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    We shouldn't get carried away though. He needs to put on some weight if he is to stay healthy in the NHL. In Sweden he has a LOT more room to move and set up, he will not get that on the smaller surfaces here and the bigger more physical Ds on his back. Let's not put too much pressure on the kid and do him the favour of waiting to see how he copes.
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    Always feel like a jerk when I can;t understand someone's accent. You say "pardon me?", they repeat themselves and you still don;t understand and just kinda nod like an asshole hoping it wasn't something you needed to respond to...
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    It still blows me away some complained about this pick. I called this pick before the end of last season. This kid is unreal. G stylz........
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    If we bottom out and strike gold (pleaseee baby jesus!!!) Dahlin would orchestrate the PP. PP1: Kane -Horvat- Petersson Boeser - Dahlin PP2: Baer/Virtanen - Gaudette - Lind Stecher - Juolevi
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    I've said it before and I'll continue to do so. This current team is not going to contend like TB, St. Louis, or L.A is atm. Those are high calibre teams. We will not be winning a cup anytime soon. There is no reason to rush such an exceptional prospect onto this team. I think it would do wonders for this franchise and this future teams chances at winning a cup if EP, Dahlin, Gaudette, Lind, Gadjovich, Juolevi all played one season in the AHL. Esp for EP, that way he can work on being the #1 centerman we need for the next 15-20 years. He will still be playing against men while getting acclimated to the smaller ice surface in his natural position. The long term gain is what's best for him and the Canucks moving forward imo. Let him tear up the SHL this year, the AHL next year, and the NHL for the next 15-20 years after that.
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    No one's putting pressure on the kid, he's just that good. If he comes in and struggles, no biggie, send him down until he's comfortable. Ten years ago, sure, now, I don't have an issue with his weight, it's a more skilled and speed based league now, if Keller and Hischier are doing well weighing in at 168 and 175 respectively, don't think his weight is gonna be an issue as long as he comes in around 175lbs next season. Also, we won't have Willie benching him after he scores his first goal or keeping him off the pp because 'he doesn't know the systems yet' .. I'M SO EXCITED FOR THIS KID
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    It's always great to see the Leafs choke against a bad team.
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    Don't run with bagpipes - you could put an aye out - or worse yet, get kilt!
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    Yip exactly...patience grasshoppers... time will tell.
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    A re-draft of this class would be quite interesting in 5 years time. I think Patrick and Nico are still up there but Pettersson might be the steal of the draft even at 5th overall.
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    Love that first unit. I"m pretty confident Kane is going to be a Canuck in the summer when he hits UFA, Dahlin is a dream. We're set for 15 years if he falls in our lap
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    Our power play of the future is exciting to think about! Boeser on the left dropping bombs. Pettersson on the right with his howitzer. Gadjovich in front of the net swatting in rebounds. Juolevi on the point and hopefully a #1 Dman from the 2018 draft. We might score a goal on every single power play that we have...
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    You mean some pretty good players played with a really good player in Brock.
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    Not getting carried away at all. Just watching his highlight reels every game & seeing him do something special every game. This is reality, check it out yourself it's all in this thread. I'm only describing what type of player I see his playing style like. Carried away would be the others saying he is Gretzky like. I don't put pressure on a 5th overall player, that comes with the territory. A top 6 pick has pressure on him no matter what. I'm just a fan hoping the kid could reach his full potential one day which seems to be pretty high from everyone around here. If you read some here believe he is better than Hischier & that Pettersson could be the #1 guy in this draft. When you draft a player like Pettersson & his high draft position it's ok to dream a little high & have some higher expectations. That's called a fan, and to tell you the truth I think Pettersson has the "potential" to be similar to a Datsyuk/Kane type player. What's wrong with a little wishful thinking? Especially when the kid is playing lights out.
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    He will be fine at 170 RNH isn't much bigger and not as skilled. He makes the nucks next year because they need him and his maturity will outweigh him.
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    Jesus....man the moves... Sitting laughing out loud with joy over the future. He is unreal...
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    At the end of the day it's up to him. If he shows well in camp next year, I'd open a slot for him. If he looks like he's being overpowered, let him develop in Utica for a season.
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    He could very well step right in, he certainly appears skilled enough. But let's not forget that even the mighty Nylander spent some time in the AHL. Pettersson too may require some time there to adjust. Well find out soon enough.
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    Man..I'm plussin' BOTH views & flippin coins on this call. We can expect the kid himself will have things to say about it!
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    If the twins are both gone next year I could see him playing for the Canucks. For me personally added weight or not he’s too skilled and smart not to make it.
