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    Maybe Weisbrod is Quinn's real father
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    All smiles. All the feels. Go behind-the-scenes and experience draft day with Quinn Hughes and his family as he is selected 7th overall by the Vancouver Canucks at the 2018 NHL Entry Draft.
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    Screw you guys. perfectly good Adidas Pouliot jersey going to waste.
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    I don't think Aqulini has been involved in a hockey decision since he hired Linden. There's much more evidence that he's hands-off vs meddling, not sure why the meddling owner theory keeps coming up tbh.
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    You are worrying too much. Some of this is what did you expect your GM to say. "Even if they seems ready, we are going to have them out of the roster", how would your prospect feel about that? Not good to burn bridges this early. Also with taking Hughes over Zadina, there is no way in hell he is going to say he will take Zadina over him after just drafting Hughes. Don't read too much into these comments. The GM has no option but to say those things to the media, it may no be what they actually think.
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    With free agency approaching and a recent increase in transactions affecting the Comets, I figured it was about time to get this thread going. The Comets 2017-18 season came to an end in the first round of the playoffs, pushing the eventual Calder Cup winning Toronto Marlies to a deciding fifth game and falling in the series 3-2. Utica saw a number of exciting prospects test the waters late in the season, including Lukas Jasek, Kole Lind, and Jonathan Dahlen. All figure to be given ample opportunity this year with Utica who are poised to have the most young talent they’ve had in their lineup since their inception, as Olli Juolevi, Jonah Gadjovich, Petrus Palmu, and perhaps Adam Gaudette could join their ranks. On the flip side, Utica currently faces some question marks at centre as well as being without a true #1 defenseman. Last year’s number one pivot Michael Chaput was flipped to Chicago for Tanner Kero, whose AHL numbers are slightly inferior to Chaput’s while being more of a proven NHL contributor. Cole Cassels did not receive a qualifying offer, and longtime Comet Wacey Hamilton has not been re-signed – although neither is a big loss offensively. Cam Darcy returns, but ideally he is a good #3 guy who can fill in as a #2 on occasion. There’s also the possibility that Adam Gaudette could spend time in Utica, or perhaps Zack MacEwen could be utilized at centre after spending most of his rookie season on the wing. Tyler Motte retains his ability to pass through waivers and could be an option if he fails to make the Canucks out of training camp. To me, the centre ice position is going to be more of a factor than ever this season with the large influx of young wingers – Dahlen, Lind, Jasek, Gadjovich, and Palmu will all be figuring out the pro game and they need skilled centres who can support them through the inevitable learning curve. As of now, it appears that the tandem of Demko and Bachman will return in net, barring the Canucks moving Nilsson or Demko outplaying him in training camp. Evan McEneny will look to have a bounce back season after being sidelined for almost the entire 2017-18 campaign and will likely see some big minutes as he helps anchor what is shaping up to be a young defense group. They lack a true #1 but with McEneny, Sautner, Brisebois, Chatfield, and possibly Juolevi all on the roster, all will need playing time, and all have valuable pro experience under their belts already. Sifers is the lone vet on the back end, with Blujus returning as well to make 7 capable AHL defensemen. COMETS THIS YEAR (as of 3/24): 31-29-6-2, 70 pts (6th in the North) Top scorers: Reid Boucher (49) 28-29-57 Tanner Kero (62) 24-30-54 Zack MacEwen (61) 20-28-48 Brendan Gaunce (52) 16-19-35 Evan McEneny (58) 8-23-31 CURRENT ROSTER: [*recalled, (+) injured] Forwards: #9 Lukas Jasek #10 Tanner Kero #11 Cam Darcy #13 Kole Lind (+) #14 Reid Gardiner #15 Zack MacEwen #16 Brendan Gaunce #18 Vincent Arseneau #19 Seamus Malone #20 Tom Pyatt #21 Brendan Woods #22 Jonah Gadjovich (+) #24 Reid Boucher #28 Kyle Thomas #34 Carter Bancks #36 Wacey Hamilton (+) #37 Dyson Stevenson Defencemen: #2 Evan McEneny (+) #3 Stefan LeBlanc #5 Jalen Chatfield (+) #6 Ashton Sautner* #7 Brandon Anselmini #8 Dylan Blujus #23 Luke Schenn* #26 Jaime Sifers #38 Matt Petgrave #39 Colton Saucerman #48 Olli Juolevi (+) #55 Guillaume Brisebois* #64 Jesse Graham Goaltenders: #32 Richard Bachman (+) #33 Marek Mazanec #49 Michael Leighton IN THE MINORS: Brendan Bradley Ivan Kulbakov Jagger Dirk Yan-Pavel LaPlante (+)
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    Would love to see DSP here. Young enough to still be useful when our youth hit their prime and brings some size, toughness, and clutch scoring to the bottom 6.
