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    Which is what you just did. Looking at those deals I would just laugh as the other GM. Btw, shouldn't this be in armchair GMing where crazy proposals reside?
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    Ahhhh....Mike Cernovich.....Who claimed that Jeremy Christian, the degenerate killer and racist who killed two men defending women in Portland, is a left wing operative planted to make Trump look evil. Now Mike is making fun of a man who served and almost died for his country, because he's elderly. Did Cernovich do anything comparable? What a loser.
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    You forgot the option where Tanev gets injured and is not available for the playoffs, or if he has a really bad year. Then his stock will plummet and by the time he build his value back up again, he'll be out of his prime and turning 30. He's already starting to be pegged as an injury-prone player, if he misses another 30 games next year, it'll pretty much be confirmed. IMO his value is at an all-time high right now. There is a possibility that he could slightly increase his value by the Trade Deadline, but a greater possibility also exist that his value will take a tumble. The waiting game as never brought us a lot of success with trades.
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    It was so bad today Trump didn't even bother to tweet!!
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    We have a trade to announce... To WPG: Dylan DeMelo, Colton Sissons, Zemgus Girgensons, Tyler Pitlick To SJS: Lars Eller, Jay Beagle, Connor Clifton
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    And? The guy is serving some pretty large dishes of wtf right now. Are you watching this? Will be interesting to see Spicer yelling from behind a shrub how it's not real
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    If you see toilet in your dream, don't use it. Its a trap T__T
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    So you want to pay for a player you can pick up for nothing next year?
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    Can you ever read anything without ignoring the context that makes the bs you try to peddle blatantly false? Here's the full quote: Comey refused to do so, saying he could not provide such a pledge -- those who work at the FBI pledge their loyalty to the US Constitution, not to any individual person -- but he promised to always be honest with the President. Trump then asked if Comey would pledge "honest loyalty," to which the FBI director agreed. The source said the term "honest loyalty" doesn't necessarily mean anything. Guess you don't watch CNN because they do bring on Trump supporters to spin everything into a positive when anyone with a brain can see Trump deserves criticism. They actually lower their standards by bringing these people on, but if they didn't conservatives would scream "unbalanced and unfair" if something isn't right wing so they capitulate instead of just being truthful. Fair and balanced means facts and reality, not right and left views. Reality is left I'm sorry to say. You can stay in your bubble though, keep doing what you're doing, Trump's obviously doing great! When 2018 comes you'll see what Americans really think though you'll probably start screaming about illegals voting or that the elections are rigged. Anything to avoid admitting your deity is disliked by the majority of the world and that the hateful deplorables are dying out. You'll of course use your usual "fake news" excuse as you do with any news you don't want to hear, but Quinnipiac poll came out today, a new all time low 34-57 approval 25% strong approval 51% strong disapproval. Yup, he's doing marvelous, don't change a thing please I beg you.
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    Heiskanen has played almost all season as RD. Here is a full game with Heiskanen (#2) and Juolevi (#7) playing together on the top pairing for Finland, at the U20s. You can also check out Vaakanainen (#3) who may be available for canucks 2nd round pick. For Sweden, you can watch Pettersson (#14) and Lias Andersson (#15).
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    ATTENTION GENERAL MANAGERS! As a general rule of thumb when negotiating contracts and presenting offers please keep in mind most players in the real world would not be accepting, considering and would actually be insulted by offers say 60% of their past caphit, unless they are in say their mid-late thirties or on a serious decline or in the odd case where cap correction is a legitimate option moving forward. Thats fair right ? Obviously each negotiation is specific and corrections are not an issue when trying to ensure fairness allround but players won't be signing deals and may actually leave negotiations when presented with extreme low ball type offers. Also pending Unrestricted Free Agents are in a position generally to expect a higher compensatory aspect to their new contracts. They have earned more negotiating power at this stage in their careers and as an agent I feel I should just mention here these players who have an opportunity come July to reach or surpass their expectations on a new deal really have much leverage in this regard, meaning if a player has to continually explain his expectations or express that he is interested in the market come July and the team continues to submit lower offers I am pretty sure our member clubs should understand and expect the outcome. The door is always open until July hits on any pending UFA players, know that. And should someone go to Free Agency know that dialogue will continue if need be. This is not pointed at any one member or members, this is response and the need to clear some things up as negotiations for some reason have trended in a way that have a lot of players looking at pay cuts, some at major pay cuts and players in top four or top six roles being offered bottom line dollars at long terms. Thanks guys Please feel free to bump any negotiations if you are awaiting a reply, things are ramping up as we get into the busy window of Expansion and Entry Drafts coming soon.
