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    Oh man, I guess it had to happen considering the season we just had. But imo Willie did a great job with our kids and will find another NHL job soon.
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    I wanted to start a new thread where people give their views on the positive things they saw this season,, that gives them hope for next season and the future. Alot of trollng and negativity on this site and some positive vibes would be good given the tough season the Nucks just had (as we transition to our new core). I know it won't be followed (as there are clearly some immature people here) but I would like this thread to focus on positives and not 'trolling comments' like "well at least Willie will be fired", "No more Megna" etc that kind of crap, you can keep it to yourself and in your playground- save it for the monkey bars at recess children. Thanks My views are as follows: 1. Emergence of several key parts of the Core Bo took the next step - still has many areas to improve in his game but we are seeing our next Captain emerge Tryamkin looks to be a beast Stecher is the real deal Boeser in limited time looks very promising - clearly can score at this level just needs to improve his quickness which will come in time Baer didn't regress and took a step forward and vets had glowing reviews about his compete and desire to win Granlund, from unknown to what would have been a 20 goal scorer had they not shut him down, and even more impressive he did that with a bum wrist Goldobin looks to have elite level talent - does some very noticeable things offensively that show he's got some incredible skill with speed - if he can learn to compete hard every night we will have one hell of an offensive threat Molino looks to be a nice addition as a defensive specialist - great speed, plays physical for his size Bulldog on the wing - wow - Love his compete and hopefully Vegas doesn't take him Sbisa (if he isn't taken by Vegas) had a terrific year and showed great improvement 2. We get a very high draft pick to complement what we already have We will likely be top 5 (hopefully top) but there is no loser pick there We should end up with one of Patrick, Hirchier, Vilardi, Mittlestadt, or Glass - I am assuming we will take a C given our lack of depth and no clear 'game changing dman' plus our new found defensive depth 3. Our key young players in the system seem to have had solid years/improved Demko from all reports had a very solid first year in the AHL, some choppy points but also dominated at many points, consistency is now his next step Juolevi had a very solid year in London and it will be interesting at camp to see how much stonger he has become from one more offseason of training and how effective he will be playing with pros/better players - I suspect he will be a 'tough' decision for Mgmt next year given he's either an overager in London or in Van. Maybe send him to Europe if not ready? Virtanen seems to have turned ONE corner, many corners more to come, but from all reports, is starting to 'play the right' way in Utica, has leaned up/lost alot of the excess weight and is competing, and saying the right things. Seems to be maturing away from maybe some bad influences back home and from eating a bit of humble pie. A good thing, and his test will really be how does he behave/train this offseason - regress back to his old ways or take the next step in being a pro and come to camp ready to try and steal a spot. I hope its the latter - he oozes skills we need, size with speed and hands and intimidating physicality is something this team lacks - we NEED him to be what can can be Cassells from all reports has come out of the woodwork and really improved his speed, surprisingly like "bo" did some have said - this could be a nice surprise for us long term as he has always been a very gritty, smart center ice man, good in the circle, tough to play against, and has strong offensive instincts - prototypical 3c who can slot up into 2c in a pinch. Subban continues to improve but now must really push to be a call up and actually play next year else he risks being overtaken Brisboise - last cut on team Canada - enough said there, terrific year in junior Carl Niel - huge points in the Q - wants to sign here, good size, offensive player on the back end - Letang light? Never know folks this kid looks to be the real deal and it will be interesting to see how he plays in the AHL next year. 6'1 205 lbs -NHL size, can skate and has offensive talent( put up a point per game on the back end this year, nothing to scoff at). Gaudette and Lockwood - terrific years in the NCAA - beyond any expectations we had 4. Other reasons to be optimistic Learning what we have in Dahlen - Ottawa fans were losing their minds at the deadline, then calmed down when Burr showed them why we loved him so much (at least most of us!). It will still will be interesting to learn what this kid is about and how good he may be - I know very little and I am sure most here are the same other than youtube clips and scouting reports Maybe some surprises come from somewhat forgotten players like Zhukenov, Jasek, Olsen, or even a re-signing of Rodin (will be an interesting call on that one) Erickson should have a better year Hopefully fewer injuries next year and we won't have to play 40 different players! Just one more year of experience and maturity for our young group Lots to be excited about Nucks fans - they sky is not as dark and gloomy as some here like to think!