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    I think Hughes could play this coming season, BUT the Canucks are going to have to get a player who will step up anytime any opponent takes liberties. I would imagine Hughes will be targeted at times, because he's great and makes opponents look silly from time to time. Reaves is who they should bring in. He'll watch over Elias too. Gudbranson and Virtanen are not the types of guys who are willing to fill this role.
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    Personally I think Quinn is going to be playing for the Canucks this season. He’s been around professional hockey his whole life with his father and more recently Keith tkachuk. Hes a gamer. His defence is underrated because he’s always got the puck. He’s got the speed and smarts to do a lot of damage in the new nhl. The only thing I’d worry bout is injury but that could happen anywhere. (Knocking on wood ). Sign him and worse case he plays big minutes in the ahl Till he’s ready.
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    Im hoping that drafting an elite Dman like Hughes that has the fanbase this excited and comes with the potential to make the team before him will be enough to light a real fire under Juolevi's ass.
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    I'm curious to how team tank feels about how this played out. The Canucks still got their choice of the 2nd best dman according to their BPA list. They wanted to trade up to get him but didn't need to. Sure there may have been some good forwards that we could have taken had we fallen, but the defense cupboard was bare and we needed this. Next year is deep for centermen. The Sedins got their send off that they deserved and we got our guy, not sure how much better this could have played out given the circumstances.
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    He's the most promising dud out there.
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    Both were with the Orlando Solar Bears of the IHL at the time. Jim as a coach and John as a manager I believe.
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    Brackett; "What F'ing Moron's"...
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    Hey guys, here is the NBC broadcast of the draft featuring our good men Bob Mckenzie, Craig Button, and Pierre McGuire. New interviews you may not have seen. Includes one with Quinn immediately getting off the stage and one with his father. Far better coverage than the negative stuff burke was spewing. Quinn's father said Jim was trying to trade up to secure Quinn which is an interesting admission.
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    Too late. Seen the kid skate? He is an alien.
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    Taken from the Canucks.com NHL page More commonly known as Quinn Hughes - he is a dynamic and skilled puck possession defenceman who isn't afraid to rush, carry, and hold onto the puck anywhere on the ice. Quinn's father, Jim, was an assistant coach of the Orlando Solar Bears in the IHL when the newest Canucks prospect was born. At that time, Canucks Assistant GM John Weisbrod was an executive with the Solar Bears and grew up with Jim Hughes in Long Island. So the connections between the organization and the Hughes family go way back. Many people will point to Hughes' height and suggest that he will struggle to defend but the numbers at the NCAA level disagree with that. The Orlando born defender posted a goals for percentage of 61.4% and a GF realative percentage of +7.4% in the NCAA this past season. If he was on the ice, he was pushing the puck in the right direction and those percentages show that he was excelling comparative to his teammates. He ended his collegiate season with a goal differential of +16 (43 GF/27 GA) while on the ice during 5 on 5 play. Hughes trailed only Scott Perunovich in points by a freshman with 29, but played five fewer games and is 14 months younger. Hughes finished 15th in points-per-game (0.78) among all NCAA defencemen and was 24th in terms of shots per game (2.51) against that same group. Hughes is an extremely adept skater who can carry the puck but is also a fantastic passer that puts the puck on his teammates stick with incredible efficiency. While representing the United States at the World Championships this year, he finished third at the event with a 70.83% success rate. That number stands out even more so as he was a draft eligible player going up against professionals. The numbers reinforce that Hughes is a defender who can protect his own zone by just moving the puck out through his efficient passing. He isn't afraid to exit the zone with the puck as well. Not many defencemen are first time NHL draft eligible after completing a full season in the NCAA, and that makes what Hughes did at the various levels so impressive. DRAFT | Quinn Hughes Highlights 01:00 • June 22nd, 2018
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    I’d feel pretty good if he was with Guddy to keep everyone honest with him. Or do they play the same side?
