if we trade some guys and if we don't at the deadline for the expansion process. Ya we're going to keep talking to teams and see if we can get something done that makes sense.
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    Recent video of Tanev and Chaput in downtown Vancouver.
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    This place during the trade deadline should just be streamed on comedy Central 24/7.
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    Geez, thought most had the MMR vaccine these days. Isn't it administered in schools?
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    Thats it.... Now playoffs are in jeopardy........ terrible news.
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    Whining.....something you're well versed in.
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    GM Hiring: The Tampa Bay Lightning are pleased to announce the hiring of @Tylez as their new General Manager! Welcome to the league!
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    If I was Benning I would not be going anywhere near these guys at this time of year. Nothing good can come from this...
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    I think its the impending doom feeling that comes along with TDL and the Canucks. We were hoping for picks and prospects and all we're going to end up with is 5 guys with sore nuts.
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    To PHI: Craig Smith, Joshua Ho-Sang, 2017 3rd (WSH), 2018 1st (LA), 2018 3rd (LA) To LA: Patric Hornqvist (50% retained this year), Zach Sill
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    dont spreading ignorance. Unless you been to med school, studied life sciences, have good epidemiology understanding, stop posting crap. You probably have no clue how the immune system even works.
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    Exactly which NHLers are getting consistently benched in favor plugs? Because we're pretty damn thin when it comes to forward depth.
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    I've questioned the lip service that is delivered that fails to adequately address, with consistency, high risk and dangerous hits. If you want to eliminate something, you do. When you dabble and constantly explain things away it leaves the door open, with disastrous consequences. There really needs to be a zero tolerance policy and even accidental hits to the head have to be addressed. None of this primary point of contact and stuff that makes excuses.
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    Farhan LaljiVerified account‏@FarhanLaljiTSN 3h3 hours ago More Just to confirm, Henrik says he and Daniel have not been asked about a potential trade list. #Canucks
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    Jake Virtanen is a 20 year old kid playing hockey in the Vancouver Canucks development program which is being debated in no less than 3 ongoing threads at this moment in time.
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    Canucks vs Sharks Saturday night. Jumbo Joe and Pavelski on the rush with Burns trailing, in on... Jordan Subban. Or into the corner with Marleau and Ward. You don't want that.
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    And just last week Subban was over heard saying, "what's it going to take to get a call up, an infectious disease?"
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    Here's how the Sharks feel about having to come to mumps ground zero to play tomorrow
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    The playoffs were in jeopardy before this, my friend.
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    CDC ridules him when he comes on and talks about specific players (Stamkos, Subban) and they ridicule him when he gives stock answers, if I was him I would not even bother telling the fans anything. Just do your thing... proof will be in the results.
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    -Sutter is almost a year younger. -Sutter is averaging 19:50 TOI Berglund is avergaing 15:38 -Sutter is 55.5% on the draw Berglund is 49.9% -Sutter is the better penalty killer of the 2 -points wise, shot blocks, injury wise they are pretty much a wash -Berglund hits more How is it that sutters contract sucks but this contract is decent?
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    Happy to be on board! Nice to take over a team that is already strong and wit a chance to contend. Stand by a few hours for a post on my Trade Block and let's get to chatting!
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    I always thought Benning was pretty straight forward and honest with the media, more so than most GM's. You guys are describing Gillis. That being said what's the over/under on 'you know'? My bet is 18
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    He's just going to talk about his plans this week... calm down bro LOL
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    Sigh...I'm in a constant state of 'you are only allowed 24 a day' pergatory. .. Cap'n, in lieu of an unavailable '+' I'll confirm that MM and I routinely meet up for tea and scrumpets to laugh at allllll the potential players you're missing out on that you get to be the agent passing them out like candy ....these ill-advise laughing fits will soon turn to tears when I see who you steal from me come expansion day
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    Before he commits, he wants an offer from Jim Benning to see the max he could possibly get before making a final decision.
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    To CBJ: Artemi Panarin To STL: Wayne Simmonds, 2017 LAK 1st, Nick Merkley
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    Have fun being disappointed then. I don't think they are putting much thought into trading him anyway. The team likes Miller, and Miller likes the team.
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    He is a player who never should of been selected 6th overall. He is a player who is struggling to find his way right now. He is a player with shoulder injury issues He is a player who is overrated and has had unfair expectations placed on him because of his draft position He is immature and it will take a lot of time before we truly know what he is He was rushed in to the NHL which only made matters worse He can't score at this level like he could in Junior and his lack of skill is being exposed Feel free to add to the list
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    Not bad.. Almost 3 pages long already and the Presser is over an hour away. Go CDC go!
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    I find this a little ridiculous. Cocaine is an illegal substance...nothing "grown man" to that and I don't feel that it's something to support as such. Working in the field for a number of years, cocaine can destroy lives. Grown men often have families at home and it's important to keep that in mind. Many of the NHL players who don't have families yet are teenagers just entering the league. Is it fair to throw them into an environment that ignores drug use then expect them to succeed? You're setting them up for disaster if this is an accepted part of it. Addicts start using with moderation in mind...just doesn't always end that way.
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    There used to be a time where it was only really Canucks Talk that could be ridiculed on this site. Then you look at some of the crap being posted in Off Topic now and you can't help but laugh at the sheer stupidity of individual posters, to whom it's not even worth replying due to their idiocy, willingness to believe something that somebody wrote in a crappy conspiracy theory blog, and unwillingness to back up what they post with any sort of reliable evidence or statistics. And that's not even taking into consideration the borderline bigotry. It's always the same posters in every thread.
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    On behalf of new General Manager @Tigs, the Washington Capitals are pleased to announce the re-signings of: Stephen Gionta - 2 years, $800k AAV Peter Holland - 1 year, $750k Nick Jensen - 2 years, $1.2m AAV Anthony Bitetto - 2 years, $750k AAV Robin Lehner - 4 years, $4.5m AAV Ales Hemsky - 1 year, $3m And the signings of: JC Beaudin - 3 years, $850k AAV Alexander Kerfoot - 3 years, $975k AAV
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    LMAO JUST so we are clear Those stories, describe in brief what happens in a country of roughly 10 millions people. In 1 section. Just for clarification. The US had over 340 cars lit on fire last weekend alone, and here is the record of gun violence since Jan 29th, filtered for just mass shootings 4 and over http://www.gunviolencearchive.org/reports/mass-shooting Me thinks you piss and moan about immigrants in a country you know jack and or **** about but ignore the fact your neighbours are burning their country to the ground and killing each other en masse day in and day out. Way to pick and choose your fights bud.
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    To WSH: Elias Lindholm To STL: Drake Cagguila, Carl Gunnarsson, Connor Hurley
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