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    They said this so not to make Willie the scapegoat. They're nice guys who accept responsibility. Why they weren't fired is probably because they don't really deserve to be. TL and JB have done a great job so far, despite what Tiger Williams (and the many negative people here) may think.
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    Thank you for the three years, Willie. You did your best and helped bring along some young promising players. Best of luck, WD. Someone find alfstonker and hold them tight.
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    You guys are hilarious...bunch of vultures
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    http://www.tsn.ca/radio/vancouver-1040-i-1410/linden-it-s-hard-when-you-re-29th-encouraged-by-where-canucks-are-1.720814 COACHING In what ways did Willie fall short as a coach? He's a great person, great character. - Linden Decision based on the need to make change. - Linden There's some areas that can be improved on. - Linden Why retain Doug Jarvis? (Powerplay/Penalty Kill guy) Love what he does in the assistant capacity. - Benning What are you looking for in new coach? Not sure experience plays that big a role. - Linden How important is it for new coach to develop players, do you have support of ownership to miss playoffs for maybe next 3 years? I've never felt better about the alignment of our organization. - Linden Ownership has always been great, understand what it takes. - Linden If the player earns opportunity the coaches will play him. Can't fault Willie. - Benning How much is this management's fault, was Willie given enough tools? This falls on everyone but feel things can be done better. - Linden Was there a philosophical divide between you and Willie going down the stretch? No. As a manager you always evaluate people, had good communication. - Benning At end of day you don't always agree but that's normal for President/GM/Coach. - Linden If you look at teams with young players that have succeeded Edmonton, Toronto, Columbus.. Would it be fair to bring in young coach or are you looking for a veteran? Young coaches are more ready than they used to be, they're good at communicating with young players. - Benning Will the next coach understand importance of development and will be given green light to live with mistakes of young players? In part you have to recognize what players have earned their spot even though they make mistakes. The other part is every coach wants to win so coach will do what he thinks will help that. There's a fine line. - Linden FUTURE How do you sell this team going forward? Last two years you sold it as playoff bound. Are you honestly going to rebuild as opposed to retool? Want to develop young players. When they're ready they will play. - Benning We have a lot of players coming in the next 1 or 2 years, names all the young players on team now. - Benning -Linden interrupts next question to also answer the rebuild question. I'm a lot more optimistic now than any time since I got here. - Linden Call it what you want, we know where we are and where we want to get to. Added young players and we need to continue down that path. - Linden Impressed by players added and by improvement of young players but a lot of work to do - Linden Seems this year marked change in priorities of organization, is development priority over winning? Our actions have supported a longer term view. - Linden Tried to support lineup with free agency (Eriksson). - Linden We have to bring in players that are NHL ready (Stetcher, Tryamkin). When Brock comes in next year he has to come in ready to knock door down. But if player isn't ready then has to start at right place. - Linden How long until this team is in contention? Hard to put time table, you never know how long a player takes to develop. - Linden Have good players but they're not ready right now. - Linden Encouraged but a lot of work to do, need to be patient. - Linden We have no choice, this is the path we're on. - Linden OTHER TOPICS Did injuries have a big impact on the season? Coming into the season we knew we'd have depth issues. Can't use injuries as an excuse but need to have more depth in the future. Can't compete without good players too hard of a league. - Benning We thought we would have a more competitive year. - Benning How do you handle the Sedins going forward since scoring and power play is so bad? They're still some of our top scorers. - Benning They're excellent people, have really set example for players (names Tryamkin). - Benning If you look at Henrik he had 50 points, if you put him on a playoff team he'd be a good supportive player on that group. It's not their fault we haven't been able to find players to help them contribute. - Linden What philosophy do you have going into the draft? No generational player like last couple of years but will be able to get a good player that scores 20-25 goals for many years. - Benning Where we're at we're going to take the best available player, we need a playmaking centre or a true power play defenseman and chance to get one in top 5. - Benning Couple of players in draft can make jump right away but won't have big impact like some players this year. - Benning Goal scoring will be an issue, will you look to free agency to help with that? If we were healthier we would have scored more, will look for more of a role player in free agency. - Benning Going in healthy we knew scoring would be an issue and injuries didn't help. - Linden What's the message you want your fan base to take forward today? I understand skepticism, but more encouraged than have been in last 3 years because he knows they have a future with kids that haven't played yet and some on team now. - Linden It's fun for a young team to grow, it's up to himself and Benning to make that happen. - Linden OTHER NOTES Will resign Horvat before preseason Nobody needs surgery Nobody indicated if they are going to World Cup Want Ryan Miller back Sedins will probably decide their own future year to year
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    I am so done with Edler. His disinterested play, continuous big mistakes, zero pushback and emotion. Loved seeing Hutton drop the gloves last night, and you can bet it was because Horvat dropped them game before. I love these new guys. They're wide-eyed, engaged and competitive, and I'm sure they have a lot of fun out there. Edler just looks miserable, and at his age now, he's not going to get better.
