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    It's unfortunate that so much time is spent in these interviews answering fluff like "Goldy's ice-time" and "are you rebuilding" and "will you fire Willie". Takes away from the opportunity to ask real and meaningful questions and potentially get some real insights into the team, the players, and franchise intentions and direction.
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    I decided to try my hand at poetry, @Nuxfanabroad style. This little ditty is meant to be hummed to the tune of the Gilligan's Island theme song. If you are not familiar with the song you can find it here: Ok, it's high time I took a GDT hiatus, but before I take a breather for a couple weeks I have to predict one more Canucks WIN! We're taking this one 5-4, as the song alluded to. Maybe it's the beer talking, but I believe! Go, Canucks, go!!
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    I wasn't going to dignify this with a response. But fun it. This dude is an old washed up 73 year old chicken. Got drafted 2nd overall in the CFL but never played... He was an Assistant General Manager of the TMLs when they were brutal. You can thank him for all those years the Leafs sucked worse than a leech sucking your blood out. You guys shouldn't even bother with it. He's not worth the time.
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    "Bo's a one-of-a-kind guy," Bachman said. "And I've had the pleasure to play with some really good young players when I was in Edmonton. When I was in Dallas, we had Jamie Benn coming up. But Bo … it's almost like he's a 10-year vet. He just goes about his business, shows up every night. When the team needs a big shift, he gives it to you. "When you're off the ice and someone new steps in the locker room, he's one of the first guys to welcome that player. The way he carries himself. It's pretty amazing for how young he is. You forget sometimes that he's still just a kid, learning the game. It's fun to see him doing so well." https://www.nhl.com/news/bo-horvat-becoming-a-star-with-canucks/c-287425490?tid=284437936 Thought this was a pretty cool insight from Bachman, as he has played around a lot of young talent in Dallas and Edmonton. Bo's got character! I feel confident that Bo will be a star in this league for years to come. ....And lead us to our first Stanley
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    That's the goal every season. If that were the standard of performance, the Oilers should have turned their management over more than they have. The standard for this team is rather their overall stated goal -- to get younger, faster, and more skilled, and they are arguably on the path to achieving that.
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    How about who he likes in the upcoming entry draft? Or what he is looking to add in the offseason? Maybe talk about prospects who are having good seasons that we as fans might not talk/know about. Players on the active roster or minors that have made strides, and excite him for the future.
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    Bo is already better at owning up to it, then Henrik has ever been.
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    I'm sure the prospects you acquired in laughable deals will help you sleep at night.
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    Nothing sad about it really, if fan opinion was actually taken more seriously we'd have a new coach every 2 weeks.
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    Lol. BS right off the bat. What Benning says: Our goal is to be competitive and try to make the playoffs. What Mr Sunshine hears: We are a playoff team.
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    Tony Gallagher is Willie Desjardins' dad?
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    Shane O'Brien invented change ups when he played here.
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    People seem to forget that this was a Gillis trade/pick - if it wasn't for that deal I wonder where we would be right now
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    Give this kid a permanent A this year and then the C next year
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    BREAKING: The Vancouver Canucks have hired Brian Burke as our AGM
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    SEEING DOUBLE The top 2 projected picks for this years NHL draft are a pair of Swedes by the names of Oskar (C) and Viktor (LW) Zetterqvist. RGMG scouts have scouted the pair on their Skelleftea J20 team, and believe the pair have what it takes to become Superstar forwards in the NHL. Surprisingly, they have drawn comparisons to recently retired legends Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Oskar and Viktor's agent has made it clear to RGMG scouts that his clients are willing and ready to step into the NHL right out of the draft. However there is one catch: The brothers will only come over if they are on the same organization. If they are drafted to different organizations, they will hold out until they are both on the same team. RGMG insiders are excited to see how this folds out and believe we may not see many teams tanking this year. Tanking down will do no good, as you will need two top picks in order to secure both twins.
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    Damn am I ever tired of these morons at 1040 repeatedly asking if we're "transitioning or rebuilding" They just want to hear Benning or Linden say the word rebuild. Like wtf is the point? Are they going to feel accomplished in their jobs to finally get them to say rebuild?
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    what questions do you want asked? and what questions as a gm, should he answer?
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    Those questions are pretty big foundation questions. Its also what the fans want to know so team 1040 is doing their job.
