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    It's not my best work, but it'll get the job done. I am SO excited to be going to this game! The Boys in Blue don't swing 'round these parts too often, so it'll be great to see 'em live. I'll be sitting right next to the Sharks' bench (BOO!), so let me know if you see me on broadcast My GDT Record is 5-0 and my attendance record is 4-0, so of course I'm predicting a big Canucks WIN! Let's say 3-2 in overtime. 'Nucks goals by my boos Markus Granlund, Bo Horvat, and Reid Boucher. Go, Canucks, go!!! I just used the line-ups from last game as a template. Please update this thread with more accurate ones as more info is available. ETA: I updated the "Heroes" pic to reflect the Canucks lines as indicated in practice this morning.
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    Spot the drunk early in the morning!
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    http://www.theprovince.com/touch/story.html?id=10777690 BY ED WILLES, THE PROVINCE FEBRUARY 1, 2015 Nine months ago, when his heart was operating at 28 per cent of its capacity, doctors were telling Gino Odjick he might have a year to live. Today, his heart is operating at 58 per cent of its capacity and the doctors are saying he might have three years left, possibly more. So those numbers tell a story; a significant story. But what they don’t tell, what they can never tell, is the life that’s in Odjick’s eyes and the strength in his being. He’s still trying to take all this in and sort out what it means — “I don’t know if it’s a gift,” he says. “I still have to get used to this situation” — but he knows one thing. He can now talk about a future and the things he can do. He used to take that for granted. He doesn’t anymore. “I’m just starting to feel better and better,” says the former Canuck. “I want to get used to this.” And now he has the time. Odjick’s private struggle became a public story last June when he revealed he was suffering from amyloidosis, a rare heart condition in which protein deposits are formed in the heart. His case was considered terminal and there was a question if he’d make it to the new year. But a round of chemo slowed the disease and he’s now considered to be in remission. On Friday night, he was also in the Canucks’ alumni suite taking in the Sabres game with his good friend Peter Leech, and if you saw him in June, the transformation is striking. He’s still weak from the chemo and his voice is reedy, but he gets around and he now talks about working for the Canucks in a scouting capacity. In the summer, none of that seemed possible. Suddenly, his life is full of possibilities. “I want to get healthy and do something I love,” he says. “I love hockey and I’m a pretty good judge of talent. We’ll see what the team wants to do, but that’s what I’d like to do.” “That’s a conversation we’ll have,” says Canucks president Trevor Linden. “He’s a big part of the Canucks.” That much Odjick has learned. When he was in the hospital, former teammates rallied to his side. There was Linden, Stan Smyl, Kirk McLean, Garry Valk, Cliff Ronning, Dave Babych and Geoff Courtnall, but the one man he could always count on was Pat Quinn. Early on, Quinn would stop by a couple of times a week to visit, and when Odjick travelled back east to be with his family, his old coach was on the phone, urging him to listen to the doctors and take care of himself because he was getting better. Stick with the program, Quinn would tell him, his coach till the end. “He was a special person,” Odjick says. “He not only made me a better hockey player, he made me a better person. He’ll have an impact on me my whole life.” Once, Quinn went the better part of 10 days without visiting, and Odjick thought he must have been out of town. He later learned Quinn was in the hospital himself, but he never once mentioned his illness to his former player. In fact, he left strict instructions that Odjick wasn’t to be told about his cancer. “He never mentioned anything about being sick,” Odjick says, shaking his head. “He went so quick. It was a shock.” Quinn’s life will be celebrated by the Canucks on March 17. As it happens, the organization is planning a ceremony to honour Odjick before the end of this season. There’s a beautiful symmetry in that, and Odjick has grown to like the idea of a public ceremony. But that took some time. Initially, he was reticent about disclosing his disease. But then the phone calls and the emails started coming and he came to realize he wasn’t alone in this. So many times during his career he had to face the toughest battles by himself, but now, in his biggest fight, he looked around and saw so many people by his side. There was strength in that. And there was love. “It’s amazing,” he says. “I wish it never came out. It was more a private thing, but the support has meant a lot to me. “I think one of the reasons I got healthy was the power of prayer.” So where does he go from here? Well, the doctors can treat the protein but they can’t remove it, and they’re expecting it will return. When? They’re saying three years, but maybe the timeline isn’t important. What’s important is he’s starting to feel better and he has tomorrow and he knows those are precious. And that’s a fine thing to know. I think this is awesome!!! Way to go Gino!!
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    Kesler. Give me a team of Kesler's and they are cup contenders every year
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    I can see Sbisa wearing an 'A' for the Vegas team next season.
