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    Peter Forsberg had 28 points in 39 games in his draft plus 1 year in the SHL Henrik Sedin had 47 points in 50 games Zetterberg had 34 points in 32 games W. Nylander had 21 points in 20 games Alfredsson had 18 in 22 Sundin had 18 in 34 This is not a pushover league. Sundin and Forsberg had pretty good careers but put up pretty mediocre numbers in the year after their draft. Let's not put the pressure on Petersson that he needs to be a point a game or better or he is a bust. Just let him develop.
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    Bad drivers should carry the burden of this. You can't make a 5 minute trip now without seeing at least 2 or 3 idiots on their phones or running red lights. I'm all for red light cameras and tickets for cell phone use while driving should be minimum $1,500 imo, and then tripled for a 2nd offence, otherwise people won't stop.
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    Free agent list will be open tonight
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    Alright, so, since finding a new goalie to take over for Markstrom was proving to be so hard, we decided to go on a little more of an unconventional route. We expect two to three of Michael Hutchinson (WPG), Alex Stalock (MIN), Niklas Svedberg (MIN), Keith Kinkaid (NJD), and Alexander Georgiev (NYR) to make their respective teams' rosters this season, giving us hopefully at least two goalies to compete with. We'd like to thank the commissioners for a swift response, and all the best to the rest of you as the season goes!
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    Doesn't help that the Liberals gutted their reserves to make it look like BC's budget was balanced..... I agree..crank up the fines for distracted driving. In BC it is causing as more accidents than drinking and driving. I ride a motorbike and am getting real tired of seeing dip$&!#s on their phones.
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    Let me address the points you have raised in your posts thus far. I have been around since the start of this thread so those that have followed this thread already know my position on various issues. But I will restate those positions since you just joined this thread. Firstly I don't care for labels, left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. I care about policies. I don't presume to speak for the posters in this thread but you will find that most of them feel the same way. If I agree with Trump's policies then I will absolutely back him but if his policies are not those that I can agree with then I will criticize him for it. The reality is though is that Trump's positions on major issues directly contradict my views. I do not oppose him because the media tells me to but I oppose him because I find his policies to be distasteful and I also find him fundamentally lacking in character and dignity required to hold the most prestigious office in the United States. Its a double whammy, not only do I disagree with his policies but I find him to be a repulsive human being. To add to the above I don't care whether Trump's supporters call themselves "liberals", "leftists" or "Democrats". If they back most of Trump's policies then I will always disagree with them regardless of what they call themselves. Secondly I care not for the incessant whinging coming from Trump supporters about the "MSM" or "CNN" or "Liberal media" or "Fake News media". The media is not obligated to provide coverage that is "balanced" so to speak. You claim that the news network CNN is "selective" in their coverage, that is your perspective and there maybe some truth to that. Maybe CNN is "one-sided" in their coverage, if someone feels that way then there is a simple solution to that. Don't watch CNN. If enough people feel this way then CNN has to adjust their coverage as they will see that their viewers care not for their coverage. I see Fox News in the same light that Trump supporters view CNN. The only difference is that I do not get my panties in a bunch every time hacks like Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson say something that I disagree with. Just as I as an individual can hold any position that I choose to, media entities like CNN and Fox News can hold opinions that suit their views. The beauty of living in a free country is that the press has the freedom to do just that. This isn't China or Russia where the press has to praise the demagogue currently leading the country. Has CNN been fair to Trump? Was Fox News fair to Obama? Depending on who you ask you will receive different answers to those questions. Lastly, you have also made the claim that the media has treated Trump differently than any President that has come before him. I do not disagree with that, Trump though has behaved in a manner that is unfitting for a President. Those that came before him comported themselves with dignity. They commanded respect because they didn't behave like petulant bullies. They didn't feel the need to lash out every time they felt slighted. Trump is his own worst enemy, he cannot help but get on Twitter and attack everyone in sight including the media that covers him. If you act in such a manner then expect to find yourself under siege. Trump has shown that he will make enemies out of his own allies such as his recent tiff with Jeff Sessions. This is a man that shows no loyalty even to those that are loyal to him. This is the reason why he will continue to face opposition at every turn because he is not interested in governing, he wants to be the sole leader while everybody else acquiesces to his every whim like whipped curs. Sorry Donald but this isn't North Korea and your name isn't Kim Don Un.