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    They don't, or at least didn't get voted in. They get "given" their seats. IIRC she was a Harper appointee, she was an amazing fundraiser in the late 90's early 2000's Her comments are so laughably pathetic it makes me cringe. My father survived residential schools. I recall him waking up screaming in fear when I was a kid, I know many elders who suffered horribly, many people from my band in Manitoba were taken and never seen again. Some abused, some literally given away to the scoop program, and of the hundreds of thousands of kids stolen over time almost 7000 recorded deaths with tens of thousands of recorded attacks against first nations kids by those people "who only meant to do good" I mean what about Hitler and his final plan? He only had their best interests at heart. What about all the good he did for the jews in Europe? Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge. They meant well I guess. Why the British Empire in the 50's and the Mau Mau camps in Kenya. Hundreds of thousands starved and beaten with over 100k recorded deaths. But it was for the best because they meant well This woman deserves to have her arse forcibly removed from her seat for these remarks. They're disgusting and a slap in the face to the first nations members of this country.
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    Well, this is Part 1 of the Goldobin's extensive interview from almost a year ago (April 2016).This is the only detailed interview I could find in the Russian media, it shows him as a person and how he feels about his hockey life. The original link is here: http://www.sport-express.ru/hockey/nhl/reviews/986002/ , I skip some questions related to the Russian players and coaches, the interview is pretty big. Q: You played in the Canadian junior league and then in the Finnish men league, that is unusual. How difficult were those decisions? A: Yes, the first step was a difficult one. I moved to Canada at 16 and that was not an easy decision because I did not speak English at that time and I would need to leave the most important persons in my life – my parents. But they knew that this would be beneficial for me and let me go without any problem. Later I have learned the language and now feel comfortable. Q: Why did not you chose the usual path MHL-KHL (MHL – Russian junior league) and move overseas instead? A: This was our mutual decision with Larionov. He gave me advice to go to Canada and did everything to help me with that. I could not resist and went to the OHL. Q: How did Larionov find you? A: He has some staff in Russia and they saw my play in MHL. Later he contacted me by skype, we talked – and began to work together. Q: Who was your favourite player when you were a kid? A: Crosby and Ovechkin. But now I am trying to be one of the best and don’t have a hockey idol right now. Q: Were you satisfied with your play at the WJC in 2015? (Goldobin scored the last goal by Team Russia against Canada in the gold medal game when Russia almost tied the game 5-4 after trailing by score 5-1) A: I am never satisfied with my game because I know that can play better. Q: After two seasons in the OHL you were drafted by San Jose in the first round. Was this because you played in North America or that was a result of your super play in a single game? A: Everyone can play just one very good game. Since I was in the OHL, my play could be watched all the time. I think I have deserved to be drafted in the first round. I worked very hard. Q: You played for a year in Finland after the draft. Was that the Larionov’s idea? A: That was again our mutual decision. I had two options – another year in the OHL or play with men in Finland and get more experience. Sure I have chosen Europe and I liked it. I enjoyed that season and the trip to Finland. Q: Is this the CSKA club which has your KHL rights? A: Yes but for now I don’t want to be in the KHL. My dream is to regularly play in the NHL. Q: But in the junior draft you were drafted by Metallurg… A: Basically I did not care which team drafted me because I did not consider that option. I was going to go to Canada – and I did. Q: You got call up from the farm club pretty soon at the beginning of the season. Was that because of the Logan Couture’s injury? A: I was hoping to make the team after the camp. This did not happen but I got call up due to that injury. I got call up, then was sent back, and then call up again… I was happy with any chance. Q: And in your second game you scored to Islanders with pass from Joe Thornton. So you got to the first line right away? A: Yes, with Thornton and Joe Pavelski. I expected to play in the second or third line but they probably wanted to try me with the best. I could not say that I was not ready – but there was so much to learn. This is the best league in the world after all. Although that was not as difficult as I imagine to myself. I’ve come to conclusion that I can play on this level. And I am trying now to do everything to make this happen.