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    I like the points McCain was making but he sounded senile
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    There's a few take away's from this 1. This will show over the last few decades that high ranking US officials are either completely inept, corrupt or so incestuous as to be untrustworthy as they lay between party lines and cannot gt anything done right. 2. Trump will have vetted and ok'd yet another person who is completely unfit to do their job, is under criminal investigation or is involved in criminal proceedings. 3. trump is in fact worthy of being impeached due to information that will come from this. Either way, interesting no doubt
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    Your post contradicts yourself completely
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    imo Tanev and our 55th for Kane and their 8th is the best deal they'll ever get involving Kane but I doubt that they do that.
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    He told his friend a university professor to leak the memo to a reporter.... how is that okay lol maybe i'm missing something
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    Comey out and out states "Trump Administration told lies upon lies plain and simple" So...fake news? Biased testimony? Non credible witness? http://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/live-blog/James_Comey_testifies_at_Senate Be interesting to watch everyone claim how this is BS and not true and how Trump couldn't be lying then to splash a PDF of their meager accounts and investments as some sort of e-peen flexing display of dominance
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    Notwithstanding the above image of Mason Raymond when he was a Canuck....sorry couldn't resist. Finally, the Finals are back on tonight as earlier in the series the Columbus Blue Jackets ran up a 22 to zero lead...until a Vancouver comeback left us with a 34 - 24 Vancouver lead in the series with a narrow "best two of three" remaining window on the Cup. Tonights game will be a tough one, we expect to lose ground, but by bending a little, the Canucks hope to not break. GAME ON!!!!!
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    Apparently you haven't been attending the Trump supporter meetings, Smokes. Your compadres have stated categorically that the Comey announcement on the "re-opening" of the Hillary investigation had no bearing on the Trump victory and it's certain that he would have won anyway. In fact, some of them have gone so far as to say he won "fair and square". I'm pretty old, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the phrase seems to have changed meanings from what I remember it to be. The Russian hacking is a secondary story as well. The real focus should be on who's leaking these stories about the Russian hacking to the press.
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    Geez, if you and those other fans are so damn smart, why don't you apply for the GM job? Why aren't you an NHL-exec Hall-of-Famer already? Most hockey expert at the time pretty much agreed Benning got a good return for Kesler. Are you claiming that you are wiser than the Mckenzie, Ferraro, Friedman, Hughson of this world? If two good are not equals to one great, then they basically wouldn't be any trades. I'd say Philly did pretty well trading their Great (Carter) for two goods at the time Voracek and what became Couturier. Or trading Richards for Simmonds and Schenn. At the time of the trade, the 24th or Boeser wasn't overly exciting. But looking at it today and Boeser's development, it's looking like a pretty good trade. Truth is, in every trade, you always know what your are giving, but usually don't entirely know what you are getting. That's why you win some, you lose some. Come on, you can't be serious if you think Benning read the Florida newspaper and that's what pushed him in trading for Gudbransson. Benning probably scouted him heavily in junior and followed his career in the NHL. When he heard he was available he jumped at the opportunity. And what did he lose...McCann? which was easily replaced by Goldobin and Dahlen, and also a 2nd rounder, with a success rate for meaningful NHL games of around 15%. Lol, if there is any actual major flaws in Benning's gm capabilities its regarding the CBA and salary cap. Jim has made some mistakes in this regard and could really use a reference like Gilman. And now you want to put Linden in charge as GM and make him deal with all the technicalities of the CBA and salary cap? Great idea.