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    Not that I particularly want to start up another argument with you, (since it appears that you've been engaging in respectful discussion with others) but I wanted to comment on the bolded part of your statement. While I agree that some media outlets spend too much time commenting on Trump's personality (or lack thereof) and not enough on policy, the idea that he is being held back by negative press, protests, etc., seems like a bit of a cop out to me. It all falls in line with his penchant for never taking responsibility for his, or his administration's failures. Nothing ever seems to be his fault. I think healthcare is a good example. You were correct when you said earlier that it likely is a problem without a solution, but Trump has spent his time criticizing, threatening and complaining about the other side, even though the GOP has control of the House and the Senate. It seems to me that a true leader would have done better. The other side of the same coin is something that I've brought up several times in this thread. The "over the top" coverage of every little mistake or gaffe is basically a continuation of the coverage he received during the campaign. WHen he was running for the GOP nomination and then later the presidency, all of his outlandish statements and claims were news and it played right into his hands. It was his "shoot from the hip", "tell it like it is" (even if he was telling it like is isn't) style that so inflamed his support base. The average Joe ate up the Trump rhetoric and it was a big reason that he now resides in the White House. Now that he's President and has to actually govern, the same media that put him where he is, has become the "enemy" for reporting exactly the same stuff that they reported on before he was elected. It seems as though Trump and his supporters want him to have his cake and eat it too.
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    I agree people should temper their expectations, especially for the first few years. That said, he's a much different player coming in to a much different league. He's a much better skater (and more elusive), as you noted. He's also got the benefit of better training, nutrition etc which should give him a relative head start. And then there's the league. Today's game is far more conducive to smaller, speedy (and young) players. So while yes, nobody should be expecting 1ppg in the next few years, I think he'll have a relatively 'easier' and likely quicker adaption to pro than the twins did.
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    I just want to thank you for spelling 're-signing' correctly.
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    Low risk, decent upside. Another body keeping Megna in the AHL where he belongs is always welcome.
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    Actually this is one of the things he can't do. This^ ---- Sounds like Vancouver settled, so it's likely a one-way. He'll have to make the team out of camp, as it looks like we'll have 16 forwards on one-way deals.
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    Yeah, like most people, I wasn't thrilled with the pick when it happened, but as time has gone on, and you can call this after-the-fact bias if you want, it really does seem like this was the correct fit. The kid might be the most skilled player in this draft, and the most skilled prospect we've had since drafting the twins. There would have been nothing wrong with picking a more "meat-and-potatoes" type player like Glass or Vilardi, but considering that we already have Horvat to fill that role, it might have been a tad redundant to go for the same type of player. Having Pettersson in the fold gives us a different type of center, make for a more dynamic and all around more balanced team going forward.
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    Top 10 in scoring in a men leauge as a 18 year old. That's all I have to say.
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    Actually Henrik had been playing with a back injury since the early in San Jose series. Throughout the Boston series Chara was either cross checking Henrik in the back or hacking his ankles. It got so bad Chara was skating to the bench and Henrik gave him a two hander to his ankle. How often have you seen Henrik do anything like that? It really was ridiculous what Chara got away with in that series with Henrik. But, what can you do? The refs call penalties and it's let the players play. They don't call penalties and it's why are they getting away with that. Not to mention players winding up with broken fingers and bruised acl's. But reffing is a different debate. The real difference in that series was Thomas played like a Vezina goalie for 7 games. Luongo played like a Vezina goalie 3 games and like Cloutier in 4 games. It's easy to look at one team and point fingers but there was a second team on the ice. Thomas was steller in net and Chara did a steller, if not always legal, job of shutting Henrik down. If Henrik was on the ice Chara was on Henrik. Even if we'd suffered half the injuries we did I think the team would have won. But truthfully there gets to be a point where injuries aren't an excuse as there's so many that it's simply a reality that your team has been severely diminished. If you want to call it excuses fill your boots if it makes you feel better. I just call it reality.