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    A bad and/or injury riddled team is just that. Last year no coach in the world could have made the playoffs with the number of key injuries. This year more youth added and multiple injuries to the D meant playoffs were a stretch. The fact Willie kept the team in the hunt so long is to his credit, not detriment. That bold part tells me you believe a large portion of Nuck fans are morons. I agree. Seriously, I see no point in changing coaches at this point. Particularly to go with another rookie coach (Green) who has lesser credentials than Willie. Stay the course as far as I'm concerned. Willie is a development coach and that's what's needed for now.
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    That's the same line the organization uses every off season. We're going to look at all of the options, do a full assessment of everyone and everything, talk to everyone, etc,. Heard it years and years running. Nothing really to see here. Of course they're going to look at all options, do a full assessment, etc. The "doubt" part is tsn. What Linden is doing is backing off the question. More accurate would be to say it will be evaluated, which isn't really news - but this interpretive 'doubt' serves the hunger for drama much better. So feed your wishful faces watchers. But you know you came in here looking for more substance to the 'doubt' lol and were relatively disappointed by the generic statement Linden made. You've been TSNed again.
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    For the life of me I don't understand the hate for everyone at 1040! Yes Bro and Pratt are annoying and Abbot is a pretty brutal play by play... But what do you honestly expect from the rest of them!? The midday show is usually pretty decent. And the fact that Price stirs the pot actually makes for good radio. If everyone just agreed the whole show then what's the point? THAT would be boring and a waste of time. I'd rather have different points of view on subject rather than a bunch of homers circle jerking to the same beat. As for the afternoon gang...Donnie and Bmac are great! Never been a huge fan of the Moj but he isn't horrible. Knows his football and a solid amount of hockey. And what is wrong with having some lighthearted banter about random things? Most of it is amusing. Anyways I don't see this as a win. Rogers does a piss poor job of anything media related and this will be no different. Because they have the rights means they will just mail this coverage in with crappy Eastern talk show washouts who will spend more time talking about the Bjays than the Canucks. Just because CKNW was good 15 years ago doesn't mean Rogers will bother to make a good radio station. Sad day...
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    What the h are we doing? 1)not making the playoffs 2) not helping our draft odds 3) not using the chance to develop and evaluate guys 4) playing guys that won't be here ... Megna, Biega 5)not making Megna accountable just fire Willie now and get it over with
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    Sutter needs to have his season shut down. Heal up that wrist, cause he is doing more harm to it and it shows in the game. Edler's season needs to be shut down period. Guy is just an imbecile out there. Get him outta here
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    i say let's review this all again in 2 years when linden and jb have been at this job 5 years i think watters will have a different view then i like how the team is being transitioned
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    Sounds to me like a couple of the boys had some fun with Lee Chin and told him some tall tales about hockey culture. Absolutely I buy that some of players enjoy pints on their off days. But that "change up" business sounds like pure nonsense. Now "manager," given where Chin is from, could mean either coach or GM, but I can't see either Willie or JB ever "calling a change up." They'd likely be fired as soon as their superiors caught wind of it. Imagine JB calling up Eriksson and saying "Loui, it's time for a change up. You're not scoring and we need to shake things up. I want you to go out and get wrecked before the next game. 20 pints should do it. And pick up a couple puck bunnies while you're at it. We need you to produce and Willie and I think this is the best way to bust the slump." Yeah right. Either the players were taking advantage of the guy's naivety or maybe Chin decided to just concoct the story himself. But there's no way this type of thing is going on. At least not with direction from management. Maybe it's a thing that happens between players at lower levels but certainly not on an NHL team (especially this one, given the culture and leadership here) and definitely not with management direction or approval.
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    It's Wilbers fault the Sedin's are old and slow. It's Wilbers fault Eriksson isn't playing up to his contract. It's Wilbers fault we've had a significant amount of injuries. Despite Wilber, we've developed younger players that have been forced into the lineup. Despite Wilber, we've had great team efforts on most nights. Anything good that happens has nothing to do with Willie, but everything bad seems to be directly his fault. Why can't people see this roster for what it is? You can't get blood from a stone, and you can't expect to win games with a lineup that is so obviously inferior to the top 16 teams. I may not understand every decision he makes, but you don't think that the coaching staff (Willie, Doug L., Perry, Doug J., Dan, etc) and management see these things too? I'm sure they know more about hockey than anyone on this forum, so I'm certain things are discussed and planned out. If not, then maybe the whole works of coaches and management should be fired? Would that appease CDC? If you're that unhappy with the choices management and coaches are making then maybe you should go cheer for another team. Toronto and Edmonton have big bandwagons. For the record, I'm not a huge Willie fan, but to place all the blame at his feet would be foolhardy. If you truly expected this team to be a top 10 team in the league, you obviously have no grasp of what other teams rosters are like. This team is still in the "hunt" for the playoffs, just like Jim said he thought they could be, and that's despite the incredible amount of injuries we've sustained this year. I don't see how even the great Scotty Bowman could get more out of this group, they just aren't there yet. Enjoy the last 20 games or so games, and look forward to the future. The pieces are starting to show up and we will be back in contention in the near future.
