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    Well, I promised you guys some updates, but since someone is posting every play he makes - I don't think I need to talk about that. However, what I'm going to continue to talk about is the whole "Pettersson and Dahlén needs to play together". I was convinced at first, but now I'm not too sure. He did play with both Lundberg and Pesonen today - two of the best players in the SHL. Pesonen, superb skill and with a lot of knowledge, and Lundberg being a "space maker" for Pettersson is pretty much the best that you could ask for if you want him to develop. Pesonen was very excited the other day when I had a chance to have a chat with him! He said: "It's amazing, just to see that type of hand-eye coordination is mind blowing. It makes me super excited every time I'm on the ice to see what he can do, just for the fact that you don't really have a clue. He's truly a wizard" then I asked him what he thinks about playing as a centerman (he's usually a winger) and he said: "I think its fun, it's a bit more work if I'm being honest. But just to be able to feed the puck to Elias and to see him glow, that's everything. I feel like a proud Dad" So, with that being said, I think Elias will do just fine without Dahlén. The Lakers has an idea of what Canucks wants, and they will surely deliver that
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    According to thehockeywriters.com, the SEL a considerably higher level league than the AHL. http://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-best-ice-hockey-leagues/ Gabriel Desjardin's NHLE calculator or "League Equivalency formula" seems to back that up. http://www.behindthenet.ca/projecting_to_nhl.php The SEL seems to be just behind the KHL, making it the third highest level league in the world.
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    He seems to be threading passes to players not expecting them that is for sure. He seems to be playing as if the game is slower for him than it is for the others - that is what I am finding so impressive. I am noticing he keeps being on the ice when his team scores - that is never a bad sign! This (looking ahead of things) is how Juolevi looked to me at the Prospect's Game.
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    One of a kind. Approx 40 seonds in, enjoy.
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    Kirk McLean skated behind his net toward a sliding puck. He reached out and stopped it. For a moment, he waited The goalie had done so countless times during his career in hockey, an unremarkable and routine play. But what happened on this night, Nov. 5, 1991, he would never forget. After a beat, McLean’s newest teammate on the Vancouver Canucks came rushing toward him. In one motion he swooped in, received the puck from his goalie and was off. McLean returned to his crouch in front of the net, but never took his eyes off the prized rookie, one of the most hyped imports in NHL history, as he disappeared into the other end. A sea of fans inside the Pacific Coliseum began to rise, their roar cresting in anticipation as the Canucks winger whirred up the ice, leaving even his teammates in awe. “The crowd was anticipating something,” McLean said. “Everybody was mesmerized. Most of the guys on the bench, as well, watching to see what would happen.” His speed, McLean can still recall, was something to behold, almost unseen in the NHL at the time, and when paired with his inhuman agility seemed unfair to those he skated by. The result of the play, the kid’s first shift in the NHL, almost didn’t seem to matter. “He didn’t score, but certainly it showed what he was capable of doing at high speeds handling the puck,” McLean said. “Like a Connor McDavid does now.” This, 25 seasons ago, was Pavel Bure. http://www.thehockeynews.com/news/article/remembering-pavel-bure-25-years-after-his-standout-rookie-season
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    Linden names his son after Matthias Ohlund. Cool. http://www.bardown.com/canucks-president-trevor-linden-names-son-after-former-teammate-1.839545
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    i'ld like a hurricane named after me. smithers joe reaches land and heads in land. one scary bugger.
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    I go back to this every once in a while. "There's a lot of hair on that body." .
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    He had a strong game. Looked quite fast (perhaps everyone else was simply slow?) and definitely far from out of place. He could have had three or four points on powerplay alone. He was often first in on the forecheck which I didn't expect but his attempts at stapling people to the wall was a bit humorous to watch as it didn't have a lot of effect. All-in-all, the pace of play and the moves/plays he made showed he will certainly not be out of place in SEL as an 18 year old and will benefit far more from it than playing in junior hockey one would think.
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    Been watching this game from start - Davos is a high quality team and Pettersson looks great so far. Looks fast, in control and not out of place physically at all. They have him on top line and on first PP unit. Nice looking player.
