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    Over the past few days I have been shocked at the local and national media and the fans for the negative pile-on of Jim Benning. He has made some bad moves, yes. He has made some bad trades, yes. Name 1 GM who hasn't. He inherited a team that had Brendan Gaunce as it's only possible prospect who may ever make the NHL. The drafting of the 10 years before him was the worst in the league. He had aging superstars that he was not allowed to trade. The owner stepped in when he did try to clear out some FA's for picks(Hamhuis). Thanks to the stupid NHL lottery system he has fallen backwards in every draft he has picked in. He had Bo Horvat and a bunch of old guys with NMC's. Under him we have done the following: Brought along Horvat, Boeser, and Peterson into an enviable young core. Developed Markstrom into a number 1 and Demko to the point of challenging and Dipietro looking like a great future option. Picked up Baertschi, Granlund, Leivo, Stecher, Goldobin to attempt to fill in the missing generation of Canuck draft picks. WE have a great prospect pool quickly moving to nhl readiness Defence with realistice chance at NHL Hughes(Top 2 D) this year Juolevi(Top 3 D) later this year Sautner (4-6 D) ready Brisebois(4-6 D) ready Woo (Top 4) 1-2 years Tryamkin (Top 4) 1 year Rafferty (4-6 D) close Rathbone(2nd pair) 2 years Utunen (5-7th D) 2-3 years Forwards with realistic chance at NHL Gaudette (top 9) now Podkolzin (top 6) 2 years Lind (2-3 Line) 1-2 years Hoglander (2nd line) 1-2 years Madden (2-3 line) 2 years Gadjovich (3-4th line) 2 years Lockwood (depth forward) 2 years Goaltenders with a realistic chance at the NHL Dipietro (Starter) 4 years Kielly (backup) 2 years He has now added JT Miller who fits perfectly in our top 6. So we have great long term depth in quality goaltenders. We have 4-5 our our long term top 6 forwards. We have some excellent bottom 6 forwards. We have some quality Defensemen and are shopping for FA's. From where he started and with the restrictions he has had, I think he deserves much better coverage. Chiarelli started with McDavid, RNH and Draisatl and destroyed the team. Shanaplan is now falling apart despite having much better luck in the lottery and having the top FA centre available for years fall in their laps. They have terrible defence and are losing 2 of the ones they have. They have 6 million in space to improve their blueline and signe 10mil+ Marner after losing out in the 1st round. They are about to have 35$million committed to 3 forwards for the next 7 years. Anyway, I know I will probably get skewered. No I am not Jim Benning's biggest fan. I think he has made some bad trades. I just don't get the overwhelming $h!tstorm that the media and fans seem to want to inflict on him.
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    Honestly, the impatience of fans sometimes baffles me. It's like they expect a GM to be perfect in every aspect and turn a team from a bottom feeder to a contender in 2 years. Jimbo has made some mistakes, but you have to be really turning a blind eye not to see how drastically our future has turned around with him and Brackett at the helm.
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    Please feel free to seat yourself in the waiting room provided in the link below for all your ZOMG BENNING related complaints. https://hfboards.mandatory.com/forums/vancouver-canucks.36/ Honestly...wtf did you want him to do? Tanev injured. Edler wouldn't waive. We don't yet have the depth to facilitate the trades or returns people seem to expect to happen. benning has been rebuilding for just over 3 years. Since he took over he took one of the oldest teams against the cap full of NMC and NTC's and literally zero prospect or roster depth. His first year he traded across for NHL ready youth His second year he traded across for NHL depth, kept a few His third year he kept it His fourth year he kept it Now literally just now we're starting to see the depth of prospects enter the AHL, Still have prospects in Europe and the NCAA and have arguably two of the best young players under the age of 22 on our roster. We were not supposed to be nearly as good as we are, we weren't supposed to challenge. People hated Gudbranson when he brought him here, now they hate that he was traded. people seem to think Benning lost on the DelZaster trade somehow and more. You people literally cannot be pleased or take the time to see what is currently being built. So please have a seat in the provided waiting room and lodge all your complaints there with the rest of the crowd. Thank You Management.