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    I was listening to Bill Muckalt this morning. He is the associate coach at Michigan. The topic of the more physical NHL came up. He said that Hughes was only caught once this past season. He was slew-footed which resulted in a power-play for them. He is very agile, fast, elusive, aware, and smart. However, the NHL is the best league in the world. The league is full of fast, smart, experienced grown men. Can Hughes survive a full grueling NHL season injury free as a 170-pound rookie at 18? What about the cheap shot artists out there? Players that would like nothing better than to nail a super slick, slightly built youngster. I still have visions of Ekblad going back for the puck and Hendricks nailing him from behind into the boards and concussing him. What happens if we make the playoffs where almost anything goes? Can Hughes withstand a Wilson like blindside hit? Doesn't matter how elusive you are. How do you protect yourself from a cheap shot blindside hit? Hughes is an important core piece for this team. As fans, we are all excited at the thought of Hughes on the Canucks. Francesco is as excited as any fan. Fans as a whole, are an impatient bunch. I have confidence in Canuck management. I hope they don't give in to the pressure to rush Hughes.
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    Remember when Jordan Subban was the future offense on D? lol I feel a whole lot better about the D these days.
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    I mean the guys already 24, what you see might be what you get. I'm guessing they hoped Green could help turn his game around, but his play in the defensive zone is not good. I still think it was worth the gamble. A 3rd and 4th are long shot picks, I'm okay gambling on a former 8th overall even if it doesn't work out.
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    Other teams' blips have benefited the Canucks. I don't understand MTL taking Kotkaniemi so high at #3 and ARI taking Hayton at #5. They went for the Centres, but so much for BPA. Hughes may turn out to be the BPA in this draft, depending on what Dahlin and Svech do on their teams. There is so much upside for this kid. He skates beautifully, smooth and quick, turns on a dime, turns opponents inside out with his fakes etc. And his passing is world class. I'm still giddy after 3 days, still can't believe Benning NAILED THE PICK. Just one more Top 6 forward and they're done IMO. Maybe Jack in 2019? Pettersson - Horvat - Boeser Dahlen - J. Hughes - Virtanen Leipsic - Gaudette - Goldobin Gadjovich - Sutter - Lockwood Lind Edler - Stecher Q. Hughes - Tanev Juolevi - Gudbranson Chatfield Woo Demko DiPietro
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    Bro Jake leaving 1040. I actually liked the guy. I listened more for for entertainment during my commute in the morning rather than expecting serious hockey discussion. Like going to McDonalds and not expecting 5 star dining. Id sit and have a beer with jake over the likes of the new cut throat spread sheet pushing JD Burke types any day of the week. Good luck Jake! http://theprovince.com/sports/hockey/tsn-1040s-bro-jake-to-make-big-announcement
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    Bromance: Quinn Hughes & Brady Tkachuk
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    Check out Quinn's basement!
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    Tyler Madden will fit in great on the Canucks. His dad John said he is a great golfer.
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    Benning's reaction when Detroit took Zadina Also does Brackett say "lucky for us he fell" ????????
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    So tired of people *****ing about a kids weight. Weight can be put on. You fatties behind your keyboards should know that first hand.
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    Someone should also tell Sportsnet to hand the keys over to TSN.
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    Think Kane vs Crosby. Dahlin plays a cerebral game that is complimented by an elite skillset. Hughes plays a rover-esque game that is complimented by his skating and hockey IQ.
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    Way too soon to say Hughes is a top 3 pick in this draft. Dahlin and Svechnikov as it stands now are for sure ahead of Hughes. Then the next crop all have a very good chance to be the number 3 guy. Zadina looks like he has pretty elite talent, Detroit had two really big steals at their spots imo, Bouchard, Boqvist, and Dobson all have amazing potential. It's way too early for me to have Hughes in the top 3 group of this draft.
