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    I just want to thank you for spelling 're-signing' correctly.
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    Low risk, decent upside. Another body keeping Megna in the AHL where he belongs is always welcome.
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    Kid can play, just needs to lay off the cheeseburgers. That wrist shot of his really is something else
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    Cremated with my ashes spread across boundary bay in White Rock. I'll then haunt that bay for an eternity.
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    Peter Forsberg had 28 points in 39 games in his draft plus 1 year in the SHL Henrik Sedin had 47 points in 50 games Zetterberg had 34 points in 32 games W. Nylander had 21 points in 20 games Alfredsson had 18 in 22 Sundin had 18 in 34 This is not a pushover league. Sundin and Forsberg had pretty good careers but put up pretty mediocre numbers in the year after their draft. Let's not put the pressure on Petersson that he needs to be a point a game or better or he is a bust. Just let him develop.
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    If I want to take it there. Glad you took the bait champ. You just got triggered by me degrading Miss Conway. Do tell why my doing that is bad but your orange homeboy doing it now to almost a dozen high profile women of decent standing is acceptable? You lost your mind here and attacked my wife but I'm pretty sure I can go back 40 pages to see you applauding Trump degrading a reporter. In fact here are some gems of Trumps attitude towards women. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/women/politics/donald-trump-sexism-tracker-every-offensive-comment-in-one-place/ Stay consistent you sad excuse for a hypocrite Edit* You can find silhouettes of my "partner" in the photography thread. I expect a cheque in the mail.
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    He's 22 not 27. He hasn't earned an opportunity YET. That does not mean he will not get a chance in due time. F'ing millennials.
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    I'm 100% for cremation. I don't care about my body when I'm dead. I'm dead and my spirit is elsewhere. No need to ruin the environment or cause unnecessary expenses for my family in burying me. Just do it as cheaply as possible.
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    Perfect I will post more random signings and fill the thread so you don't feel any momentum or sense of accomplishment.
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    I don't know how one could possibly complain about this. 1 way/ 2 way. Who cares? Worse case scenario we lose him the same way we got him.
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    Okay, so you’re dead. Such a shame! Now, do you get buried? Or burned? To me, it’s a no brainer; it’s all about the ashes. Dust to dust, and all that. I might even go so far as to say people who decide to be buried are actually very greedy and a foe of the environment. Why? Well, there are 7.4 billion people on this planet. Imagine if they all decide to get a big ‘ol non-degradable coffer and park their tombstone on potentially useful real estate so that their bones can rest peacefully. The average lifespan of 79 years is a drop in the bucket compared to the thousands of years that caskets can last. If everyone chose to be buried, eventually, the entire planet would be one big graveyard, with no room left to live. But don’t let my sound reasoning influence you. What’s your plan for your body during its lifeless days?
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    The Counter-Revolutionaries (Mafia) win!!!
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    More chart updates coming tonight
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    No offence to JB, but the improving prospect pool is inversely proportional to the team's success. He's done so well in the drafts because the team has done so poorly on the ice. Not to take anything away from the man, but the luxury of picking top 5 for years on end isn't that hard to accomplish. What is probably the easiest thing to accomplish is picking the BPA at #5. I could do that from home. This cyclical wealth of prospects isn't really something to prop the guy up with, as it's almost a certainty that any breathing human could produce a prospect pool when tanking. Easiest task in hockey, if you ask me; tank and pick high to get some quality prospects.
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    Chaput and Megna are there as insurance, in case prospects aren't ready to go and play in the NHL. Its not about anyone dashing the chances of Virtanen and Goldobin, its about Goldobin and Virtanen, showing that they can elevate their game and be effective in the NHL. If they do, we've already seen that JB will find a way to make room for people.
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    Born and raised in Winnipeg, was a Jets fan. That team left in 1996 (to Arizona) and hockey wasn't the same for many years. I tried to cheer for other teams, but it felt weird. Probably because I was so bitter about losing the Jets, the home team. I moved to Vancouver 10 years ago and became an instant Canucks fan. I'm more of a Canucks fan today than I've ever been a Jets fan.
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    Ron Perlman with the perfect Trump impression.
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    The exact same video, two different titles. One meant to lure Trump supporters, the other meant to lure everyone against him. Why do you even post these click bait videos? What is even the point of watching Kellyanne Conway or this new sycophant Scaracuck? They aren't destroying anyone and they aren't answering any question either.