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    All I know is that I'm pleased to see that we stole a top-line forward in Sven for a 2nd round pick, especially from a divisional rival in the Flames. Concerning the discussion taking place of Sven being displaced by upstarts, I don't think he has too much to worry about AT LEAST for a couple seasons. He's still signed to a value deal, developed chemistry with the team's two young guns (Bo and Brock) and is producing himself. Most hotshot rookies don't make the league that quickly after being drafted so unless Gadjovich is the next coming of Lucic or Goldobin suddenly becomes Kucherov I doubt either of them would quickly supplant Sven. Even Dahlen is not a sure thing as he's still playing overseas, and could turn out to be Hunter Shinkaruk OR Johnny Hockey, no one knows which would be the case. If Pettersson plays left wing then maybe he could pose a threat? His future may still very well be up the middle if the team wants him and Dahlen together. Kole Lind is also a right wing so he may not factor in on the left side, while someone like Petrus Palmu, as a dark horse, likely needs at least 4-5 years to even threaten Sven, if he gets there. In short, just be happy that we have a respectable 1st line of young guns. The Killer B's line looks solid, to say the least.
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    I totally agree as well. While everyone would like to see Pettersson up with the big club and he may probably be good enough, I think it's best for his development to develop chemistry with the young guys in Utica, if not for a full season than quarter to half season. This way he can at least acclimatize to North American ice and get significant icetime. There's no way he gets 17 min a game unless he's absolutely dominating the NHL level but he'll get 18+ down in Utica.
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    At this point I don't think Pettersson goes down. I was advocating for sending him down to Utica for a year and allowing him to play center there, but I just don't see it happening. The kid is going to be in the lineup next year through sheer force of will, and I don't mind that. Having him with us gives him the chance to work with Manny, a chance he wouldn't have playing in Utica. There's nothing wrong with starting him off on the wing and allowing him to work at becoming a center to the point where he's able to transition in a couple of years when he's gained more strength. There's certainly more than one way to go about this.
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    Imagine the PP with Pettersson and Boeser. You have Boeser on 1 side and Elias on the other just ready to pounce on a 1 timer! Pettersson will have the ability to thread the needle or fire the puck home on a 1 timer, unlike Henrik who we all wish would fire the puck from time to time.
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    Well said Alf. Someone earlier gave a list of players he would be willing to trade. My list has no limits. Any player is tradable and should be. It is the GM's call as he builds towards s serious CUP contender. Watching this team from the beginning there has been a tendency to build teams that were 'regular season' teams. Competitive during the season but wilted under CUP play. Quinn changed that leading to '94. That was the best Canuck team in the history of the franchise. Benning is amassing a inventory of talent that could take another CUP run. Way to early to know who in this pool will be part of that roster. It is inevitable that some we think will be there will be traded to get a piece that better fits the group need. That is why I say there is never a 'untradeable' list. I don't want a 'premature' success in the standings to derail the acquisition to the depth of prospects. This is why I hope Benning can pull another number of vet trades into the TDL. Ideally Draft 2018 will see 2 - 1st Rounders and 2 - 2nd Rounders. I even expect the 2019 Draft will be important. Not as important as 2018 but still significant.
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    A future PP1 with Boeser on the left, Pettersson on the right, Horvat in the middle, and one of the top 10 PMDs from this draft with say Juolevi on the point... yes please
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    Maybe we need to petition the NHL to do away with the draft, go back to signing players we want as early as 14 years old, and then we won't have to fret over trading for picks. Bobby Orr, best player of all-time IMHO, was scouted by Boston as a 12 year old and signed with their organization at age 14. Orr started his professional hockey career young. The Boston Bruins first took notice of him when he was Bobby Orr twelve and playing in a bantam-league hockey All-Star game, to which the Bruins had sent scouts to check on some older players. Orr played all sixty minutes of the game, minus two minutes spent in the penalty box, and already displayed an ability to control the puck and the game that he would later be notable for in his professional career. At the age of fourteen the Boston Bruins signed Orr into their organization for $2,800. Read more: Bobby Orr - The Young Champion - Boston, Hockey, Game, and Bruins - JRank Articles http://sports.jrank.org/pages/3560/Orr-Bobby-Young-Champion.html#ixzz4yuCMUW2p
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    Of course you want a forward thinking GM but you can hardly say Pollock was making moves like this from a mediocre team. He could afford to do these things because they were a Stanley Cup winning team in 1968, 1969, 1973 and were serious contenders in the years they didn't win it. They had unbelievable depth so they were always dealing from a position of strength. Has our GM been in a position of strength to make these deals yet? Can you name me one move that Pollock ever made to make his future team better at the expense of his current team? I know you want to trade very player over the age of 23 and acquire picks with them for a future elite team but I just don't see that as a viable strategy. You need to have an element of veteran leadership to guide the youngsters through their development years. How many of those you need is certainly open to debate and that is where you require an astute GM to make those decisions. Those that don't fit your current and future needs should be moved at the appropriate times. To answer your question "Is our GM thinking the same way?" I would have to answer I believe he is. If he was not looking to the future would he not have drafted the most "NHL ready" players the last couple of years as opposed to drafting Pettersson and Juoleve knowing full well that they would take several years to develop? Look at the initial heat Benning took for taking Pettersson when Glass and Vilardi were still available. They were more physically advanced and NHL ready but Benning was more concerned about "building a Cup level team in the future" as you so eloquently stated.