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    Yes, it seems quite possible that Pettersson will have a developmental pattern similar to the Sedins. As a player of similarly high skill and similar stature he might take a while to reach his peak performance. Henrik's peak period stretched between age 25 (.91 PPG in 2005-06) and age 32 (.94 PPG in 2012-13). That is actually a pretty normal peak period for high end fowards, although it is not uncommon to get pretty close to that peak by age 23 or 24. But Henrik and Daniel were pretty good NHL players in their draft+2 seasons (their rookie years). Henrik had a PPG of 0.35 that year, which is a respectable 3rd line level. And it was up from there. Still, I agree that it makes no sense to hurry Pettersson as he needs to gain a lot of strength before he is ready. It would not be a surprise to see him in the NHL in his draft+2 year, and I am impatient enough to be hoping for that, but it might make sense to hold off until his draft+3 year (and maybe become the second Canuck to win a Calder trophy, joining Pavel Bure). I agree that we don't want our expectations to get too high but, as you note, Pettersson is a faster skater than the Sedins (and I am guessing he will be better in the shootout ). Pettersson looks like an excellent prospect at this stage. Like a lot of others I wanted and expected the Canucks to pick Glass at #5 overall, but I have warmed up to the Pettersson pick as Pettersson seems to have a higher ceiling, although Glass could be an impact player sooner.
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    Virtanen causing havoc and shooting from his off wing. Dhalen also shooting from his off wing on the other side and going to the net. Pettersson finding the open space and open winger. Two small but fast, slick Swedes and a big hard hitting Canadian. Classic Euro skill and North American grit. I am going to have nice dreams tonight.
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    He's been doing alot better lately. They've done alot of good things but there have also been some big whiffs. His drafting has been pretty good for the most part. He's done a great job restocking the cupboard. But I also think that his first pick is looking like a mistake that probably set us back a bit in this rebuild. Not to rail on Virtanen because I think he can still be a good player but if we had a young productive guy like Nylander or Ehlers on this team right now along with Horvat/Baertschi it would make our situation look alot better. You could argue about Juolevi over Tkachuk but I think that's still up in the air. I'd say aside from his 1st pick he's done pretty well. l I liked getting Gudbranson at the time and maybe he will bounce back but seeing where we are at a year later and the price we paid to get him its looking like another blunder. Especially when you consider his contract status and that the Canucks were looking to move him for a different defenseman. A few moves that come to mind were the Garrison/2nd/Vey move and the Forsling deal. Looking back the Kesler trade also isn't looking too great. I know Kesler handcuffed us but the deal wasn't bad at the time. Its just that now we don't really have anything to show for it. Now were looking at basically Sutter & Gudbranson for Kesler. Gudbranson has a year till UFA status and Sutter is a 28 year old 3rd line center with a big contract. Plus we paid better draft picks/secondary pieces in both those deals to get those guys. If Gudbranson isn't moved and ends up hitting the market next summer we could be looking at only Sutter to show for Kesler. Someone brought up a point about how he shouldn't have tried to be a playoff team with the old core in 2014 like we did. And I don't disagree but I think the mistake was made before that (which falls on ownership). If the rumours of Gillis wanting to retool/rebuild after 2013 are true then its definitely looking like we shouldn't have waited to finally jump on board with the rebuild. I think things are looking better now than they ever have under this regime but Benning has made his fair share of mistakes & we are still at the bottom right now so.