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    Zack MacEwen's mom started a hockey blog today and her first post is fantastic. I think we have our best hockey mom since Beth Bartkowski! https://jmmacewen3.wixsite.com/website/single-post/2019/03/04/My-Son-Is-Actually-in-the-NHL
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    I hope no talks sh!t about Eddie now.......he just showed how much he loves this team.
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    So because he doesn't want to potentially leave Vancouver for Seattle, he'll leave Vancouver entirely? Makes sense.
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    Wow this is shocking. He was quite young. He was a very negative writer and I never enjoyed his work, but I would never wish that upon him. Feel for his friends and family.
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    First regulation win against the Sharks in 15 games. The tide is turning. And anyone that complains about any win...
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    Whenever I come to this site, usually meander over to 'Prospects' section, to soak up the(mostly) good news. When one prospect trends downwards, often seems arguments follow, & a number of told-you-so's with comparative prospects pop up. Feel tired just reading this stuff. Personal feelings & skater-metrics/data from Hell. Do such obsessions compensate for other things that people may desire, regret, etc. in their lives? Makes ya wonder? Here's an idea: (Acceptance #1) Bo, Jake, Brock, OJ, EP How 'bout we accept this as our half-decade of fine 1st R youth, to get this rebuild rolling? Let's stop looking over the ****ing fence at the neighbours shiny new Porsche. I'd be fine never hearing, "We shoulda' picked so & so", ever again. We missed Jags(yeah)..but we pilfered Bure. Hell with it, man. Accept, or forever whine & whinge. Have said it before..historically(in general) drafting has burned our a$*, but trades have often helped to salvage seasons. Perhaps we're finally hitting on the draft %, as we long needed? **Acceptance #2*** Why not simply ACCEPT we had 3 GREAT runs, but have yet to reach the summit? See it as three separate teams of solid young guys who lauch assaults on 3 separate Himalayan summits. Whether it's equipment, accidents, Avalanche(!)..whatever? The guys gave all they had(each time), & just came up short. Even still, they entertained the whole Prov of BC, with each attempt, & I'm proud of every group. When this team finally reaches the pinnacle, it'll be wonderful, but I'll also spare a thought for the other great players who first set out, giving their best. Call it foolish, but I love this team(good & bad memories alike). I see trolls(media/fans) trying to get digs in on point #2. To me, this is one of the lowest levels humans can stoop to. So petty & childish. Why stop there? Why not call random 3rd W inhabitants, & trot out national gdp & food production data, for comparisons' sake? Suggest to all true fans of the Canucks..don't get lulled into this divisive bs. Cheer your team on unconditionally. Toss the revisionist(oh, we shoulda' drafted...) into the freeken g can. Acceptance baby.. GCG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Dude was making 5.5 last year and some are saying 6 is overpaying. Lol. We know you hate Benning but for &^@# sakes, get a grip. And for 5 years and not the 7 predicted.
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    I'll update as it comes in:
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    "I'm very happy with that accomplishment. It felt like it was a month ago I made my debut here and we played our last home game today. It's been a fun year, still two games left, but it's been such a fun year for me. I love it here." - Pettersson on winning Most Exciting Player "The first game and the first goal. I'll never forget that feeling. I remember before the game just feeling like 'oh my god, I'm gonna make my NHL debut today'. And then to score on my first shot... I'm speechless." - Pettersson on standout memories from the year "I knew there was a lot of excitement about me, but I had no clue it would be this big. I'm just honoured that they like me so much, and I'm just trying to do a favour back and hopefully play my best hockey every game." - Pettersson on the way fans embraced him this season
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    Not even gonna read this. Just gonna say.......Nah.
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    Do people here not realize that if a team were to draft a player in the first round, if they were to turn out being a 50 point player, that’s an absolute win? Jeez. JT Miller is worth a conditional first. He’s in his prime right now, people.