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    This is seriously a dream come true. I absolutely hate the way 1040 has handled its monopoly on the sports market. CKNW was far superior back in the day. I guess it's possible that the new rightsholders will do a worse job, but I kind of doubt it. Maybe now I can follow the Canucks without having my ears assaulted by scams like incomeforever.com and Mexican real estate, ads for strip clubs, peddling gambling picks to me every five minutes, and Pratt / Bro Jake / the Moj talking about which actresses are too fat for them to bang. Not to mention handing the reins over to American broadcasts about college football and whatnot the second they clock out at 6pm or whenever. I respect what Paul Carson and company tried to do with a 24/7 sports radio station...but that vision got perverted years ago.
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    One more for you fanatics: December 8: December 9: December 10: December 11: December 12: December 13: December 14: Standings:
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    So playoffs are out of the picture. Do people want more wins just so that we can draft outside of the top 10? I dont get the anger. Bo got a point Baer scored a beaut Granlund got another point Stetcher got a couple points and tied the game All young guys, all positives. The whole @#%# existence of this organization right now should be focused on the young guys AND drafting a legit top 6 forward.
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    I know that comment is being somewhat sarcastic, but would there be any way to justify extending him to a four year extension in this off-season? Has his record been that good? Is he such a hot commodity that the team would need to lock him up before he get an opportunity to explore else where? Does the team really believe that he's the best option moving forward with this club for the next 4 years? This season hasn’t been good, blame it on injuries, roster depth, coaching or a mix of everything but to say WD is a doing enough for an extension is simply asinine. The Canucks lead for approx 30 minutes total in their first 10 games Canucks almost set the record for the longest start to a game without a single shot on net. Two 9 game losing streaks 3rd worst pp in the league 6th worst pk in the league 3rd worst GF/GP I keep hearing people say he gets the most out of the players he's given and aleast the effort level is there, But I really don't see it. I see more games where this team doesn't show up than games where they play hard for a full 60 minutes. Outside of Horvat or Tryamkin's play, this has been one of the worst seasons to watch as a fan for excitement value, we play sit back hockey with hopes of squeaking out a win in OT. What games are people watching where they see good effort level. I can maybe count the total off full effort on maybe two hands. Do people just forget about the losing streaks where we’ve sat back until the 3 period. The streaking where we don’t generate any offense. I don’t think the players even believe the effort has been up to par this season. Here is some quotes from 12 different post games this year where the players admitted the effort wasn’t there. If I wanted to spend more time I’m sure I could have found more. But 12 out of 66 is 18% of our season where the effort hasn’t been there. “That’s what we talk about all the time,” captain Henrik Sedin said of the lack of offensive zone time. “We need our Ds to come up and keep pucks in. A lot of times right now, it’s one shot and they rim the puck and the puck is out. It’s tough to create anything because a lot of times it’s on those second and third chances when you create goals. It’s been too much of one-and-done.” H. Sedin Oct 25 At the same time we didn't play as well as we should have. They are a great hockey team. There is no way we should be giving up five goals against them." Horvat Oct 30 "It's kind of getting towards rock bottom here, but maybe getting nice and pissed off is good for this club right now," Miller nov 5th "For me, when we're down, we're playing well, and why is that? We're aggressive. We've got to bring that same aggressiveness early on. We're waiting to see what's going to happen in the game, and you can't play that way. You've got to be more aggressive, create your own luck. I think we've got to fix that." D Sedin Dec 10 “You come into the room after something like that and you’re just shocked,” said Canucks defenceman Erik Gudbranson. “I’m just blown away by what happened. What can you say? We hung Millsey (Miller) out to dry and you feel terrible as a group because he deserves so much better from us. That’s tough. Gudbranson Dec 12 “Sometimes we have good starts, sometimes we have bad endings,” veteran forward Jannik Hansen said following Tuesday’s 4-1 victory over the Winnipeg Jets, a game Vancouver trailed 1-0 after getting thoroughly outplayed in the first period. “If we