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    Here's a livestream of Vaxjo vs. Davos. Pettersson on the top line:
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    Bure's standout ability that very, very few have been able to match was his ability to stickhandle at top speed. He was exceptionally strong (dedicated to fitness and weights unlike anyone else in that era, even if it seems commonplace now), had elite quickness, vision, a great shot, was willing to stand up for himself - he had it all, but his ability to think and physically execute at speed put him as the most electrifying player ever in my books. Petterson definitely has skill - he can stickhandle in a phone booth, has great vision, a deceptive/accurate shot, etc. - but he lacks the physical attributes of Bure and isn't at Bure's level for being able to do it all while skating top speed. As others have said, that's not a knock on his speed or handling, just that you're comparing to possibly the best of all time in that category. We still have a possible gem on our hands, but he'll have a little longer development path and will need good players around him to achieve that greatness vs Bure being able to dominate all on his own.
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    I think it is a combination of playing on the West coast for the most productive part of your career, playing mostly on bad teams, having an injury shortened career and never winning a Stanley Cup.
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    I've watched NHL hockey for 60 years and, in my opinion, the 3 most exciting players that I have ever seen that combined incredible skill with unbelievable speed were Bobby Orr, Pavel Bure and Connor McDavid.........he was that special.
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    I remember it like it was yesterday
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    I remember his first home game . When he had that end to end rush . Everyone in the crowd looked like a jockey , riding their seats .. I think it was the most thrilling experience Ive ever had watching hockey . To say he was a special player , would only denigrate his art ..
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    I got to 5 times and will never forget him walking almost every dman wide or down the middle with ease.
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    Bure out of the gate was electric and an unstoppable force.
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    I am not a Trump fan by any means, but I am kind of getting tired of hearing about him on every late night show I see
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    You knew Bure was special on his very first shift. Almost a ppg player at 20 years old. What little I have seen of EP he does not have Bure's speed. What stands out for me about EP to date is his vision and ability to throw a pass. Very good.
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    i saw the whole game. he barely got an assist with a wonderfull pass to a guy who was hooked.at the last second (that lead to a PP). he played on 2nd PPunit, and while being slightly inconspicuous, he took some shots, went to the corners and buzzed around, especially in the 3rd. i was amazed by his backchecking speed. he read the play well which has lead to a last partial breakaway that had to be stopped by a really good save from the goalie. clearly a 3points night effort.
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    Or, you know, cause we need both size AND skill, and they'll both fill a different need in our lineup in the near future.
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    It's an interesting wrinkle for sure and suggests to me that Pettersson's lack of a contract this year is not really a Canucks decision but something that the player and his agent have decided is in Pettersson's best interest. From the Vancouver perspective, signing Pettersson now would give them more control. They can whittle some dollars off his eventual AAV (and get it as low as $863,333 versus the max $925,000) by sliding his contract 1-2 years. And they would have the option to play him the full 2018-19 season in Utica without burning a year of his deal. Signing next year means no matter where Pettersson plays hockey, the clock starts on his three year ELC. This contract delay creates a very intriguing hypothetical for 2021. On a 2017 signed contract, with two slides, Pettersson would be heading into the 2021-22 season on the final year of an $863,333 AAV contract (AAV reduced from $925,000 due to two years of signing bonus payouts). With a 2018 signed ELC (which is what looks like will happen), Pettersson actually starts the 2021-22 season on his freshly minted RFA contract (possibly with an even higher AAV than Horvat pending extension if things go really well with Pettersson's development). This could all conceivably be happening right around the time when this team actually starts winning. And you have to wonder what several extra million dollars in cap space might mean for a 2021-22 Canucks team that's entering its competitive window. It would only be that one season (2021-22), but still, that's basically the cap space needed to add a quality player to the lineup. Maybe even the kind of player that makes the difference between winning and losing a playoff series. It'll definitely make for some interesting forum posts if things shake out that way. We'll see what happens. But I actually suspect the Canucks plan to have Pettersson playing in the NHL in 2018-19. At least for enough games to start burning contract years. And that would render this all moot (as he'd start burning years in 2018-19, regardless of whether he's signed this year or next, and would hit RFA status in 2021 in either case). Still, by not signing Pettersson now, they've effectively removed the option of slowcooking him (either in the AHL or even for another SHL season) and not burning that 2018-19 year off his 3-year ELC. And I find it hard to believe management would choose this timeline unless the impetus for waiting a year on the contract was coming directly from Pettersson's camp.
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