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    Aw, Burr waving at his Mom in the stands. And wow, does he ever look EXACTLY like his Father!! I feel better, seeing this have a happy ending for him. Tears me up that we lost him, but a great way for him to start his new journey.
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    Burrows scores for Ottawa!!! Congrats Burr on you're your first of many to come!
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    Burr with his first as a Sen! That didn't take long!
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    LW/RW | 6'0" | 185 lbs Shoots | Left Born | 1995-10-07 Birthplace | Moskva, RUS Draft | 2014 Round 1 #27 Overall by San Jose Sharks
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    BUT!!! That does NOT hold a candle to Burrows debut for the Sens!!! Enjoy, Sens faithful, you just scored a gem! All of the sudden, I'm a HUGE Sens fan!
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