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    its funny how 4 years can feel like 10 minutes
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    With the number of injuries this organization averages every year I would leave Gaunce right where he is. What seems like a glut of forwards now won't before long and I bet that you haven't seen the last of Gaunce in Vancouver this year.
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    Good news for us. In a way I was hoping he would get claimed and get a chance to fit in somewhere. Its not over for him. Just needs to work on his game and hopefully find his scoring. Good character kid.
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    What do you guys think? Good? or nah?
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    This is why I love Biega so much. He always brings it. Great energy guy.
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    He is impressive. He plays like he has eyes in the back of his head. Compete level is very high. Dangles, speed when needed. Kid is a beauty.
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    Baertschi has and will keep producing like a solid 2nd line winger. So underrated on this board smh
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