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    I find that I'm often looking for a lot of information on Canuck records that takes a bit of work to find, so I thought I'd make a spreadsheet to show a bunch of Canuck records and how they've changed over the history of the Canucks. Personally, I'll be using this for quick access to information for my hockey blog, but I figured some others on here might want to use it or just view it for curiosity's sake. There's far to much information to place in this post, so I've just made the Google Sheet accessible by link if you're interested: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1czbmdTFdMVNMVrkHaOH0jzWt5jVXMCo4JAXDSQRu36c/edit?usp=sharing Some interesting bits I found: - The oldest single-season player record is assists by a defenseman, set by Dennis Kearns in 1976-77 with 55 assists - The oldest career stats player record is also assists by a defenseman, set also by Dennis Kearns with 290 assists in 1980-81 - In Vancouver's inaugural season, Dale Tallon set marks for a rookie defenseman that have still not been beaten today, making them the oldest Canuck records in any category - The oldest career special teams record is by Dennis Kearns for powerplay points by a defenseman with 143, set in 1980-81. Alex Edler is just four powerplay points behind with 139 and could soon break this old record. - Despite the 80s being hyper-offensive, the Canucks were better in the early 90s, so their highest goals-per-game came in 1992-93 - The Canucks apparently had a crazy good powerplay in 1982-83 Also let me know if you spot any errors; there's a lot of information so it's likely that I made a few mistakes along the way. Updated (12/30/17): Updated (1/29/18): Updated (3/16/18): Updated (4/8/18): Updated (10/21/18): Updated (12/9/18): Updated (12/23/18): Updated (1/7/19): Updated (2/7/19):
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    how is this Benning's fault tho? thats the key thing around here.
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    Listen carefully to what was said. He alluded to the future of this team. When these guys are 25-31, this current core, is when this team will be at its most potent. It should give people a timeline for what to expect. This team should be absolutely dominating for a long stretch of years, starting in a few.
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    Future Watch is exclusive to THN, where they compile a panel of NHL scouts and grade 21 and unders including prospects which they also list and rank (prospects only) top ten per franchise. A few years ago they came out with an addition that predicted the Winnipeg Jets would become a contender and the team to beat in the West, even going as far as to say they had the framework of a dynasty. Back then they hadn’t seen much of any playoff action and it could be easily laughed off as bold prediction, but now there is a lot of back slapping (and they like to bring it up when it’s pertinent). Hughes comes in as their second best ranked drafted prospect in the world, behind (already drafted) Cale Makar who has the honours of the best one in the world at the moment. It should be noted that they don’t consider a guy a NHLer until they truly makes a difference so Carter Hart is no longer on the list but guys like Demko (35), Zadina (7) and Batherson (27) are still ranked. My pick last year would have been Bouchard, he’s currently 13, one spot behind Boqvist. Ugh what do I know. Vancouver was ranked third overall and given an A- grade, way up from last year. Despite Pettersson, Gaudette and Boeser playing meaningful minutes who all were previously in the top one hundred (last year EP was ranked 2 BTW) , we still have four players ranked in the top hundred Hughes 2, Demko 35 (and the third best goalie behind Samsanov in WSH), OJ 66 (slipped from 23 last year ), and new comer Madden at 70 which was around where they ranked Hobey Baker Award winner Gaudette last year. THN had nothing but glowing remarks for us, stating that our prospect pool and under 21ers is tailor made for today’s game. Our fifth ranked prospect Dipietro just missed the top hundred cut, if he didn’t we’d be the only team with five in the ranking. Most teams only have two or three in the top hundred, Vegas for example for a C+ ranked 25th overall and has three guys but avoided a worse ranking on the strength of Glass ranked 3rd best prospect. What does this mean? PHI ranked number one, TO number two (one becuase the troops are still coming, the other because they are already there) and Vancouver number three... what it’s designed to do is provide a view for the future, which is why it’s called future watch, and if you look back at their previous years they’ve done an outstanding job of predicating what has actually happened. The fact that an Eastern based publishment is giving us this many props is encouraging, and it definitely gives us hope for the future. I for one was pleasantly surprised, I figured we’d be a little higher than last year (9)... and to think in 2015 we ranked 19 and a two years before that DFL. This is a big validation for Benning and his team. The best teams in the future have the best 21 and unders, this is almost factual (sure there are outliers but even those teams end up not bad) and maybe we should be more patient with Benning and a little less critical of the mishaps. Me included. As an aside for those that rank Kakko above Hughes, it’s official THN most recent ranking has Hughes as the undeniable best draft pick available in 2019. That leaves Sportsnet as the only major source the have Kakko above