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    A Trump tweet from 5 years ago and a Chuck Schumer quote from 3 years ago. Poor clam, he has to go into the deep end while dumpster diving to find a way to justify Trump's latest stupidity.
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    If Benning takes Boqvist at #7, then I'll be okay with that. It's not my first choice, but my opinion doesn't really matter lol. I trust whoever Benning picks will be the right choice for the Canucks. Boqvist could turn out to be a great, exciting player one day. This may be Benning's last chance to pick in the Top 10, so he has to nail the pick. (where have I heard that before?) lol
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    One of the main reasons theorized, that the US wanted to pull out of the deal has to do with oil. Iran has made overtures towards the EU to only sell its oil in the Euro effectively cancelling out the USD, this would have undermined the USD as well with other OPEC nations. Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with iran making weapons and everything to do with avoiding scandal at home. Bibi is up on charges of Fraud and corruption Trump just gout soured yet again (seriously last night was a whopper, russian money to pay for abortions, lol I bet the christian right LOVE that) This is a great distraction that will cost a lot of lives. The best possible move going forward is for every other signatory in the deal with iran to ignore the US. To not levy sanctions and to honour the agreement. Allow the US to wail, kick their feet and tantrum under Trump while they continue to do business with iran under the current agreement. The wonderful thing is that the US is a consumer nation, the EU China and Russia really don't need the US as much as the US needs them. Sure Trump will scream for sanctions against everyone; but that will only serve to decimate the US economy. My family has a saying: May you live in interesting times Well...hard to argue it isn't interesting for sure
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    To ARZ: Pavel Shen To MIN: Future Considerations* *5th Round pick in 2019 will be sent to Minnesota if Cory Schneider scores 1,000 goals.
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    It has its benefits both ways. I’ll tell you what I like getting a player like Boeser at 23rd overall and a guy like Gaudette in the 5th round. If you push the ages back you’re not getting those players. We’d see a lot less steals which I think would make the whole draft process kinda boring. I like that any round you can strike gold. Very slim but it’s a possibility.
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    Well that 'sjuks' and I'm out
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    We won the trade the day we made it. Just took some longer to realize it. Alot longer.
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    It's my birthday! :-)
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    Now there's an example of where shopping a player would get you more of a return. What a fantastic deal for @Art Vandelay!
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    To ARZ: 4th Rd. Pick (FLA, 2018) To BUF: Miro Aaltonen
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    To ARZ: Dylan Larkin, 3rd Rd. Pick (2019, SJS) To SJS: 1st Rd. Pick (2018, ARZ), 2nd Rd. Pick (2019, ARZ)
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    Isn't that just so CDC, guy toe drags and shows patience to clear shotblock and get goalie to commit before ripping a shot over his shoulder and gets criticized for having a slow release. You know that Gretzky he just wasn't physical enough for me and not a great skater. I am so glad he never ended up here like he was rumored.
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    Congrats to 3rd round reach, and 3rd round steal, Igor Shvyryov (or Shvyrev or Svyrev, or Shvyrov) for signing your ELC. Hopefully the Colorado Eagles play you for more than 2 minutes a night. As soon as you were signed, "insiders" were coming out of the woodowrk saying a lot of scouts had him as a 2nd round talent, but didn't think he'd leave. Thank god for Varly and Zads, I guess. Special shoutout to Jazz, who has asked for him as a throw-in every time we have trade talks, as I try to get Manukyan and Altybarmakyan off of him - we apparently both have a penchant for skilled Russians. And another special shoutout to the Av's PR team, and whoever made this incredibly professional piece of promotional art. "He's russian...maybe stock art of snowy trees? And wordart in three different fonts? That should work, it's the offseason, and we live in a state with legal weed, it'll be fine".
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    Just watch these highlights
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    Drumpf just lost me here. He is saying that fake news is fake, in claiming 91% negative news? Also a not so thinly veiled attack on news "credentials". Doesn't like what they say, throw a muzzle on them? America has come to this.....?
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    To ANA: 2018 NSH 3rd + 2018 CGY 4th To OTT: Jujhar Khaira
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    Who's not a good pick from his top 10's? Petterson sure looks great Juolevi by all accounts had a great 'next step' season vs men in Europe - progressing the way he should Virtanen took a HUGE step this year in the last 20 games and showed everyone why Benning took him. I watched pretty much all of the last 20 games and we was noticeable in most games. For a 20 year old kid, who's just learning the pro game, with his size and speed, suggesting he's a bad pick is a bit premature (or even Juolevi if that's who you meant). Just because a player doesn't come in and pot 20 goals as a rookie when he's a top 10 doesn't mean he's a bad pick. In fact, most players take a while to develop, its just canuck ville seems to have unrealistic expecations in player development time. Kesler had 5 points in 28 games in his first season, 23 points in 82 games in his second, 16 in 48 games in his third. Burrows had 12 in 43 games, 9 in 81 games, the 31 in 82 Sedins took 4 years to break 40 points Mantha (on Det) had 2.5 seasons in the AHL (full) before he played in the NHL and had a 36 pt rookie year (again after playing 2.5 full seasons in the AHL) William Karlson broke out at 25 years old with 43 goals - prior to which he was traded by Anaheim and left unprotected by CBJ, and had only scored 25 points and 9 and 6 goals. People need to realize a kid isn't a bad pick because he's not Boeser or Bo, Jake and OJ will be terrific players for the canucks. They are not 'misses'
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    These are actual tweets from @thehill in the past hour which represent where the US is in the world right now. It is beginning to look like America has pulled the wagons in a circle and begun firing inward. - Husband of Trump's faith adviser says she's doing the best she can to "take care" of Trump's soul - WATCH: CNN mocks Trump over report he got through two questions in four hours during Mueller testimony practice - Trump accuser wins Dem nomination in Ohio state bid - Parkland victims' families say they still haven't heard from Trump months after shooting - Senate Intel: Russia-linked hackers were in position to “alter or delete voter registration data” in 2016 - GOP lawmaker defeated in upset in primary for North Carolina seat Dems aim to flip - AT&T confirms it paid Cohen for "insights" on Trump admin - Flake hits Trump: Withdrawing from Iran deal is not in our national interest - Melania "Be Best" campaign booklet copied from Obama-era brochure - Lawmakers get into heated argument on House floor over attempt to investigate dismissal of House chaplain - Ohio voters overwhelmingly pass measure to require bipartisan approval of new district maps - Trump asks Congress to withdraw billions from children's healthcare program
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    Everyone is going to be very happy with Jake and his complete game very soon...He showed big signs of improvement this year thanks to all the work Green and coach staff are doing.. Jake is using his speed and size to drive to net causing scoring chances every time .. Jake will be a 18-25 goal guy very soon...Next season i Predict GP 75 G 19 A 25 PTS 44 and he will continue to improve his game... Jake 22, 6'1, 218 Speed and grit, big shot, excited to see him next season...
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    I think one thing a lot of us failed to realize was just how raw jake was. Whether it was poor coaching or a kid who just relied on his natural toolbox too heavily (maybe both) he was drafted with all the physical tools but needed to be coached into using them in the pros. I agree with your assessment that he’s probably about ready to break out as it looks like he’s figured out how to use his unique set of skills.... I’m excited to see what he can do next year.
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