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    Sometimes amidst all of the big name trades and free agent madness, you stumble across some smaller found money and it just makes your day. This is one of those times. I don't know how I missed seeing Michael on my first free agent pass, but am overjoyed to fix that mistake now. I just wasn't expecting to see the OHL goalie of the year sitting unclaimed in the scrap heap. The kid has some serious chops, and plenty of room to develop. Welcome to the team kiddo. Thanks to @Master Mind @thejazz97 @somethingvery @Captain Azzy and the whole Scooby Squad for processing. (You get to decide who is the dog)
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    Kid can play, just needs to lay off the cheeseburgers. That wrist shot of his really is something else
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    "You don't know this, but Trevor Linden had cracked ribs and torn rib cartilage for the last four games of the 1994 Stanley Cup Final," Cliff Ronning said. "You can't imagine what it's like to hear your captain, in a room down the hall, screaming at the top of his lungs as they injected the needle into his rib cage. Knowing him, he probably thought we couldn't hear. He would then walk into our dressing room like nothing had happened. That was inspirational." Ronning was remembering Linden dropping his right shoulder into Brian Leetch, pushing the defenseman to the side and scoring on Mike Richter to make the score 2-1 Rangers in Game 7 of the Final. Linden couldn't will his team to victory that night, despite his two goals, in the deciding 3-2 loss. "I broke my hand in that game," Ronning recalled. "But how do I say I can't play when there's a guy who has played four games with broken ribs and torn cartilage and he's dropping his shoulder into guys to make plays? "There's a famous picture of Trevor and goalie Kirk McLean standing in exhaustion and it exemplifies what everyone on our team gave that day. It was a sad day because we lost, but it was a great day in the sense of what we had accomplished. We were not as talented a team, but how close we came! And, how close we became as friends, to this day." Ronning said the famous picture of Linden and goalie Kirk McLean, standing together in Game 7 in total exhaustion, captures the moment. The Canucks had beaten the Calgary Flames in seven games, the last three in overtime, before five-game series victories over the Dallas Stars and Toronto Maple Leafs. Linden was Vancouver's second-leading scorer in the playoffs, behind his right winger Pavel Bure, with 12 goals and 13 assists. Down 3-1 in the Final, the Canucks rallied to win Games 5 and 6. + Click for larger photo At one point in Game 6 in Vancouver, Linden crawled on the ice to get to his bench, he was in so much pain. "Trevor and Kirk and the exhaustion in their faces exemplifies what everyone on our team gave that day," Ronning said. Like I told Alfstonker, A picture speaks a thousand words.
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    HUGELY were one of the softest teams in the NHL WITH dorsett in the line up. His value has nothing to do with how many playoff goals he has it's more about grit, effort and hard work, ...you know the stuff you want to rub off on the young guys who do score the playoff goals
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    Petterson as the potential to be the best player from this draft. He's not far behind Nico & Nolan & may well be the most skilled out of them all. Reminds me of a Pavel Datsyuk type player. Not the thickest but the slickest moves with a sick set of mitts, high hockey IQ, great skating & plays defensive first type player. I'm liking this pick a lot.
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    Well, he scores more regular season goals than Gaunce. He throws his weight around, is a good skater, will drop the gloves, and is a pretty good pk'er as well. Plus he's willing to teach the young guys. What difference did Gaunce make?
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    My thoughts: -So many stupid God-kills. Very frustrating. I mean, I knew a game of 30 would feature a few - a lot of people just signed up because everyone else was doing it, not because they had time to commit - but this was too many. At least it hurt both sides in roughly equal proportion. -Almost none of the special roles were used. A bunch died, the CPS never got its act together, and so on. I put in various extra killing roles to speed the game up, and they were completely ineffective. -The mafia were strong. Even after it went to hell for them, Aladeen and Zfetch had strong final rounds, creating chaos that allowed jazz and BJ to hide in the crowd. Even the DPS had some pretty poor reads until the last couple of rounds. -Credit to AV/J23. They played a 3P Survivor role well, keeping their heads down but not too much. They deserved to make it as far as they did. -This game ultimately became the longest in CDC history, but in my mind there's an asterisk, because it doesn't really 'deserve' it like other games did. It was fun at times, but overall surely not more memorable than Zodiac, GoT, or Casa del Horror.
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