him. Good news for us if we win the lottery, no reason (or doubt) not to pick Quins brother. Not that Kakko is a chump, he’s awesome too. I’ve been supporting Benning mostly becuase he’s fixing an awful prospect pool, doesn’t mean he’s the best GM we could have (drafting Tryamkin and not making it easier for him, Palmu and Dahlen are three things that grate on me the most, LE is fine in comparison as it won’t interfere with CAP space or our pool) ... but maybe it’s time I take a break from bringing that up or remarking about it. Others have preached patience and so have I, after reading this my viewpoint shifted a little more into the patience side of things again. IF Hughes makes the impact they expect of him, and the other guys also make it and make a difference, we already have what we need to contend (not even best case, the parts are there IF most of them work out). Look at the impact Markstrom and EP have had, Demko is predicted to be a good-great number one and DiPietro had a glowing .951 sp and GAA of 1.23 in the WJs, definitely not team Canada’s weak spot..goaltending looks bright going forward for a long time. This years draft could push us over the top..Benning IS punching above his draft spot too, he’s a plus four (9th) which means even though our average draft position over the part four years is 7 he’s drafring like we have been getting all third overalls during that time span. Given where we are drafting thats outstanding. TB leads the pack drafting an average of 24th overall and ranking like they draft 8th each time. If you look at their under 21ers and their pool it’s not hard to understand why...and they just about set a record for least amount of games before winning the presidents trophy. Hopefully that can be us in time (especially we get the same cap breaks they do ha ha). Today at least, not much to complain about. What are your thoughts about our 21 and unders, do you think THN got it right (by extension it means we will have the third best core when they all reach their prime), or not?
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    I listen to sports radio. I read around. I watch the talking heads on the TV. I get it. Everything sucks. Everything Jim Benning ever did was wrong. Every ounce of good is buried under a pound of bad. There is no hope. But why not? It's easy to hope and the worse that can happen is you'll be wrong. So what if everything goes right? I hear Markstrom only had 3 good months and who can rely on him to carry that into next season for the whole season, right? But what if he does? And what if Demko is everything we always thought he might be. Can he be an ace backup? Maybe he can. In fact what if he starts to look like the starter while Dipietro is rocking Utica like an all-star? Does Markstrom become trade-bait at the TDL and do we maybe get our 2020 first pick back? 3 guys on the radio were agreeing today that the Canucks can't make the playoffs. If they're so smart why aren't they rich? Shut it down and move to Vegas then, radio wizards. Use your genius to win bets. Even during these last few, sad years the Canucks have been in the playoff hunt after the first half of the season. Then the second half comes with injuries and lack of depth and we sink down the leaders' list. But why do we have to judge the totality of the past and any future by those second halves. Perhaps those first halves are who we really are. Perhaps there is more depth than we're being to told to consider now? Perhaps these new grittier Canucks don't get injured as much. The Ontario experts figure they're doing us a favour by giving us a condescending pat on the head and telling us maybe the defence has improved a little but what if it's more than a little and what if guys like Chatfield, Sautner, Brisebois, Rafferty and who knows maybe even some dark horse like Utunen turn up to give us depth from below. Then there's Olli Juolevi and Quinn Hughes. What if they turn out to be everything we hoped they'd be. How good are we then? Perhaps Chris Tanev stays healthy and provides another piece of trade bait at the TDL? And if the playoffs do become real don't Tryamkin and others become a possibility for even more defensive depth going in? I hear we need secondary scoring but what if it's there? Baertschi has a history of concussions. Sydney Crosby won Stanley cups with a concussion history. Baertschi is no Crosby but he doesn't have to be. He just has to be the player he was last season before he got injured. JT Miller is a new secondary scoring tool. Pearson looked good for a period last year. We're not supposed to consider it possible but what if he stays consistent? Jake Virtanen has stepped up levels the last couple of years. Is it so outrageous to think he could do it again this year? A 20-25 goal scoring JV would be secondary scoring. Kohl Lind was showing signs of becoming what we hoped he might turn out to be towards the end of last season. What if that improve continues? This one may be too much of a reach but what if Goldy finally decides to take all the advice he's been given and use his natural talent to provide us a 40-50 point guy? And who knows, maybe this new look Canuck lineup pushes Boeser, Pettersson and Horvath to new levels. How many tie games can be broken by Boesser, Pettersson and Hughes 3 on 3 once they get the chemistry working? Do those get us into the playoffs? Now, not even I am enough of a Pollyanna to think all of that is going to happen but how much of it has to happen to shut up the know-it-all, negative-Nancys and insure Jim keeps his job? Whatever...the season starts in a matter of months. Go Canucks.