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    Kuzma is absolutely spot on. We don't have to trade Tanev right now, after his NTC kicks in he can't be traded to only 8 teams, which still leaves a lot of potential suitors. Either we get a deal that really and truly knocks our socks off or we keep him and watch a bidding war erupt come trade deadline next year. Top 4 D are always going to command a premium, especially one of Tanev's caliber. If it's a good or ok offer we need to wait. Given what's going to happen with expansion draft and the lack of quality and cheap D available I'd venture a guess that Tanev's value will be even more at trade deadline then it currently is. Give us an offer we can't refuse or we keep him.
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    A trade with BUF has to include #8th overall + Alexander Nylander. Nylander as a LW on Canucks top line would be awesome. Don't want Kane. Just look back how much trouble he caused over the last few years off the ice. No thanks! That's not a guy the Canucks need on their roster.
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    Maybe Kyrie should've made a better play then. Also, the last possession gave Lebron no chance to move anywhere, terrible playset.
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    fail. Maybe Pittsburgh shouldn't have drafted Crosby because they already had Malkin? Deadly offensive player. (Makar) there are some Junior A followers that believe he is the best prospect they've seen since Paul Kariya. Makar is special and I think his floor is a number 2 offensive dman. Wouldn't complain if we draft. why do we need Glass when we already have Horvat and Sutter?
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    No, don't want him as the first, let's see if this works before bringing back the greats.
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    Tryamkin's comments (including about Pronger videos) did cast Lidster in a negative light. And I cannot remember hearing many positive comments from players or outside commentators about Lidster. There must have been some, but they did not get a lot of emphasis (or my memory is just defective). And the Canuck D did struggle under Lidster -- not much offence and getting frequently torched in terms of shots against. Not sure how much of that is due to Lidster and how much is due to a lack of talent. But there were a lot of strange coaching decisions, including overplaying guys like Bartkowski, Larsen, Weber and Sbisa. (Sbisa is not bad and deserved to play but still seemed to get a lot of ice time even when he was struggling.) I think that with Baumer and Green we will at least get decisions that look reasonable. And I would like to see some of the younger guys (like Pedan and Subban) at least get a serious look.
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    The Calgary Flames are proud to select, 54th overall, from the University of Michigan of the NCAA... RW, William Lockwood! @kj29
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    Lmao I'm blind thanks for the spot! That's not bad at all for Makar to be 5'11.25" and 187 lbs at 18 years old. People grow at different rates but he could potentially be at 6'0" and 195-200 lbs in a year or two when he leaves the NCAA and turns pro.
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    can they re-awaken the nux dead powerplay?
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    Man..KD just dropped some cupcakes
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    Great game tonighttt!
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    how does the 29th overall get it done for dallas but buffalo has to add the 2nd overall from 3 years ago to the 8th overall this year?
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    Watched the whole thing, thanks....in real time.
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    "That's entertainment"! Who needs Barnum and Bailey's circus any more, when we have this?
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    I think its clear Kane wants to be here, so I don't think its a risk for us but it is for other teams. Other than hard core social justice warriors I think most fans would give Kane a chance to turn it around here.
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    Maybe Brown can put Sutter in front of the net..and tell him to bring his balls with him.
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    I don't see Kane making it to UFA. He gets dealt and re-signed this season or re-signed in Buffalo and extended. There's no way this guy is available as a UFA next July at 26 Yrs of age. The guy scored 28 goals in 70 games last season after a gnarly injury. He's a stud and would be a top forward on our team. Once again CDC living in the clouds.
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    I went to a Calgary / Van pre-season game his rookie year. He was the best player on the ice. Vets, rookies, no matter. Easily! He's also proven not just effective, but dangerous at times. I would not write him off yet. That said & not actually knowing, I also would not be the least bit surprised if injuries related to (lack of) strength 'were behind why he's also had bouts of ineffectiveness. Guys who have that level of competitiveness, especially with the athletic ability to sometimes be effective without strength. usually, figure it out and also become competitive in the gym.