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    He's 2 Sedins rolled into one. They're gonna call that right hand faceoff dot the Pettersson spot like the Ovi spot one the left side. The smaller ice will make things tougher, but he's going to unstoppable on the powerplay with boeser on the other side.
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    This kid may very well be the best player in the draft
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    I am not really concerned at this point if he will be this or that. I am just amped that he is ahead of Peter F...ing Forsbergs scoring pace right now. I know it might drop off, I know there are no guarantees, I know he needs to gain weight, and blah blah blah. I am just enjoying it. We haven't had a prospect this exciting since the Sedins and Pavel Bure.
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    & next yr will have a slightly older, wiser kid, who should be a star with 3 yrs of ELC to enjoy.
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    Absolutely no chance.... we're not looking for another top prospect from the bottle... We are looking for elite prospect and EP has the potential to be exactly that... if he he doesn't get to where we hope for so be it, but he has a potential we haven't seen here for many years. Wouldn't swap him for anything not named McD or Matthews....
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    I wouldn’t trade this kid for any of the other top ten picks outside of Heskainen maybe. I would be very hesitant to even do that. EP has a skill set and vision combined with dynamic play that this club has not had in a young prospect since Bure. As good as the twins are/were, they always lacked a dynamic aspect. They slowed it all down and played a chess game waiting for a mistake and then scoring. EP looks like a player who could create plays out of thin air anytime he is on the ice. EmW
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    Honestly he's both. I can remember early in his SHL season, he'd pass up shots to try to setup teammates with amazing passes. Created quite a few goals but also saw several gilt edged chances flubbed by teammates who just weren't playing at Elias' level. At some point (whether coaching or his own decision), he decided to be a little more selfish and take shots when he could see golden opportunities to score. The results speak for themselves (9 goals in his last 10 games).
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    Would you trade this kid straight-up for Hirschier? Don't think I would! :^)
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    He's got dirty dangles, sick shots and incredible vision for making plays. He reminds me a bit of a young Wayne Gretzky - although I think the calibre of defence and opposition in general is higher now and he's more like a Gretzky light. I don't really like making the comparison but he has the vision, playmaking skills and hands to make the comparison valid to some extent, not to mention the slight frame.
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    I hope Benning can get another 1st round pick this year. This would be the draft to load up on picks.
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    Never would have thought EP would be leading league scoring after 18 games played. Note that he's played fewer games and has fewer TOI than those near him. Unbelievable
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    The thing is Elias is going to turn any 2 winger's into higher point producer's than they would be on any other line....I think Jake could work there some day as well...Jake is going to get it one day soon and then we should see some uptick in his game. Jake may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer but he has enough other stuff going for him that should bode well once his head catches up....
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    It seems MacEwen has passed Labate already ....just looking at the stats and game notes....I thought he looked close to ready in the fall, he is scoring and assisting on goals and you can bet he is hitting and intimidating in the corners and in front of the net. I think Zack is ready next year and Man-child Gadjovich is one year behind him...now maybe he isn't ready to play with Elias next year but with Zack's speed, shot and determination it could be the next best fit to Boeser and when Gadjovich is ready I can see those 2 as a Naslund / Bertuzzi Super Duo on steroids and more overall skill... How can that not be good....?
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    By now, it's pretty obvious that Green has designated roles for each of his players and he wants them to stick to the plan. Gaunce will never be the 'smash and crash' player like Dorsett or even the 'big hits' guy that Virt is supposed to be. Instead, he uses his strength along the boards; to clear the opposition players away from the high scoring areas; as well as PKs. His skating is much improved and everyone knows he has great hockey sense, which also makes him effective at defending against the better players in the league. So many people complaining about his offensive game, yet everyone knows what a dreadful line(s) he played on last year. At the moment, I don't think Green cares about the offence and simply trusts him to have him on the ice when the opposition is coming on strong. Green knows that Gaunce can score, as he proved it to him during the Utica years. That will come later on when Gaunce has linemates that are competent defensively, as well as offensively (Sutter and Dorsett are crashing the net scorers; while Gaunce really needs a playmaker to score). 4 games is way to soon to judge this young man. Canuck fans should know by now that some players take longer to develop and it would be dumb to toss him away (likely for very little) at this point. He certainly isn't hurting the team and I sure don't see any younger guys playing his defensive role as well.
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