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    Personally, I had Gadjovich higher. He's very aggressive, tough as nails, and skates well from the dots down - much like Tkatchuk. I see our guy as tougher than the pest the Flames have. Gadjovich will soon be punching Tkatchuk, knocking him out, and making him cry like a little baby spark.
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    Hmm okay. Well good on you BJ, and Jazz. You both played great games. Good on you J-23 for getting this far as the SK too.
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    Sometimes amidst all of the big name trades and free agent madness, you stumble across some smaller found money and it just makes your day. This is one of those times. I don't know how I missed seeing Michael on my first free agent pass, but am overjoyed to fix that mistake now. I just wasn't expecting to see the OHL goalie of the year sitting unclaimed in the scrap heap. The kid has some serious chops, and plenty of room to develop. Welcome to the team kiddo. Thanks to @Master Mind @thejazz97 @somethingvery @Captain Azzy and the whole Scooby Squad for processing. (You get to decide who is the dog)
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    They should also check how old the often-brought-up-in-this-thread, Ryan Ellis was, before he earned a full time role in the NHL. Twenty three years old folks. And he was a freaking 11th overall 1st round pick for cripes sake! 'Why wouldn't they just give Ellis a chance?!?!?? ' Maroons
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    It's more about reforming health care and not the specifics. Obama care is a disaster but so was the private system. Medical insurance ties up way too much personal income for the average American. Edit: tip: stop reading into polls. How on earth could you possibly get an accurate opinion poll in a country like America? Crossing the boarder from West Virginia to Pennsylvania is more dramatic than Texas and Mexico. No way any poll accurately represents the country. After all, every poll had Trump getting demolished in the election so you would think people would learn from this.
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    LOL that got me laughing haha...but good money for a one way deal. Good got negotiations of Chaput and Boucher out of the way....now sign Bo...
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    Actually this is one of the things he can't do. This^ ---- Sounds like Vancouver settled, so it's likely a one-way. He'll have to make the team out of camp, as it looks like we'll have 16 forwards on one-way deals.
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    Only if you hadn't already bought them out before the irl retirement announcement, right? Otherwise we'd have Campbell off our books.
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    I'd suspect it's a more traditional thing for Christians than a religious thing. As a devout Christian myself, I see no reason to be buried, as stated in my post earlier. That said, both my grandfathers have been buried, so I guess it's just more of a traditional thing.
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    Any player signed while playing in North America can have their contract removed by their team if the player chooses to play in Europe or Russia. That being said, and this decision has been made just recently after a team was involved in an extreme case of this, but if a player is signed while already playing overseas, the team that signed them cannot have their contract removed if the continue to play there. For instance, I cannot ask for Artyom Zagidulin's contract to be removed from my books, as he is currently playing in the Magnitogorsk franchise. If Evegenii Dadonov had not signed with Florida and instead returned to the KHL, Chicago would also be on the hook for that contract. @Captain Azzy or @somethingvery can correct me if I'm wrong.
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    I am working in both western Ohio and about 30mins north of Pittsburgh. I've been to both places roughly 50-50 over the past 60 days so I have Mingled with a great deal of people and politicals have come up quite a bit as you can imagine. To generalize everyone i talked to into a single person would look something like this. 1. needs to tone it down with the tweets. 2. Love how he is turning the bias media upside down. 3. Overwhelmingly agree with his position on healthcare, also tax reform, immigration, trade renegotiation. 4. Agree with his policies but don't think he is diplomatic enough to achieve any of his agenda. 5. Don't like his foreign policy. They are always asking me if Canada thinks theyare a joke now. They don't like how he represents their country. They don't like the way he is handling North K. 6. Have not heard 1 person say they A. Believe in the Russian collusion. Or B. Really care about it. Most feel it's being rammed down their throat. The area im in is the rust belt. These people are heavily liberal. The impression I get is that most of them voted for trump because they were so desperate for change. They didn't care about his persona they cared about putting food on the table. Both areas are sadly broken. A shadow of what they once were. It's like they hate trump but feel he was their only hope for change. If he could somehow pull off half of his agenda, which he won't. He would easily be reelected from what I have seen, of course we are only 25% in but who knows. I wouldn't pay too much attention to the approval polls either. I hear a lot about how they are rigged to certain demographics and don't represent the general public. Overall they just want him to fulfill his promises. They don't feel good about him being the president however.
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    That does sound interesting. Vertically - wow, I'd imagine your feet would be dead tired.
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    I rather go the Star Trek route and just be ejected into space. Hopefully get on a half decent orbit around something in space. Maybe I'll turned into a zombie on Mars.