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    Keep in mind that there is a level of disguised value that trading Tanev has in terms of us keeping Sbisa rather than losing him for nothing in the expansion draft Its like 3rd overall + not losing sbisa For tanev
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    Point stock is high but I'd put him as another horvat not a true no.1 centre. Drouin has the high end skill I'd prefer, but we'd have to take Callahan back if he'd waive Replace point with drouin and I'd take that deal cause drouin has serious upside that's hard to find especially for a team that is starved for flare and exciting players
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    Comparing to history, this is probably one of the more peaceful times. Population is exploding, life expectancy is higher, and we have not see apocalyptic events like world wars, plague, influenza etc. But you wouldn't think that by reading on Internet or watching TV, fear mongering is big business.
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    After some consideration, Ottawa management has decided to have a fire sale. Unfortunetly.... Ottawa has barely any actual assets to sell. Significants for sale: - Erik Karlsson - Clarke MacArthur - Jori Lehtera - Leo Komarov - Matthias Janmark - Anything left over isn't very good. Lol. Not for sale: - Torey Krug - Casey Cizikas - Ryan Spooner - Marcus Pettersson - Zack Senyshyn - Anthony Duclair - Draft picks Wants: - 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks. - Quality C, D, and G prospects. - Younger players.
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    Destined for Middle-ish stats? Case where he'd best pull up his socks, I tells ya...
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    Those sources of energy also have environmental impacts. Not sure where you want the solar. Typically it's placed on farmland. Even in places like Hawaii (pretty sunny there) until recently it was barely cost competitive with providing power with diesel. (One of my friends actually makes solar power for a living). I know where you can put wind farms. Lot's of potential there. But cost wise it's marginally more expensive than what we currently have. Each windmill kills about 200 birds a year. Tidal is unproven, and thus costs and impacts are unknown. Should merit no more than a pilot project. Green power will only come if it's got a good business case. It won't sell it's technology to BC Hydro, and it won't build any projects unless they are financially viable. No company of any sort will actually move here unless the business environment is friendly.
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    This will be my last post regarding Virtanen on this thread and it will hopefullt bring us back on topic at the end. If those who want to continue discussing this afterwards, tag me in the Virtanen thread. This is going to be a long one so here goes. @Rob_Zepp I just want to say that it's real noble of you to constantly defend Jake. But at some point you can't get upset over every single person who criticizes Virtanen since this is a discussion board/forum afterall, and his performance this past season has definitely given a lot of his critics a lot to talk about. I want to go on record and say that whoever those people you claim are saying these things about Jake, are peope I am not defending. I speak for those who genuinely want to see Jake become a real PWF, but is voicing their honest assesments. I cannot say I speak for @Toews or @ForsbergTheGreat personally, but it seems to me that their posts typically align with my thoughts on this topic. I've noticed when engaging in this topic with me or these posters to name a few, it feels like you have this perception that we want Jake to fail. When in fact, that cannot be further from the truth. What that is like is like saying that we want the company we invested millions of dollars into, to plummet until it had to liquidate all its assets just because the stocks that were bought lost valuation after its first few years its IPO. It just doesn't make sense! Although it doesn't change the fact the stock has fallen, it also doesn't change the fact we don't want it to rise every morning the trading floor opens again. So when people say that they don't want to pick another Virtanen, it means that we just want to invest in a prospect that can show a steady growth in its stock price. We don't need him to come in right away and be our McDavid, but we do want to see a good trajectory even if it means putting up numbers in the AHL. Whether it is fair or not, the unfortunate truth is, being drafted in the top 10 will always make a player a "boom or bust" type of player. So to bring things back on topic, let's hope this draft gives us a good IPO to invest in. Who knows, maybe this next pick will be a 1-2 punch with Virtanen in the future.
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    This is the most optimistic i've felt about our coaching staff for 5-6 years...Its going to be another bumpy ride this season,but this is a positive.
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