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    I wish him well...have NO animosity toward him, and think he did his best. I feel that, at the very least, he wasn't a scream down the players' back type of guy who used intimidation to coach as some do. That's important with young, impressionable guys who could cower and shrink inward as part of that. Although some of his ideas may have expired or been too rigid, his way of demanding an overall effort from players likely was a good tone to set. It's a time of change, so this makes sense. Exciting. Thank you, Willie D. Best of luck.
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    Poor guy. People cheering on his unemployment is just sad to see
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    People seem so convinced this is the right move. I hope Benning and Linden thought long and hard about this. Coach is always an easy scapegoat.
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    Will wait to hear the rationale from management, but a questionable move IMO. The one benefit for now -- it will finally shut up the incessant moaning, groaning, and whinging of the reactionary element of this fanbase.
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    This was probably the easiest and most obvious move anyone could have made. His deployment of Megna alone was worthy of firing.
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    So long as people (rabid fans/media) realize that 'most out of the team' is likely to equal another bottom 10 finish next year without a HUGE helping of luck. That has been one of funniest/stupidest commentaries with "Willie Watch' this year. We're in arguably one of the deepest low points of the rebuild and people are blathering on about how the coach can't miss the playoffs 2 out of 3 years as though we had anything resembling a contending team.
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    He knew it was coming, he lasted 3 years here, which it seems like is a long time for a coach in the league nowadays. Nothing personal Willie, but your deployment was garbage. Good luck in Dallas.
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    WTF was JB talking about when he said Stecher earned a spot out of training camp and they made room for him? Somehow I remember Stecher being assigned to Utica before the Canucks opened the season. And then recalled due to injuries. And then Stecher getting reassigned (so they could keep Biega and Larsen), when they had 9 Ds. And then recalled when Tanev went on IR. How is that earning a spot out of camp? How is that making room? Seems like JB's memory is a little selective here.
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    "We sit up here every bit as responsible as Willie." How come only he was fired then? Scapegoat...
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    Megna will want a few moments alone with Willie, so I'd assume he'll do it.
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    holy $&!# that was quick. GOOD &^@#ING RIDDANCE really nice person, but too stubborn for his own good.i wanted him gone after his playoff coaching against the flames. dude's an idiot. i bet he lost his $&!# after the game.
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    Will be keeping this updated for the entirety of the playoffs. @D-Money @theminister @Primal Optimist @Master Mind @Mike Vanderhoek @Drouin @Blue Jay 22 @Monty @Tigs @BM24 @winterhawks @JE14 @Sidney Crosby. @Dion Phaneuf @Tylez Just a notification so you know to submit playoff rosters.
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    Some of these people calling into 1040 are complete morons. $&!#ting on management the way they are. Remember when Corrado was our best prospect? xD Open your goddamn eyes and realize that we're in a much better place then we were 3 years ago.
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    Lol Goldobin and Tryamkin are probably drinking vodka and singing in Russian right now.
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    Reality is -- this fan base CANNOT HANDLE A REBUILD. They expect immediate results and when they aren't there they immediately look for scapegoats. Even game to game. We've missed the playoffs two straight seasons and three of the last four. Just imagine if we were Edmonton, 10 straight? Think this place is unbearable now... then again, that much failure might whinge-exhaust the complainers and clear the place out.
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    Willie did himself no favors by publicly questioning JB's decisions on players coming up and going down.
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    Fantrax won't be finalizing it's stats until Sunday. This means it's possible for the standings to change, including the playoff teams. These are the current matchups, but will be changed if the standings change on fantrax: @somethingvery vs @apollo @oldnews vs @Blue Jay 22 @Jaku vs @pmalina @Beary Sweet vs @Tylez @Nail vs @Phil The Thrill @Master Mind vs @D-Money @inane vs @Watermelons @wallstreetamigo vs @Canuck Surfer Players not under contract, and those who were picked up from waivers post deadline, will be removed from playoff rosters. Special thanks to @Captain Azzy for the simple yet effective draft format, and to @somethingvery for putting up the playoff pool!