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    Bieksa. He was a great defenseman for the Canucks, who much like Kesler, Burrows, and Hansen came up through the ranks and fought tooth and nail for his spot. He also possessed a fearlessness, toughness, and willingness to stand up for his teammates, that was sorely missing for a few years. Couple that with the fact that he would have gladly retired a Canuck, Cup or no Cup.
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    and you're 1.5 mil over the cap. you have to waive him anyways so just waive him to be cap compliant
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    For the record, I really like him too. As a Season Ticket holder I have had the privilege of meeting practically all of the Canucks players at various events and signings. I can tell you without word of a lie that Sbisa is by far the nicest out of all of them. I had a good conversation with him where he actually looked me in the eye and engaged me in a normal and friendly conversation and not the normal canned fan experience talking to most players would give you. Luca Sbisa is a class act all the way. That being said. I just don't see him as being in a position to be Captain of this team. To me, that honour needs to go to Bo Horvat.
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    I don't necessarily think it was the lack of interest for why he did not get traded. The current situation of Markstrom being out with an injury could be part of the reason. As well as, Jim Benning may have not been happy with the offers he was recieving. I don't really mind keeping Miller, and re-signing him in the off-season for a year or two. He has been great for us, and it will benefit Markstrom. But I would like to see a 50-50 split between Miller and Markstrom, or Markstrom getting more games, if we do re-sign Miller.
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    Luca Sbisa is loved by his teammates. Is good with the questions reporters ask. He hits, block shots, stands up for team mates. He does the small things that will win you games. His game sorts of reminds me of Eric Brewer, who was captain of the Blues, Scott Stevens with the Devils, Jason Smith with the Flyers. Mattias Nordstrom with the Kings. All these guys were stay at home defensemen who plays the same style as Sbisa.He's only 27 so by the time the Sedins retire, capticancy will be up for grabs. He will be 28 by that time (perfect age to be a captain) and will have played his 4th season in Vancouver Will he be captain one day, or at least assistant captain
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    Where would we be if we did not have Willie Desjardins this year....Playoff bound? Lottery team? Now I know there is a lot of dislike for WD and a lot of people would like to see the guy axed. However.... Take a moment to consider the fact that we are 8 points back of the last Wild Card spot (not implying we are still in the race, but we arent that far out), our first line is clearly a shell of their former self and are in desperate need of primary and secondary scoring, Rodin who was supposed to be one of our top 6 only got to play 3 games and our defense that struggled immensely to stay healthy all year... Has somehow managed to stay within a handful of wins, of a playoff spot. Is it the players? Is it the coach? or is it that the rest of the west is weak? I believe its the players buying into the systems knowing what they lack which is goal scoring and WD coaching with what he has to work with upfront on a nightly basis. We have a total of 434 possible games played between Edler(48gp) - Tanev(36gp) - Gudbranson(30gp) - Hutton(51gp) - Stetcher(50gp) - Sbisa(62gp) - Tryamkin(50gp) from those 7 players they have played a combined 281 games - and missed 153 games. We have had our top defense missing on 35% of the games played thus far, Without Sbisa's healthy season 41% of the time we are missing top defense. Sbisa has been an absolute stud all year and I said this a few years ago and stood by it when he first came here and everyone was ripping on him that given some time in the league and a bit more experience he will become a solid dman. On another note Miller and Markstrom have played excellent, Miller especially. They have also been a huge reason as to why this team has been able to keep pace with a lot of teams despite hardly having any of our top defence healthy all year. These games are not including Larsens GP or games IR or Biega's GP. Strictly those 7 as mentioned above. Strictly looking at majority of games played we have had Hutton, Stetcher, Sbisa and Tryamkin logging most of the minutes and playing the majority of games. Our top 2 pairing have missed 60 games combined, add in our #3 missing 32 games and now 92 out of 186 games we have missed our top 3 defense. 49% of the season we have missed our top 3 D. I do not think it is a fluke by any means that we have been able to keep alongside some of the teams in/out of the playoff race who have not had near as many significant injuries as we had, this really boils down to coaching, players buying in and WD along with his coaching staff being largely under appreciated. A healthy defense along with some fresh young talent up front next year and this team is going to shine. We just injected a lot of young highly talented players and this team is rebuilding at a rapid pace. Time for all the haters to tip their hats to the men behind the bench because 50% of your season without your top 3-4 defense along with an aged core and decent secondary scoring line and to only be sitting 8 points back of STL for the last wild card spot with the roster they have along with the lack of significant injuries is quite impressive.
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    It was a close tie with Burrows and Bieksa for me.
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    Thank you for the free legend. I'm happy that I made all of those deals to shed cap, including selling Daniel Sedin :))
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    If you read it on the internet then it must be true.
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    The Toronto Maple Leafs win the claim on Mr. Daniel Sedin.
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    To PHI: Morgan Rielly To NSH: Shea Weber (2.428M retained for this season and next)
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