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    They could just fire up my liver......consider the job done...
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    I would be shocked and upset. I predict he sticks with the big club and is in Calder contention with at least 20 goals this year.
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    Horvat & Eriksson are not comparable in anyway. Eriksson has been in the league for 11 years, this is Horvat's 4th. Eriksson has put up 71, 73, 71, 63, 63 points a season & was just coming off a 30 goal year. Horvat is going to be compared to Trockek (4.75), Rackell (3.75), Drouin (5.5), Barkov (5.9), Galchenyuk (4.9), Rask (4.0), etc. Not a 11 year veteran.
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    I am pretty sure that my parent's house is haunted. It's a three floor house on a corner lot in East Vancouver. Initially when they bought it, they had a suite in the basement and rented it out. After the tenants left, my father gutted the basement in hopes of remodeling it, but took a few years getting to it. In that time, it was essentially a dank empty floor that we never wanted to visit. I remember myself and my sisters hanging out in the basement on some old couches with my cousins and witnessing a coat rack float across the floor from one end of the basement to the other. We were the only ones in the basement and all eight of us still remember how, in the middle of a ghost story, we all saw the 6 foot tall rack slowly glide across the floor, making no sound. The area was plenty dusty, so we would have been able to spot tracks, yet there was nothing. Another instance involved us playing crazy eights on the floor by the door leading to the basement one summer afternoon. We were in the middle of the game when the door opened and shut, opened and shut, opened and shut, then slowly opened. Of course, being the brother, I was tasked with going downstairs and shutting the window that was causing the door to move so erratically. I walked down the stairs and checked each window (seven in total), praying to find one gaping open with a vast torrent of wind being the culprit. They were all shut. Tightly. The house, of course, has an attic, which is chock full of things my parents have kept over the years. The main entrance to the attic is a small half door located in what used to be my bedroom on the top floor. I kept a dresser in front of it while I lived in the room, you know, to make it seem like it wasn't there. There was a second entrance to the attic that was, of course, in my closet. The closet entrance is an opening that my dad cut out of the wall. We built a frame so that we could screw the cover back on the opening. One night, I was woken up by a dull thud in the closet. Just the thing a ten year old kid needs to hear in October...I turned on my light and walked over to the closet. I opened the doors and saw the cover lying directly in front of the gaping, black entrance, with the screws sitting on the ground next to the cover. I think I finally slept in that room a week later after my dad built a far sturdier cover for the entrance, which was permanent. The final occurrence didn't happen to me directly, but I was present. My family was playing Trivial Pursuit one Friday night at the dining room table, and one of my sisters went to the kitchen to make some popcorn. Upon her return, she dropped the popcorn bowl and screamed. We all got up and asked her if she was okay. She stated that as she came back down the hallway to the dining room, she saw, in her chair, a man with a tweed vest and a cap, sitting and pleasantly taking in the game and conversation. As it turned out, the previous owner, passed away in the house. There have been various instances over time of doors opening and shutting, lights turning off and on, but nothing overtly malicious.
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    I thought that might stump you. Pictures and stats speaks a thousand words. You can corsi this and you can corsi that and you can try and ridicule me by calling me names but I have watched a game or two since 1992 and realize what is good hockey and what is not. I have followed this team for about 25 years now so its probably too late to "find another team".
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    I was born in Saskatchewan, and I couldn't stand Alberta teams even as a kid, so I followed the Whalers until I moved to BC in the 90s. So grew up a Roughriders and Whalers fan.... I know heartbreak....
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    Perhaps because it's not about you. They're trying to develop Subban in to an NHL player (if possible), not cater to your whims.
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    Virtanen actually has all the attributes to be a solid 2nd or 1st line player in the NHL. Whether he exploits those attributes or not time will tell but he is far more talented than a "high intensity 4th liner". If all that was in Vancouver for JV was 4th line, he is better served in Utica or being traded.
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    We have a trade to announce... To ANA: Nick Bjugstad, Nathan Beaulieu, NYI 4th 2019 To NYI: Adam Lowry, Troy Terry, Scott Harrington, ANA 3rd 2018
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    The "far more educated and culturally tolerant workforce" of Calgary have made that city a Conservative stronghold. Blue collar Edmonton, on the other hand, is known as Redmonton for a reason. NDP and Liberal politics rule. I hear what you're saying about Texas. I have a nephew who went down for a short period and he loves it....now he wants to become an American citizen.
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    Yep. Though he's also only 24 and could easily bounce back next year.
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