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    Edler's time is up. He's the first dman to reach Benning's "we will trade them before they become diminishing assets" standard.
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    Fatter? I have seen a bunch of photos on Instagram from dryland work many I know are doing at Whistler (I think or Backcomb, I cannot tell them apart) where a bunch of the young Canucks also seem to be in town and doing drylands or something (I don't know, someone in the know on CDC may know as I thought they were going to be at UBC). Juolevi looks massive and ripped - like he has been working out since last camp and his age finally is allowing muscle to develop or something. Even their group shot the Canucks website was first using for the camp showed a ripped dude. Fat is the last thing I would call him - he looks Edlerish already. That is why I think he is going to surprise a lot of people with his physical presence. Kid is bigger than I remember from draft last year that is for sure (seems to have grown at least an inch too). For what it is worth, it appears Gadjovich stole some mid 20s guy who is a fitness freak and put a 18 year old head on it. The guy is a beast and if he can get his skating down, those wanting the Canucks to have someone who creates a lot of space may really like this guy.
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    I think this is a good move. He was pretty good in training camp but we know how the whole deal ended for him. We also so how WD seem seemingly didn't know how to use him. As much as he was having injury problems he also had to deal with incompetent coaching. Management did the right thing in signing this kid. Lets see what he really has.
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    With Jake getting into shape, a new prospect whipping-boy is needed. Behold, Twiggy Olli has become Fattie Olli. The Tkachuk fanboys already disliked him, so this just alters the specifics of scorn -- as always, whether true or not.
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    I don't disagree. Hutton's got solid, 2nd pair upside. And I'd only move him if I got corresponding value. But if we can't/won't move Edler (yet - somebody needs to play 1st pair) and with MDZ, Wiercioch, Juolevi, McEneny, Pedan, Holm...(I think I've lost count) available, if Juolevi was to make the club...who else do you move from the starting 3 left D? If management doesn't see Hutton as a long term fit...
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    I don't think we should be in any rush to trade Hutton yet I think this season could be a lot better for him
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    Line mates and team depth matter.
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    Zero truth to it. If your gonna use botchford as a source we might as well allow eklund sources again too.
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    That's a Botchford guess, not a fact.
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    I'd be shocked if he gets moved anywhere close to the beginning of this year if at all. Don't see him waiving and don't see Benning moving our only, currently legit top 4 D on the left.
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    Even with this new found weight, I'd still like to see him in London. We can't afford to ruin another top 10 pick.
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    Check out my new video of Alex Burmistrov All Goals of 2016-2017 season down below!
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    I don't see Hutton as a long term fit personally.
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    Apparently been a fixture at the gym. Clearly wants this badly.
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    I had dreams of Pettersson eating 16 steaks and 27 pieces of chicken breasts a day. Will be 6'2 210 lbs by the start of the pre-season.
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    If you ask them, they'll probably just say that, unlike the rest of us, they're "realists" and don't look through "rose tinted glasses" like the rest of us do. I'd rather look through rose colored glasses than $&!# colored glasses.
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    Subjective as it may be, one thing I notice of the truly high-end puck handlers is that the puck seems to "stick" to their blade. They never fight the puck, and once they have it, they own it and they don't give it up or lose it. Like in those dangles, they do what they want with it. IMO, it won't be 4-5 years before he's here. He already has a complete game, so he's not a one-way offensive dynamo that never crosses into his own zone to defend. Like Juolevi, he has NHL game NOW but it's just a matter of increasing size and strength to withstand NHL rigor. He's the same height and 20lbs lighter than the Sedins right now, hardly an insurmountable difference. I think we see him in 2 at most 3 years, and Dahlen either makes the team this year, goes to Utica and becomes a primary call-up, or goes back to Europe and makes the team next year. That's all yet to be determined at training camp, but I'm expecting to see both together here in either 2018 or 2019.
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    Doesn't lead to anything, but this is ridiculous.
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    David Pastrnak- 6' 168lbs when drafted now he's 181lbs 3 years later 34-36-70pts Nikolaj Ehlers- 6' 163lbs when drafted now he's 172lbs 3 years later with 25-39-64pts Mitch Marner- 5'11 160lbs when drafted now he's 170lbs 2 years later with 19-42-61pts Just some recent players who were drafted wiry thin, but play extremely skilled games allowing them to excel. Also shows that he may not be 4-5 years out like ppl are assuming
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    I just got in a debate with a guy I know at Canadian tire lol. He was bashing Petterson for being too skinny and kept going on about how much of a beast Glass is. I asked him if he was aware that Glass and Petterson are both 6'2" and that there's only 13 pounds difference between the two, and that Petterson put up his numbers playing against men. I then dropped the mic and exited the premises lol. Of course this kid needs to fill out, and he will. Who knows if he'll be better than Glass or not. But to hate on him because of 13 pound difference is ridiculous in mind.
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