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    Don’t sleep on Juolevi folks. He didn’t win a memorial cup and a junior gold in the same season for no reason. He might take awhile to get going after rehabbing his back, but by season end he will be a fixture on the big club. He’s added size to a lean frame and improved his skating last season. Going to be in the league for 15 years.
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    Nice. I think some negative types forget he was still a junior eligible player last year. Perspective people.
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    Tip of the day: Don't run with bag pipes. You might put an aye out or worse yet, get kilt!
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    Hughes already did us a favor in our bid for 1st overall by opting for another year in College. Pettersson is anti team tank clearly by coming over and playing for us. That's not how you'll endear yourself to some of this fanbase.
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    In Russia, hockey player is very cosmopolitan person who photograph themself on boat, and then phonecall comrade to meet for lunch. We make film to excite Russian ladies!
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    can you copy the article content into a post? not interested in paying or subscribing. thanks.
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    No $&!#. The instant gratification fan drives me crazy. The guy just turned 20 and will be the most skilled defender on the roster this season... at least until Hughes signs
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    I think they swap Leipsic and Goldy in/out of that spot until they tire/slump etc and in goes the other guy. Other guy gets a break in the press box. Short leash indeed. Ideally one guys stakes a more permanent claim over the season and we move the other (or one of Baer, Granlund etc). Don't see Sutter playing with EP40 personally. I think we see some combination of EP40, Gagner, Granlund or Gaudette at C on that line and Sutter C'ing one of the two match up/defensive/counter punch lines personally.
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    Have been to both with some pretty well off folks. New York could not hang but it's Moscow's seedy, anything-for-a-price culture that really makes that the case. I can guarantee you that is not a good thing when looking for a place to live. It's also kind of comical what rich Moscow residents consider fun or interesting. Usually it's just kind of trashy and ghetto but done with more gold plated or heavily branded equipment.
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    Whatever the case may be ...one inch and a few Lbs. is not going to make diddly-squat's worth of difference. It is the motor and mentality within that will win out....
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    Yeah, our 2017 draft class had some very impressive results at the combine. Rathbone and Gadjovich just killed it overall. Gadjovich was top-10 on 5 different tests. Rathbone’s results really impressed me at the time, and he’s made some significant training gains since then. And, as you note, Pettersson’s Wingate results were very impressive. Lind, as well, was no slouch on the Wingate, and had good grip strength results. Also reminded of DiPietro’s 77.5 inch wingspan (a half foot wider than his height).
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    Well I'm so used to coming up with them for Canuck management and ownership, being on their payroll and all...
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    Have you ever gotten to the point with someone close to you, that their screwups no longer get you mad, but just depressingly disappointed?
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    Well, that’s two minutes of my life I’ll never get back. Stopped watching with 35 seconds left
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    This kid is uniquely driven. I bet him and Quinn Hughes are going to lift our team to heights never reached before.
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    To add He had a better season than Virtannen at that level, MacEwen had a half point a game once he came back from injury at the start of season. His Junior hilites are a good watch on YouTube.. I think the hope is that prospects can bring that last year of prowess from Junior, to the pro Level in close to 3 years. Zack showed promise, and sounds goal oriented in his growth.. time is on his side, Big bodies that can skate and shoot on net like that are rare. its not just about scoring, more about hitting the net and creating the chaos to finish.
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    I fail to see what he does in the 100ft away from his net.
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    If you are talking about EP....I think you need to go watch all his highlights again...his wrist shot is not far off of BB's, it is just as accurate and within about 5 MPH of Brock's and his slapper is 97 MPH ( best of 3 try's)...EP should have no trouble getting his slapper up to 100 MPH by mid-season at latest. ....once again...I am late to the party...he was talking about Hughes I guess...Quinn's wrister is accurate and not too shabby but he does admit to needing to work on his one-timer...
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    Im pretty sure he was talking about Hughes. No one with eyeballs could deny that Pettersson has a ripper of a slapper.
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    Great minds think alike ?
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    Seems to score a disproportionate amount of backhand goals...more tools in his toolbox.
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