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    Edler - Stecher Juolevi - Tanev Hughes - Gudbranason Del Zotto, Hutton, Pouliot, Biega etc. as extras
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    Defencemen have a lot to learn before the NHL and on average take longer then forwards to be ready. A lot of fans and media are saying that he might be NHL ready based on the World Championships, and then quoting themselves and saying it as a fact that he’s NHL ready.
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    We wouldn't be able to cover flights, hotels, or reimburse restaurant meals, etc. However, a vet on the team who has a spare bedroom could put him up, and we are able to have our own cooks prepare team meals and he can eat those for free. Trouble is, his school year will have already started by the time our September training camp and preseason rolls around.
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    Here is Troy explaining how he got that nickname.............
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    For those of you making comparisons of Tyler to his dad John in terms of size and weight, his dad's weight was 170 lbs in his sophomore (2nd) year playing college at Michigan and entered the NHL as rookie with the playing weight of 185 lbs: https://mgoblue.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=4634
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    The most insane thunderclap just happened in Victoria. Reverberated for about 45sec. Then an intense house shaking echo following this eerie earthquake like cresendo. That was &^@#ed. I was expecting a spaceship to appear or Eddy Maiden to rip out of the road. I've never experienced that type of long lasting reverberation or the absolutely intense echo. Super &^@#ing weird
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    It's a decision for sure if he doesn't sign and goes back to college for one more year. I'd be surprised if he did more than that, but it's an option if he doesn't want to rush things. I'd love to see him in royal blue and kelly green as well though.
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    I'm pretty sure that #1 unit is destined for 4 forwards. I could see going with the 2nd dman against particular pk units or when things have gone dry, but as long as newell brown or someone with similar philosophy is calling the shots, I think we're looking at: 53 6 ?? 40 43 -horvat as the net front/puck retriever/behind net cycle option -boeser as the primary one-time option and alternate quarterback -?? as the (preferably right shot) forward in the bumper/high slot shot role -pettersson as the primary qb option and alternate one-timer -hughes as the point shooter/distributor, protector of the line and alternate quaterback edit: I suspect pettersson and hughes will be responsible for most zone entries. edit 2: I could see gaudette growing perfectly into that bumper role (good passer, excellent shot would be a threat, great speed on the back check and defensive awareness, right shot faceoff guy), but it might take some time. edit 3: my god, the more I think about it, that would be a perfect powerplay unit. every player perfectly fit for their role. so versatile. horvat gets waved, pettersson comes in. gaudette gets waved, boeser (who was excellent on the draw in college) comes in. they'd always have possession. they'd be unstoppable. the only thing that would make it better would be if hughes had the big shot.
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    That's what I love about the Canucks new approach. They know that every player can hit the gym and beef up if they're committed. Not every player can gain high end skating, elite skill, and work ethic. Some of them can, but if they don't have it by 18 the odds are much lower that they'll ever gain those attributes. So where some teams pass on these undersized guys, the Canucks are saying no we can be patient with these guys and get them on a good workout program. If the skill and the heart are there that's more important than someone's weight. The old regimes likely would have taken the guy with size and strength and hoped to teach them how to skate and work hard. That's alot harder to do and less likely to have results than simply getting a player on a diet and workout plan who already has that skill and work ethic.
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    All the people whining about size. Remember how frustrating it was when we had to watch Marek Malik, Taylor Pyatt, Steve Bernier, etc all not USE their size? This kid plays big, has a motor that doesn't quit, and plays a solid 2-way game. That's good enough for me.
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    I Can't believe Hughes fell to us. Thank you hockey gods
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    thank you Arizona. without them this isn't possible
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    Benning is super excited in the post-pick interview, and so am I, awesome pick! LETS GO
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    lol Brian Burke "that's a small body gentlemen, that's a small body" WOOOOOOOOOO love this pick, pettersson, Boeser, others will benefit from him. finally our offensive dman.
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    Well, it's true that he isn't as effective/productive as Bo or Brock. But when you watch him play, you can see that he isn't just a passenger on that line, and some of their production results from Baer's skill.
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    I don't agree with the bolded. Baer looks like a top six player when I watch him, and his production corresponds with this. Among NHL left wingers, two years ago his points per game was 65th. Last year it was 46th, and this year it was 39th. What does he need to do to "solidify" himself as a top 6 player, score among the top 31 left wingers? That's top line, not top 6.
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