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    Says the fact US college starts in late August.
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    With the current line up and a couple new faces, the Canucks are starting to look good, I laugh at all the media talking about replacing the Sedins number's. And for the record other players will get their prime time minutes and power play time. That being said the Sedins and Edler would have had better numbers if they didn't ignore Brock on the power play. Edler's numbers will go up. Elias makes the Canucks more dangerous because he is like Daniel and Henrick in one player. Expect the Canucks to have a surprise team this year with lots of growing pains. Might take them a while to figure out how good they can be. If Huges makes the team add the overtime magic favoring the Canucks for once.
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    He'll look huge next to Johnny Gaudreau, that's all that matters.
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    I just posted this to start some more 'how much does he weigh" arguments. Source: Reddit.
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    Pratt is full of $&!#. The clowns on that station will say anything to generate traffic, regardless of whether it's true or a completely fabricated lie.
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    His coach in Michigan said om 1040 a week ago it would be by the end of this week.
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    Is the number 99 Prophetic?
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    Sbisa was at Sven's wedding... seems like he has a great friendship with B Sutta and future captain Bo. I really think it's important to build a locker room that are friends and will fight for one another. Get Luca a contract and get him back on our squad. We can trade another D-man.
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    your belief is wrong. Hughes has to decide to turn pro or go back to college in the next week or two max.
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    I heard this week? i think there might be a deadline to sign college kids, or they go back? I think the college kids are back in school even before training camp?
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    I wouldn't mind giving Golobin a try with Pettersson during pre-season.
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    He's just a small town Dwarf; Born and raised in Ironforge; He took the midnite tram going anywhere; © ™ ®
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    I mentioned Brian Leetch earlier in terms of how he controlled parts of games in the '94 Stanley Cup finals. That he was one of the difference makers for the Rangers and that I could see Hughes doing something similar in the future. While I was going thru old Sportsnet 650 radio recordings, I came across an interview with Benning I had missed, stating Hughes reminded him of Brian Leetch. The interview was Friday, June 22/18 right after they had picked Hughes. Benning mentioned a few things about Hughes and the draft some of you may have missed. He said Hughes was the perfect fit and that he complimented the Canucks young group going forward. What separated him from the other Dmen after Dhalin was his dynamic skating. That if both Zedina and Hughes were available they would have still picked Hughes. That they never expected Hughes to be available at #7, although Benning did say they had two centermen rated in the top 7 (I am guessing they had the centerman Hayton at number 7 and Hughes at 3 or 4). That when it was time to pick at #7 there was no debate or hesitation picking Hughes (they had Hughes clearly rated as the best Dman after Dhalin). Lastly, he said he wasn't comparing him to any Dmen but Hughes reminded him of Brian Leetch. https://www.sportsnet.ca/650/vancouver-canucks-radio/jim-benning-didnt-expect-quinn-hughes-fall-think-hes-perfect-fit/
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    So apparently Elias Pettersson is so good that he is breaking NHL Rank King's site. For comparison, McDavid was a 92 and Eichel an 86 and next highest currently on the list is Alex Heponiemi at 87.
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    You need to listen to the media more -- having too many players is now a BAD thing.
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    I agree....Pratt does need to take more writing and English classes.
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    There's a Canadian woman at my B'n'B in Jamaica and she will not. Stop. Saying. EH!
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    I'm not so sure he has either better wheels or hands than Roussel. Roussel has been double digits in both goals and assists for 5 of the last 6 years. Given that they are similar in age, Roussel's lengthy record vs Schaller's one year in double digits IMO tips the scale heavily towards giving Roussel the first shot on that line. Many of his goals have been in the hard areas right in front of the crease either tip ins or bagging rebounds. With both Pettersson and Goldy on that line there could be a lot of them
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    I wonder what our ancestors would think, that emoji day is a real thing o.o
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    This is gonna end so well
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    He looks to me like he's maturing :D Watch him turn into a 230lb'er LOL
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    If you listen at the 6:25 mark you will hear Walker ask Benning what if Zadina fell, would there have been any debate picking him (over Hughes). Benning says no, that they would have stayed with the guy they picked. Haven't heard Benning say otherwise anywhere else. Their final draft list is never revealed and they are reluctant to say too much about it including the order the picks are in. However, the final list is final and if he says they would have picked Hughes ahead of Zadina then Hughes would be rated ahead of Zadina and would not change in any subsequent interviews. Benning, of course, could have forgotten the order his top seven picks were and had to correct himself later but I doubt that. In another interview, I do remember Benning saying that he had the same top seven. He just did not reveal the order they were in other than that tidbit about picking Hughes over Zadina. So no Dobson in the top seven but Tkachuk instead. My guess for the Canucks top 7: Dahlin Svechnikov Hughes Tkachuk Kotkaniemi Zadina Hayton So the Coyotes and Canadiens reached a couple of spots each because of their need for centermen. Detroit is kind of a head-scratcher. I guess their list had Zadina ahead of Hughes.
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    i agree, but i'm ready to be proven wrong.