knew the answer to that we’d play 60 good minutes every single night, but for some reason we’re having a hard time stringing full games together. ” Hansen Dec 21 “You need extra effort to win tonight and we didn’t get it. We weren’t making enough plays. Our execution is off and out battle level is not high enough. As a team we didn’t play well enough and our line needs to play a lot better (three shots). Sedin Dec 23 “We definitely take the win, but it’s not good enough,” Eriksson said. “We gave up too many shots and too many scoring chances. Millsy came up big for us again, and we owe him a lot today. But we got the win, and we know we have another tough game tomorrow against them.” Eriksson Jan 7 “We’re still sitting back a little bit too much (early in the game). We’re not getting five guys in on the forecheck, so it’s tough to keep pucks in when you’re not getting everyone involved. We need to put more pressure on the other team. But it’s easy to talk about, tough to do. If you’re a little hesitant, the other team is going to come the other way, and that’s been a problem for us.” Sedin Jan 9th “The effort just wasn’t there and the passion wasn’t,” added Desjardins. “You have to have passion in games like that and we didn’t seem to have it. I said after the game (to the players) that isn’t acceptable — it’s not what we do. We can always have the passion.” WD Jan 26 “Breakdowns are gonna happen, but we gave them way too many odd-man rushes and chances in front of our net,” said Daniel Sedin. “A few is fine, but not the number we had tonight.” Sedin Feb 5 We knew what kind of game we needed to play,” Miller said. “You saw what happened when we got away from it in the third. We started stretching things out and leaving good ice and it didn’t turn out so well. It’s a one-goal game; anything is possible. It’s just disappointing to watch it fall apart in the third.” Miller Feb 13 I mean really if we have to lets go back through every game this year and rank the full game effort level, there will be far more games where it’s been lack luster than games that it’s been praise worthy.
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    Spent a week with "one of the top teams in professional hockey" makes me think that whoever wrote the article embellished just "a wee bit".
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    Glad Benning answered the ridonkulous question this way. I expect them to have Willie back next year, and expect them to trade Megna in the offseason. Another answer he's given ad nauseum to the hacks on this station. No wonder the Canucks are done with 1040. Thank Gord. Great answer on this subject and hopefully the nail that shuts the coffin on this non-issue. Benning, Desjardins, Goldobin, and Larionov are fine with the situation, so why does anyone else still care? Another attempt at stirring a pot that needs to be left cold. Good on Benning for giving a curt answer. Great news from Benning. Exciting times ahead with Bo at the helm. What else would he say? They're under contract for one more year. After that, hopefully, a year at a time, on minimal salary. Boeser joining the team will be a great thing. Another huge piece of the youth movement. Miller would be great to have as a bridge to the future, but not for $6M AAV.
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    Yes. Vegas and everyone else overestimated the intelligence of Americans.
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    It's been a long time since I've been surprised while reading articles featuring insight into Bo's personal character, but I still like reading them. Nothing to worry about, Bo is legit, pay him, Cup.
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    Another single useless point.. this is so frustrating to watch . Worsening our draft choices for nothing
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    1) Willie D 2) Rebuild/Transition Talk 3) Goldobin 4) Is it a disappointing season? 5) Horvat 6) Sedinery 7) Boeser 8) Miller's future http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/benning-we-don-t-view-this-season-as-a-failure-1.691978
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    Same questions - same answers Accept the fact that we are - rebuilding/retooling/transitioning while trying to remain competitive I think Jim is becoming more guarded in his answers and I don't blame him - the media tends to twist things Like Garrett said - patience
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    Coach: You've been off your game, go out and get blitzed. Player: Sure thing! *After the next game* Coach: You're still not quite right. Try a few more drinks. Player: If you say so! *Another game passes* Coach: Hmm, still no good. Maybe substitute beer with tequila? Player: I guess? I mean, you're the boss... *1 more game* Coach: I don't get it. Nothing seems to be working! Player: ... My head hurts...
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