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    Bergevin to the rest of the league
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    Makes sense. Kid has good size and is an excellent modern day skater. The NHL game is just to fast for him to process and the hockey sense just isnt there. He has everything to be proud of sticking around the NHL as he has but would be shocked if he ever gets better than he is now. Was a good gamble by JB and there should be no regrets moving forward for the Canucks.
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    [TSN] - Louie Eriksson to retire after July 1st. Mutual agreement with Canucks has been reached According to TSN, the Canucks and Eriksson have mutually agreed to part ways at seasons’ end. Eriksson will get a 3 million dollar bonus after July 1st, which will make him have earned 28 of his 36 million. Given that the Canucks are heading in a different direction, combined with Louie’s inability to live up to offensive expectations, both parties have mutually agreed to part ways after July 1st. Eriksson will likely head back to Sweden where he will resume his Pro hockey career, while the Canucks will be off the hook for Louie’s cap. And yes - it’s April 1st here in China, and so April Fools. :-)
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    “That was awesome. It was my dream to play in the NHL, so this is surreal. I gotta give credit to Schenn, he was a huge help for me. Having Canucks fans support me like that was special. I’m really happy to be here.” - Hughes
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    Never trust twitter. -Vintage Canuck- is all you need.
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    I almost forgot. It will be fun watching Ferland running Bennett, Gaudreau and Giordanno all season
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    4pm PST Projected Line-ups (Not sure if the Flow is ready to go?) The BAD RATS CANUCKS IN EXTERMINATION MODE! GCG!
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    Crisis? What Crisis? Tryamkin had nothing to do with the Utica situation. Palmu was never a "top end" prospect and it's not surprising he had trouble cracking the lineup there. Dahlen has been discussed to death elsewhere, but given the contradictory accounts that have come out from his side of the equation, that's where the problem seems to lie. Beware of click-bait, stay calm and carry on.
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    OMG! We're both so charged up from that game! Marky shutout Amazing team game Bo with two GOALS (loved his game tonight) Petey with two apples Motte was &^@#ing wicked Schenn and Sautner both played great The crowd around us, in section 119, was engaged and pretty damn awesome THERE WAS AN ACTUAL WAVE THAT LASTED A FEW LAPS!!!! Haven't seen that in years What a fantastic experience for my son, at his first live Canucks game, and me because I got to take him! That was &^@#ing wicked. My son is bouncing around the hotel room with an apple in one hand and a pepperoni cheese bun in the other.. The kid is on fire! Good times. I'll never forget this night
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    I'm lost here. A soft 30 point player nets a 2nd and a 3rd and people are congratulating the Avs? Miller for a conditional 1st and a 3rd looks better by the day.
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    Isn't leaving Edmonton the same as realizing your potential?
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    Grabbing the popcorn, putting on sweat pants, and heading over to Calgary Puck for the reactions....lol
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    The bench looks happy to win. That's a team that is going to do damage next year. These guys aren't the Coilers.