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    Not saying everything Willie did was bad, but the deployment choices he made, as well as his tendency to reward "safe" plays, while punishing players who took chances sealed his fate.
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    Ugh -- tuned to TMZ1040 for some updates, only to get... Tony Gallagher.
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    What a freak show down there. Tallon should never have been tossed aside. I think Gallant would be a good replacement for Willie. Gallant prove with the Panthers that he could bring young talent to the next level. He also had success somewhat reviving Jagr's career too. Maybe he could do the same with the Sedins and our prospect like Virtanen, Baerstchi, Grandlund, Boeser, Stetcher, Juolevi, etc. He also has a lot on confidence in Gudbransson giving him big minutes with the Panthers and would be reunited.
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    And we thought our ownership was bad...
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    Hischier at the WJC was fantastic. Here's hoping.
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    Team 1040 is wanting Hitchcock. That would be a nightmare.
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    Congratulations to @Captain Azzy for pulling off a last minute upset to win the Presidents Trophy. Any GM that is ahead of @somethingvery's Blackhawks in the standings gets my vote for GM of the Year
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    Because they deserve it.....God this argument drives me bananas. If Jake got to play with better players he would have more goals???? Maybe if Jake was a better player his coaches would play him with better players, unfortunately he isn't good enough to play with good players. It's not a conspiracy to keep Jake down, coaches play to win and they put players in positions to help them win. Jake not getting an opportunity to play with good players isn't a sign that he could get more if he did it's a sign that he isn't good enough yet to play with those players.
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    Arizona and New Jersey fans are really pissed off at us for out-tanking them by losing our 8 final games in a row. Here's what I think about that...
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    Patrick, Hischier, Vilardi, Mittlestadt, Lilegren, Rasmussen or Valimaki. Thankfully we get one of these guys. Halleluiah baby! New birth for the Canucks.
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    I have bad news for you on LA...
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    Fair enough - but that's not really the same as what you implied. I don't think anyone wants, intends or accepts being pushed around - but their ability to respond this year was limited - and I have no doubt that they're looking to enhance their ability to. People here tend to want to have it both ways. They want push back - but then they whine incessantly about deals like the Gubranson trade. They whine about a 'wasted' third on Dorsett. Whine that we should have drafted Nylander instead of Virtanen. Ad infinitum. 'Pushback' is a declining entity in the league as a whole. Some people - ie the baumermanns out there - think the team has already tilted too far towards toughness lol. Can't please everyone, and can't control which players aren't available / are injured - but I'm sure none of this is lost on Benning. We all would have loved for Zack to get his life together, but unfortunately it took him a couple more stops to get on track. Anyhow, I don't blame this on the vets. It's teambuilding issue. We didn't draft the Sedins expecting them to bring toughness. That has to come from other sources.
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    Tried to force Tryamkin to the AHL/back to Russia. Chaput with the Sedins Sutter on the PP for the entire year Over-use of Edler
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    Exactly. That's why it pisses me off so much to hear people on 1040 (including the Crypt Keeper) pissing all over management. Has it been perfect? Of course not. The free agent signings have been kind of a crapshoot, and he's about 50/50 on trades imo. However, Benning and co have been getting it done where it counts. Gathering and developing young players and transitioning them into legitimate NHLers. Like I said in a previous post, remember when Corrado was our best prospect?
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    For all the people calling for Green, if you were a Willie-hater you're likely in for a big surprise -- by all accounts, they are very similar in their methods and deployments. @UticaHockey can confirm.
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    i was impressed by the effort the team showed, game in, game out. short on talent but giving their best. they didn't quit and showed their pride at being competitive. i was also impressed with willie's plan of making the players earn their ice time at both ends of the rink. i liked that JB and company have a plan and stick to it, even when fans cry for something else. i'm encouraged by what we should see here in a couple of years. baertschi, horvat, boeser, granlund, dahlen, gaudette, virtanen, goldobin and our first pick this year, to go along with demko, juolevi, hutton, stecher, tryamkin, gudbranson, tanev, sbisa and brisebois. i also liked the sedin's leadership and miller's great play.
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