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    His D+2 numbers were very good. I believe the models (which are past player performance based) projected him as having an 80-90% chance of becoming an NHL player, with an average production level of around 60-70 points per season. His D+3 numbers are still good, but he probably needs to be at 2 points/game (like Johnny Gaudreau D+3 levels) or better this season to maintain his gaudy (or should that be "Gaud-ly") D+2 projections. Last I saw, his current (2017-18) production (1.7 points/GP) projected at around 40-50 points per season in the NHL. EDIT: here's an example of how he charted up to his D+2 (ripped off from Canucks Army):
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    Have liked Pouliot's game since he came over. Sheltered TOI which is fine. Decisions will have to be made by the TDL. Because of age and injury history I am hoping Edler is moved. Bottom line there is not a untouchable in that d-core. All about the deal. What is given up and what comes back. Confident that Benning will make the right decision. Markstrom's play has made the d-core look better that it actually is IMHO.
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    With Tanev out Pouliot has been taking up his minutes. 20+ minutes his last two games.
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    grats! i like it. pouliot is becoming my favorite d to watch for sure. i am anxiously waiting for Pettersson to make his debut so i can get his jersey! guy is gold like pouliot.
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    Completely agree! Green is playing a system that supports his players and helps them excel.
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    Went to the STH event, I ordered some cresting on my new Adidas jersey! I wanted a defenseman this time around, so I picked Pouliot. I think he's going to be around a while, in fact I'm betting on it.
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    New mouthpiece, same garbage from the DPS. The NHL will simply not clean up its act voluntarily. Any player who sues these scumbags for criminal negligence should win the Masterton.
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    hey I don't know if you saw this for your trip - there's a Cirque du Soleil in town until Dec 31st if thats something you're into: https://www.cirquedusoleil.com/canada/vancouver/shows I've been to a few and they're a lot of fun. The big tent is right beside Rogers Arena.
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    Can't even see who he's playing against.
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    Well he is in Utica but I wouldn't go as far as saying he is playing in Utica. A healthy scratch in 8 of the 12 games so far.
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    at least the jets won <3 a canadian team to cheer for
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    Needs quite a bit more work away from the puck. Small steps
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    I have great respect for Daniel and Henrik as players and human beings. But please no, it's time to move forward after this year. The game pace has passed them by especially now that they have lost the magic that made up for their skating.
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    The weird thing is you're right and it's the first time in forever that we can actually say that
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    The one good thing about where our franchise is sitting right now: After suffering a bad loss like the Canucks did last night, we can always just mosey on over to the prospects section to feel a little better
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    That makes 34 goals in his past 46 college hockey games. Going back to the second half of his freshman year, Gaudette has 92 points in his last 69 games. To-date, he has 97 points in 87 career NCAA games. This season, he currently sits 3rd in the nation in points (15) and 2nd in goals (8). No matter how you slice it, that's pretty damn good.
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    Future Canucks #4C. Big and fast. Baertschi - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - Pettersson - Lind Gaunce - Gaudette - Virtanen Gadjovich - MacEwen - Lockwood I believe Goldobin and Granlund will eventually be traded.
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    Have to hope it's Edler on the move given where we are as an org but a lot depends on his NTC/willingness to move (and that's coming from a guy with Edler in his sig!). Imagine the return with Edler at 50% retained salary packaged with say Baer to a contender at the TDL.... Hopeful OJ still spends next year in Utica (with call ups) and we move MDZ next TDL. Next year: MDZ(Juolevi at the TDL), Gudbranson Hutton, Tanev Pouliot, Stecher
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    Acquiring him was a pretty good move. If anyone is able to turn his career around and get things back on track it is his old junior coach. I feel like Hutton's days may be numbered with all the depth we have on the left side.
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    https://www.nhl.com/canucks/news/vancouver-canucks-adam-gaudette/c-292582320 Excerpts: Boeser the Sequel, coming this Spring.
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    "After his bonus is paid" was the stipulation in @aGENT's post. Signing bonuses are paid out on July 1st. So any trade after July 1st, 2020 would be moving only $5 million total remaining salary for the final two seasons of the deal. Off topic, can you guys give me the link to the Adam Gaudette thread? Can't seem to find it today.
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