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    Last Updated: October 02, 2018 Main Camp Schedule September 14, 2018: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Meadow Park Sports Centre, On-Ice September 15, 2018: 9:00 a.m - 2:00 p.m, Meadow Park Sports Centre, On-Ice 10:00 a.m, Scrimmage September 16, 2018: 10:00 a.m - 3:00 p.m, Meadow Park Sports Centre, On-Ice 11:00 a.m, Scrimmage September 17, 2018: 9:00 a.m - 12:30 p.m., Meadow Park Sports Centre, On-Ice 11:00 a.m, Scrimmage ------------------------- Main Camp Roster A total of 59 players were invited to the 2018 Canucks Training Camp: 33 forwards, 20 defencemen, and 6 goaltenders. There are currently 23 players remaining on the Canucks roster. Opening night roster has been finalized. Forwards (Invited: 33 | Remaining: 13) Darren Archibald (CUT) Vincent Arseneau (CUT) Sven Baertschi Carter Bancks (CUT) Jay Beagle Brock Boeser Reid Boucher (CUT) Michael Carcone (CUT) Jonathan Dahlen (CUT) Loui Eriksson Jonah Gadjovich (CUT) Sam Gagner (CUT) Adam Gaudette (CUT) Reid Gardiner (CUT) Brendan Gaunce (CUT) Nikolay Goldobin Markus Granlund Wacey Hamilton (CUT) Bo Horvat Lukas Jasek (CUT) Tanner Kero (CUT) Brendan Leipsic Kole Lind (CUT) Zack MacEwen (CUT) Tanner MacMaster (CUT) Tyler Motte Petrus Palmu (CUT) Elias Pettersson Antoine Roussel (CUT) Tim Schaller Brandon Sutter Jake Virtanen Brendan Woods (CUT) Defencemen (Invited: 20 | Remaining: 8) Brandon Anselmini (CUT) Ben Betker (CUT) Alex Biega Dylan Blujus (CUT) Guillaume Brisebois (CUT) Jalen Chatfield (CUT) Michael Del Zotto Jagger Dirk (CUT) Alexander Edler Jesse Graham (CUT) Erik Gudbranson Ben Hutton Olli Juolevi (CUT) Evan McEneny (CUT) Garrett McFadden (CUT) Derrick Pouliot Ashton Sautner (CUT) Jaime Sifers (CUT) Troy Stecher Chris Tanev Goaltenders (Invited: 6 | Remaining: 2) Richard Bachman (CUT) Thatcher Demko (CUT) Michael DiPietro (CUT) Ivan Kulbakov (CUT) Jacob Markstrom Anders Nilsson ------------------------- Assigned September 27, 2018: Adam Gaudette, Centre, Utica Comets (AHL) Olli Juolevi, Defenceman, Utica Comets (AHL) September 23, 2018: Jonathan Dahlen, Forward, Utica Comets (AHL) Petrus Palmu, Forward, Utica Comets (AHL) Jalen Chatfield, Defenceman, Utica Comets (AHL) September 21, 2018: Guillaume Brisebois, Defenceman, Utica Comets (AHL) Jonah Gadjovich, Left Wing, Utica Comets (AHL) Lukas Jasek, Right Wing, Utica Comets (AHL) Kole Lind, Right Wing, Utica Comets (AHL) Zack MacEwen, Centre, Utica Comets (AHL) September 20, 2018: Michael DiPietro, Goaltender, Windsor Spitfires (OHL) September 17, 2018: Michael Carcone, Right Wing, Utica Comets (AHL) ------------------------- Released September 21, 2018: Ivan Kulbakov, Goaltender* September 20, 2018: Carter Bancks, Left Wing* Jesse Graham, Defenceman* Jagger Dirk, Defenceman* September 17, 2018: Garrett McFadden, Defenceman Ben Betker, Defenceman* Tanner MacMaster, Forward* Reid Gardiner, Right Wing* Vincent Arseneau, Left Wing* Brendan Woods, Centre* Brandon Anselmini, Defenceman* Jaime Sifers, Defenceman* Dylan Blujus, Defenceman* * - Released and will attend the Utica Comets Training Camp ------------------------- Waived October 01, 2018: Darren Archibald, Forward (Cleared) Sam Gagner, Forward (Cleared) September 29, 2018: Evan McEneny, Defenceman (Cleared) September 28, 2018: Brendan Gaunce, Centre (Cleared) September 24, 2018: Reid Boucher, Forward (Cleared) Ashton Sautner, Defenceman (Cleared) September 21, 2018: Richard Bachman, Goaltender (Cleared) Tanner Kero, Centre (Cleared) ------------------------- Injured Reserve October 02, 2018: Thatcher Demko, Forward* Antoine Roussel, Forward * - Non-roster injured reserved
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    “I’m thrilled right now. I didn’t think I’d slip past Vancouver. If there was a spot I wanted to pick, it was Vancouver.” - Hughes
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