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    Because they need to return to leagues that they DOMINATED, as 19 and 20 year olds, no less? Meanwhile Marner, Pastrnak, Bratt, Kerfoot, Arvidsson, Point, etc. have all been destroyed because they came in too early... or they learned to scrap it out... which is it?
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    If you're the best player in your respective league (in your first year of playing in said league in Pettersson's case), one could make the argument that you're ready to take the next step. These guys aren't kids that need to be breastfed every step of the way.
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    Not at all a Toews fan. But, him showing up to spend time with the recovering players, their families and presenting them with a jersey is an outstanding gesture.
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    Are you referring to his coaches quote. "We have not taught Elias (Pettersson) anything about the game of hockey, he is teaching us" - Växjö Lakers head coach. He's going to be very exciting isn't he.
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    Because Motte can also play C like Gaunce, I think Motte will likely pass Gaunce unless the latter comes to camp next year with something more to offer than he has shown so far at NHL level. Motte is also a year younger. Gaunce - 114 NHL games so far, 5 goals, 7 assists and 45 PIMS with not brilliant advanced stats...e.g. TA/GA was 1.0 Motte - 79 NHL games, 9 goals, 5 assists and 20 PIMS with decent advanced stats...TA/GA was off charts good at 5.0. This past season, Gaunce 1.3 hits per game, Motte 3.1.
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    I think he gets his knowledge from the foremost hockey movie ever made in "youngblood." Why didn't rob Lowe defend the swayze? Lol
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    He hasn't even played yet, man.
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    The Sedins will not teach Elias anything about the game of hockey; he will be teaching them.
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    I don't think JB is going to risk the future to get them in the lineup before they are ready. If it's clear that they aren't, they'll be in Utica
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    If they're ready they're ready. Point is we won't know till camp so why keep bringing this argument up.
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    We're also a team at the opposite end of the cycle compared to these playoff teams it's completely unfair to compare toughness and fight ability to guys like Wheeler, Big Buff, Myers and even Scheifele for that matter. This is a team in their prime years. You have to start playing the game before you can get better at it. You don't come into the league 100% prepared for every aspect of the game. For what we're trying to accomplish here in Van in the coming years we want our kids to get exposure and develop. It's how we are eventually going to get to the next level.
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    Though I agree, it's more about the speed and intensity than it is the size, imo.
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    Ya, and if he starts his NHL career not meeting up with some of these insane expectations, he will turn CDC into whine.
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    It will be interesting to see how all this shakes out next fall. I still think Gaunce will evolve. He took great steps this year. Before his injury he was actually putting points up. IMHO the only thing missing in his game is a bit more physicality. If Archibald and Motte did not turn a light bulb on then nothing will and he is likely passed on the depth chart.
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    Just think Montreal had at one point: Subban Sergachev McDonagh That easily could be the best top 3 D in the NHL.
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    Kids develop in the NHL now too, especially those with elite skill. These two guys have elite skill that will make them superstars. They will do well next season right here in Vancouver. I could see guys like Lind and Gadjovic, who are less skilled, needing extra time in the A.
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    You are failing to take into account an entire offseason of training and muscle gain.
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    Well, considering we're not a playoff team and likely won't be next year...
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    Yah and I have been watching Winnipeg every player on that team have dropped the gloves. We will get killed by the Jets.
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    haha thats a slight overreaction. There going to be rookies but they have the skill to play in this league. They may just need some time in the AHL to really round out there games through more practice, get stronger in the gym and used to American ice and style of play. Could be great players for us in the future though so don't count them out jumping right into the NHL
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    This is Earth Radio, and now, here's... human music
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    Pretty sure its already there lol
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    I don’t think Hooking should be a penalty in Vegas.
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    It really appears Ellias is one of those inwardly motivated guys, who will do what ever he possibly can (off the ice) to be the best he can possibly be on the ice. Look at the guys we had playing with the Twins, who still didn't commit to being complete professionals!
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    My post was pure sarcasm and I'm quite surprised you didn't see it lol. You need to temper your expectations. In other words...go dump a bucket of cold water over your head. <-----also sarcasm
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    That's for sure, throwing out names like Gretzky and Lemieux, even Peter Forsberg. Pettersson is only 19 and has basically played in Europe his whole life. We don't know yet whether he'll be as great in the NHL. He is an incredible talent, and all I'm hoping for is that he make the team in the next year and eventually plays well in the Top 6. Who knows what his ceiling is. Could be anywhere between Sven Baertschi and Filip Forsberg. If he's even better than that, then we can start comparing him to former NHL greats. Let him play a game first.
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    Boeser on the third line? I don't think that's happening. Your best goalscorer has to be on the top line and produce. If anything. Gaudette might be in the third line and work his way up if he can. I think Sutter will be the second line centre honestly to relieve pressure for the young players to produce offensively. Next season is going to be a tough year. But fans and media have been clamoring for a rebuild. Well. This is it. Don't complain. Honestly. I'm excited about what is going to happen next year whether we are good or not, at the very least or young players will be getting valuable experience in the NHL and that will only serve them to become better NHL players down the road. Looks like a really young team next season which probably means a steep learning curve.
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