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    If the Canucks would like to see The Train back in a Canucks jersey keeping a Russian or two on the roster might be helpful.
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    Hughes can not wait for Canuck camp to make his decision about college.
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    Oh Gordie, don't do that! Just wait for someone else to post it like I do!
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    Hmmm...I don't even see him as the best player on the current team. Now, if you were talking about Jack Hughes...
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    I'm playing NHL 16 be a GM with the Colorado Avalanche, and my lineup got too good. Here it is: Landeskog - Duchene - Kucherov Saad - Mackinnon - Nylander Lemieux - Soderberg - Hansen Haberstich - Chipchura - Dorsett Klefbom - Pouliot Chychrun - Burns Meszaros - Barrie Bobrovsky Pickard Haberstich is a young LW PWF, I always draft him in the third round because he usually develops into a good player (cheating I know). I need to make a trade but I don't know who to get rid of. My team is too young now so I'd probably want to trade a young'un for a vet. Mackinnon isn't progressing all that well, he's still scoring at a 2nd liner's pace. So maybe get rid of him for an upgrade to get a right handed 2C checker. We are the highest scoring team in the league, 2nd in GA, top 3 in PP%, top 5 in PK%. I've got Rantanen and another LW prospect, as well as 2 LDs knocking on the door for a taste in the big league. Pouliot is the leading Dman in scoring in the league, he's looking like Norris trophy candidate. The core of the team is all between 20-27 years old. How would you move forward with this lineup?
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    No he isn’t. Cut the shtick Alf.
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    i have goldy as the 12th or 13th forward. beating out, leipsic, gagner, gaunce, granlund, archibald, boucher and motte.
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    It would be great if he could put his game together, and be consistent. He has a lot of skill. Good to hear he's training hard. I wasn't sure where Goldobin fit, after the three UFA signings, but maybe he steals a spot in the Top 6? He's not a bottom 6 player, so this is his big chance (camp) to prove to Green that he belongs. Seize the day Nikolay.
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    13) You 12) can’t 11) rank 10) the 9) greatest 8) Canuck 7) legends 6) they 5) are 4) all 3) great 2) heroes 1) Bartkowski’s mom
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    Ehh, I just like to GOOGLE. What stood out for you during the 94 Cup run? Is my memory playing tricks on me or did Leetch stand out in that series?
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    Yeah, I agree. More importantly, he is going to be an essential component of our future success. I remember the hard-fought 7 game Stanley Cup series between the Rangers and Canucks in 1994. A lot of the details and games have faded but one memory that will stay with me is Brian Leetch. The way he controlled the play, especially carrying the puck on his offensive forays into the Canuck's zone. He stood out. He was unstoppable. We had no answer. He was the difference maker in that series. I definitely see Hughes being a difference maker for us. Not only because he has amazing speed, skill, and hockey IQ but because his attitude is outstanding. Check this out. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dave-bookbinder/5-things-leaders-look-for-in-a-difference-maker_b_9541458.html So difference makers have the attitude that they are, in fact, difference makers. The results of a study of roughly 1.7 million people across all industries found that what sets these high performers apart isn’t a set of traits like intelligence or ambition. Difference makers, or ‘high performers,’ simply do things differently at work. How well do the above statements describe Hughes?
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    Expect Hughes to take a big jump from first to first? Well that's nice to know. XD
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    Eight years ago today, I joined CDC.
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    Call it speculation, but I'm willing to bet that one of the "unwritten terms" of his contract is that he starts with the parent club regardless.
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    That’s fair, I just disagree. Sutter mostly played with Eriksson and Granlund last season. Though they were deployed primarily as a matchup line, they were brutal offensively... which is not 100% on Sutter, but it has something to do with it imo. All im saying is that I’d rather see Pettersson play and dominate the AHL with Hughes* Dahlen, Lind, Juolevi, Gaudette, Demko, Gadjovic, Palmu, Jasek, etc... rather than flank Brandon Sutter... just seems like great opportunity for him to build chemistry with his future teammates and also be deployed as a center in a top 6 role... at least for a few weeks. Let him get warmed up and confident at the A level, and if he’s too good for that league, then you promote him, and Id bet he’s better prepared to faster translate his game at center to the NHL. There’s zero reason to rush his development. The Canucks look dreadful on paper with or without him. Give Virtanen, Goldobin, Granlund, Gaudette, and Leipsic opportunities in the top 6 right off the bat if you’re going to play Sutter there. There still might be a nice surprise or two within that group. IMO You build a champion team in the AHL first. It’s what Detroit became known for, what TB just did, and what TOR is doing. I’d rather Pettersson be a part of that, than getting his ars kicked more often than not. (That’s not a shot at the Canucks, it’s a nod to the rest of the league. Man there’s a lot of good teams!) You might aswell do that while while you have an abundance of mediocre veterans and tweener prospects that aren’t waiver exempt and signed to multi year contracts.
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    I would have said yes to this before finding out about his back injury. Having surgery and losing the summer to prepare himself physically will set him back a bit. I wouldn’t be concerned if he started in Utica this year.
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