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    Aw, Burr waving at his Mom in the stands. And wow, does he ever look EXACTLY like his Father!! I feel better, seeing this have a happy ending for him. Tears me up that we lost him, but a great way for him to start his new journey.
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    Burrows scores for Ottawa!!! Congrats Burr on you're your first of many to come!
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    Burr with his first as a Sen! That didn't take long!
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    LW/RW | 6'0" | 185 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 1995-10-07 Birthplace | Moskva, RUS Draft | 2014 Round 1 #27 Overall by San Jose Sharks
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    BUT!!! That does NOT hold a candle to Burrows debut for the Sens!!! Enjoy, Sens faithful, you just scored a gem! All of the sudden, I'm a HUGE Sens fan!
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    3 years of professional hockey in North America. He's eligible.
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    He hasn't been in the NHL long enough to be available. If I recall correctly, you have to have been in the NHL for more than two years to be exposeable.
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    Granlund has quietly been putting together a very solid season... especially for a guy who has bounced around the lineup a lot this year. I was bummed that we dealt Shinkaruk last year but now? Not so much. There's around 20 games left in this season and it's pretty likely that Granlund will cross the 20 goal mark this year (barring injury) which is pretty insane for a guy that a lot of people dismissed early on. Definitely a guy worthy of saving in the expansion and definitely a guy who'll be a fixture in the Canucks lineup for the next several years.
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    Fortunately, that just takes time and experience. Even Kesler wasn't even that good at faceoffs when he first started (he played wing a lot). Gaunce is cerebral and is a pretty big/strong guy.... once he gets to know the tendencies of other centres in the NHL and learn a little more from Malhotra... watch out.
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    Meh he is playing really well. He has been very sneaky good at making the safe play and getting the play moving north then its off the ice. He's like a young Malhotra without the face-off prowess. I fully expect next year to be a breakout for him and I don't mean that he will score 20 but that he might play 20 in games we are leading by a goal.
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    Best Corsi on the team play this guy on a line with finishers already
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